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Titan 640 Paint Sprayer

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

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Titan 640 Review Summary:

The Titan 640 Paint Sprayer sits mid-range in the Impact series of machines and it’s a step up (or two) from the likes of the Titan 440.

Geared to handle up to 100 gallons weekly, operate at a maximum pressure of 3300 PSI and powered by a 1.55 horsepower Duralife motor — this prosumer model is ideal for small or medium residential and commercial projects.

Boasting an LCD DigiTtrac display — it provides you with a wealth of information at your disposal. From a gallon counter to timer functions — you can track and adjust the unit’s operation according to the project. You even have the ability to lock the display with a PIN code — so that no one adjusts the settings while you’re on your coffee break.

Priming the unit should also be a straightforward affair — the Sureflo Pusher Valve releases the lower ball valve, which means you can leave your trusty hammer packed away in the toolbox.

Titan has also incorporated many of its other patented features into this unit. When it comes to the Packings, the AutoOiler dispenses lubricant directly to them — at only a push of a button. Furthermore, the Quad+ Packings prevent piston and sealing lip damage when using abrasive finishes — making this a machine that does some of the hard work for you.

Titan is one of the industry leaders and has been around for almost fifty years. They pride themselves on delivering top-end technology in robust units and making your spray life easier. This is demonstrated in the Titan 640.


Compact yet robust.
Available in three handler configurations.
LCD DigiTrac display.
High spray rate of 70 to 100 gallons per week.
Ideal for the serious Tool Nerd or professional.
50-foot hose.
Adjustable pressure control (max 3300 PSI).
Includes well tested Titan technology.


Maybe a little costly for the amateur DIYer.

Features and Benefits of the Titan 640 Airless Paint Sprayer

Titan is well known for trying to make your spray life a little easier with it’s added gadgets. Let’s take a look if they truly help or if they are in fact, just gimmicks.

LCD DigiTrac Display

Located on the right-hand side of the Titan 640 unit is an LCD display that communicates everything you need to know during use — enabling you to fine-tune your spraying technique.

The various menu options allow you to recognize when you’ve set your sprayer to Prime or Rapid Clean. Furthermore, it advises the total hours of usage, low voltage, and indicates if the sprayer is overheating. It also allows you to oversee the medium volume pumped — by per job and accumulative values, plus the current operating pressure. Lastly, you can control who has access to your sprayer, should you want to, by setting a security code.

Duralife Brushless Motor

After the fluid section, the next crucial part of a paint sprayer is the pump-powering motor. The majority of airless sprayers are powered by an electric motor and the Titan 640 is no different.

Brushless motors typically provide a lightweight option that delivers a high power, electronic control, minimal maintenance and a fast speed — everything that you need in a precision paint sprayer. The Duralife brushless motor enhances your spraying technique as it’s adjustable for every nozzle size and painter’s preferred approach.


When your tools are your livelihood, the last thing you need is it failing on you — resulting in downtime and loss of earnings. Keeping the working parts lubed up enables your machine to maintain performance and protect it.

The Titan 640 incorporates a handy AutoOiler — meaning that you can add oil directly to the packings at a push of a button, in as little as 21 seconds.

Rapid Clean

To ensure the longevity of your sprayer, it’s essential to clean your spray gun after each use. Now, if you’re utilizing the unit on a daily basis, you don’t want to be spending hours flushing it through post-job.

The Rapid Clean feature makes this loathsome task less hassle for you by just the turn of a dial.

Sureflo Pusher Valve

While I’m on the topic of minimizing tools to lighten your load — the Sureflo Pusher Valve also prevents you from having to carry a hammer. Should your ball valve get stuck when priming your sprayer, simply release it by employing this useful attribute.

Adjustable Pressure Control

Electronic Pressure control is another great characteristic of this sprayer — with clear indicator lights.

A solid yellow light indicates an operating pressure between 201 and 1900 PSI — which is ideal for using varnish, stain and lacquer.

If the light changes from solid green to solid yellow during operation, it’s telling you that there is an issue needing to be resolved — the tip may be too large, fluid section wear or the tip needs to be replaced.

A green light means your unit is operating at a high pressure — between 1900 and 3300 PSI. It’s the optimum range for thicker coatings, such as solvent-based and latex.

This feature also helps you maintain constant pressure while spraying — leading to even coverage and that pro-look finish.

When spraying, always start out on the lowest pressure level and alter as necessary — setting your sights too high can cause the nozzle to wear faster and you’ll also end up with overspray issues.

A general guide is — if the paint doesn’t appear to be laying a decent coat, as in, it’s too thin — the pressure is too high. In contrast, if your sprayer starts dribbling blobs of medium all over your project or you experience a streaky paint line — you could have the pressure set too low.

