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Titan Impact 840 Paint Sprayer.

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Titan 840I Paint Sprayer

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Titan 840I Review Summary:

The Titan 840 paint sprayer is a commercially-focused multi-gun machine with a heavy-duty chassis. It’s capable of delivering up to 300 gallons per week — as a result of the 2.3 horsepower Brushless motor and operating pressure of 3300 PSI.

Owing to the above specs, the unit can handle stains, lacquers, latex, enamel, and block fillers. This makes the Titan 840I paint sprayer suitable for industrial, mid to large residential, and commercial jobs.

The lockable DigiTrac readout lets you know what the pressure is at all times — while also allowing you to set a reminder for routine servicing. And, the Rapid Clean function enables you to fast forward this post-task job.

The Titan 840 also includes proprietary features designed to promote longevity of the unit — such as the durable Permalife cylinder, the machine preserving AutoOiler function, and damage preventing Quad+ packings.

Furthermore, at the business end, you’ll find the RX-Pro spray head. This gun is loaded with the choice of a two or four-finger trigger, the swivel hose connector allows continuous arm movements and incorporates a built-in ladder hook for when you need to use both hands.

The Titan 840 paint sprayer is one of 10 models that make up the Impact series. This model is available in two cart-mounted options, the High Rider and Low Rider — for convenient transportability.

They say the best years of your life are the forties, and I think that Titan would agree. Having started in the 80s, Titan has continued to push the boat out when it comes to technology advances and is now undisputedly one of the industry leaders.


Sprays up to 300 gallons per week.
DigiTrac readout.
Rapid Clean function.
Quad+ Packings and Permalife Cylinder.
Supports up to 300 feet of hose.
RX-Pro spray gun with a 517 TR1 fluid nozzle included.
Two configurations available — High Rider and Low Rider.
Designed to work with coatings from latex to block filler.
Suitable for industrial, commercial, and mid to large size residential projects.


Not ideal for smaller detailed jobs.

Features and Benefits of the Titan 840 Paint Sprayer

The multi-spray gun Titan 840 promises versatility and an upsurge of features. Let’s take a closer look to see if it can rise to the occasion.

RX-Pro Spray Gun

There appears to be a heavy emphasis on comfort with the RX-Pro gun design.
You can customize the gun with three different sized handles — Titan’s FingerPrint Grip ensures the gun seats into your palm correctly for complete control.

Depending on your shooting preference — you can opt for either a two or four-finger trigger. And, Titan claims that the trigger engagement is 30 percent lighter than other paint sprayers — leading to a reduction in hand fatigue. Plus, the whole unit weighs in at 1-pound, which should be manageable for most people.

Furthermore, its swivel connector prevents the hose from tangling — allowing you to move freely around your task at hand.

You’ll also find a built-in wrench in the trigger guard for releasing the fluid section — meaning one less thing to carry separately or remember where you left it. Titan has also improved the fluid passage on this spray gun, which now means less accidental spritzing of spray paint.

DigiTrac Readout

With four buttons and a variety of menu options available, the DigiTrac controls enable you to both monitor and customize the sprayer to your individual needs.

The menu options include:

  • Volume Pumped — an accumulative total of paint sprayed.
  • Job Volume — counts the gallons used for the task.
  • Service Time — decide and set when you want a maintenance reminder.
  • Security Code — set a passcode to stop unauthorized use.

The panel also indicates when Prime and Rapid Clean modes are in operation. Plus, the current air pressure will display once the machine is fired-up.

When you’re in the trade, this data can prove invaluable — allowing you to fine-tune your spraying technique and become more spray-efficient.


Not only does Titan’s AutoOiler function protect the piston, but it also eliminates the need to carry around a separate bottle of oil.

The redesign of this part of the mechanism makes the sprayer more streamlined — the button is set in the side of the sprayer and the reservoir for the oil pump is located in the front section.

All that is required — lubricate your packings before you start spraying by simply pressing the AutoOil button. Once you have primed the fluid, a single push of the knob every eight hours should suffice.

Fluid Section

When it comes to the fluid section as a whole, there are a few elements that help with the longevity of this machine — as well as reducing servicing costs.

The Quad+ Packings are self-adjusting and balance out during use. This means you attain peak performance from this sprayer every time you operate it.

The PermaLife Cylinder promises to last the lifetime of the sprayer due to the durable materials it’s manufactured out of.

The Titan 840 is also rigged out with a T-slot fast removal system (like the Titan 740). This allows the fluid section to be serviced in a maximum of ten minutes ‘on-job.’ All you need to do is loosen and twist or remove the two bolts.