What Users Say About The Titan 640

To make sure you have an entirely neutral viewpoint of the Titan 640 sprayer, I’ve taken the liberty of checking out what other painting fanatics have said about this unit.

Many rated the DigiTrac display. Users noted how the “brains” of the unit number-crunched all types of useful data — so they knew exactly what was going on — enabling them to work more efficiently. Although, no one really understood the need to lock the unit when not in use.

For residential-type projects — thoughts were that it followed the Goldilocks theory — being just the right tool for the job. Operating at a pressure that wasn’t too weak nor too strong.

Users were also impressed with the Sureflo Valve and the Quad+ Packings as well as the everlasting Permalife Cylinder.

Alternatives to Titan 640 Paint Sprayer

Although the Titan 640 paint sprayer is receiving highly-rated reviews from myself and other users — it may not be tickling your paint spraying fancy for one reason or another.

If that’s the case — here are a few alternatives.

Titan 440 Paint Sprayer

If you like the features of the 640, but analyzing the data isn’t of interest to you, the Titan 440 could be worthy of consideration.

This sprayer can handle most residential and smaller commercial projects. It also has a heavy emphasis on the Titan technology — such as the AutoOiler, Quad+ Packings, and PermaLife filter.

With a 7/8 horsepower motor, the 440 is not quite as powerful as the 640, but to compensate it’s a little less hard-hitting in the wallet.

  • Operating pressure of 3300 PSI — same as 640.
  • More wallet-friendly than the Titan 640.
  • Maximum output is 0.54 GPM (gallons per minute) — unlike the Titan 640’s of 0.70 GPM.

Titan 840 Paint Sprayer

If the Titan 640 isn’t quite powerful enough for your needs, let me introduce to you the bigger brother — the Titan 840. This model is recommended for medium and large residential, commercial, and even industrial jobs.

This unit boasts a flow rate of 1 GPM (gallons per minute) and can handle 200 to 300 gallons on a weekly basis.

You have all the trademarked features of the Impact series — AutoOiler, Quad+ Packings, PermaLife Cylinder. Yet, this step up enables you to use a further variety of coatings — even block fillers.

Similar to the Titan 640, it incorporates the DigiTrac LCD display, which is an advantage in a unit this powerful.

  • Both the Titan 640 and the 840 feature the DigiTrac LCD Display.
  • Considerably more expensive than the 640.
  • Although both operate a max of 3300 PSI — the 840 has a faster flow rate.

Graco UltraMax II 595

Perhaps you’ve decided that Titan isn’t your bag — but you still want a paint sprayer from one of the industry’s big guns. Then check out this machine from Graco.

Like the Titan 640, it’s a small portable airless sprayer that can handle a vast array of coatings, plus it has the same spray rate of 0.70 GPM.

Graco also has its own high-end technology, such as its FastFlush Cleaning System, V-Max packings and SmartControl for monitoring performance during use.

Furthermore, if noise is an issue for you, then this sprayer is fairly quiet due to the drive hardened steel gears.

  • Flow rate of 0.70 GPM — identical to the Titan.
  • Both operate the same maximum PSI — 3300.
  • Sprays acrylics, lacquer, stains, and enamel — like the 640.


As a homeowner or consumer into DIY or painting as a hobby, you will appreciate the time saving the Titan ControlMax 1700 paint sprayer offers. Whether you are painting the whole exterior, interior, or both, of your home, it can handle the job. It is equally as efficient for just a set of doors, a decking area, a fence, some furniture, or crafts.

It’s not designed for prolonged professional use, and Titan doesn’t portray it as such, with a maximum recommended use of 300 gallons per year. For the price tag, however, you get a lot of bang for your buck — and the Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro will have you eager for the next painting project to complete.

The Titan 640 Impact FAQs

Can I Spray Texture With a Paint Sprayer?

Not all airless paint sprayers are designed to spray coatings with a high viscosity — these mediums are heavier and require a greater PSI. If you’re looking to spray materials that fall into this category — take a look at a unit designed specifically for the task — such as the Graco Magnum ProX17.

Why Is My Titan 640 Airless Paint Sprayer Not Spraying?

There is nothing more frustrating when your sprayer stops working in the middle of a job. Why does it do this?

Usually, the stoppage will be due to your chosen material clogging up the air nozzle. It’s straightforward to fix — remove the cup lid, locate the air vent hole, and remove the dried coating. for rapid access to the Titan 640 manual.

Can You Spray Auto Paint With an Airless Sprayer?

It can be done, but it’s not always easy to achieve the fine atomization of paint required for the finish. If you’re looking to spray your automobile, I would suggest checking out the DeVilbiss FinishLine 4 or the Wagner Motocoat 0529031.

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