Easy-Load Cart

With a telescopic handle and pneumatic robust tires, this easy load cart (only on the High Rider) means that you can shift this paint sprayer in and out of vehicles without hassle. It also allows you the freedom to move it around effortlessly.

When purchasing this unit, you have the choice of two configurations — the High Rider or the Low Rider.

Supports up To 300-Foot Hose Length

The Titan 840 includes a 50-foot hose as standard. However, it can accommodate up to 300 feet. Not only does this mean less movement of the machine and faster coverage, but it also provides scope for tackling bigger projects.

However, the cons of a super-lengthy hose are that you’ll need an awful lot of paint at your disposal. Also, highly viscous materials could prove troublesome to travel that distance.

What Users Say About The Titan 840I?

The manufacturer advises that the Titan 840i paint sprayer is versatile and will help shorten your working day. I agree there are many stand-out features in this unit that, when combined allow you to focus on finishing the job efficiently.

But what do the experts think?

The general opinion is that this is a solid all-around paint sprayer when it came to industrial projects.

Most consumers found the DigiTrac display favorable — even with the multiple menu options, they considered this user-friendly. Others appreciated the Rapid Clean feature — when combined with the T-slot fast removal system, their service time on-site was reduced. Furthermore, the easy-load cart made transporting the machine a logistical dream.

However, it wasn’t a complete bed of roses. Some users found it slightly disappointing when spraying super-viscous mediums, such as block fillers.

If you want to conduct your own evaluation, why not find out what the users are saying for yourself.

Alternatives to Titan 840I Paint Sprayer

The Titan 840I paint sprayer delivers 200-300 gallons per week, but maybe this is too much or not enough for you? Let’s take a look at some other options just in case.

Titan Impact 640


Do you like the robustness of the Impact series, but have no requirement to spray ultra-dense materials, like block fillers? The Titan 640 could be a solution.

The spray rate is reduced to 75-100 gallons per week in this model — in comparison to the Titan 840’s 200-300 gallons per week.

It has the same operating pressure of 3300 PSI, yet a smaller 1.55 horsepower motor — which may lack the grunt for heavier mediums. That said, the Titan 640 can handle most low to medium viscosity coatings.

  • Both units boast 3300 PSI operating pressure.
  • Lower spray capacity of 70-100 gallons per week, compared to 200-300 gallons in the Titan 840.
  • DigiTrac display included — the same as the 840.

Graco Ultra Max II 795

Graco Ultra Max II 795.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Titan, the Graco 795 paint sprayer has many like-minded features.

With a spray rate of 1.1 GPM (gallons per minute) and powered by a 2.2 horsepower brushless motor, it’s suited to residential and moderate commercial jobs. It also sprays a wide range of coatings including, primers, acrylics, latex, and stains.

Its maximum fluid nozzle size is 0.33 inches (a touch larger than the Titan 840’s 0.32 inches). This model is also available in two easy-to-move configurations — the High Boy and Low Boy.

Graco has developed a quieter spraying experience due to its Advantage Drive System, which is something not included in the Titan 840.

  • Handles multiple spray guns — same as the Titan 840.
  • 2.2 horsepower motor, which is marginally less powerful than the Titan 840s 2.3 horsepower.
  • Like the Titan 840, this sprayer deals with primers, acrylics, latex, stains, and block filler.

Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro

Are you more of a handyman or serious DIYer? Then, the ControlMax 1700 might fit the bill.

As it’s a high-efficiency machine, it reduces overspray by up to 55 percent — saving you both paint and money in the long run.

The operating pressure is lower at 1500 PSI, and the gallons per year are limited to 300 — the Titan 840 can handle that in a week. However, the familiar feature of the swift replaceable fluid section is present.

Suitable for fences, garage doors, and home exteriors, this model can handle a wide variety of unthinned coatings.

  • Operating pressure is lower than the Titan 840 at 1500 PSI.
  • Like the Titan 840, this unit copes with a wide variety of unthinned coatings.
  • Replaceable fluid section — similar to the Titan 840.


Available in two user-friendly configurations, spraying up to 300 gallons per week and supporting up to 300 feet of hose — the Titan 840 is suited towards industrial, commercial, and mid to large size residential projects.

The DigiTrac readout allows up to the minute knowledge of all important data. While the quick-release fluid section and AutoOiler provide extra ‘on-job’ support — at just the push of a button.

All things considered, if you’re looking to work with a machine featuring high-end technology, less-fuss maintenance and time-efficiency is important to you — the Titan 840I paint sprayer is ideal.

Titan 840I FAQs

Is Graco Better than Titan?
There are pros and cons to both of these industry leaders. When it comes down to it, you need to look at each model of spray gun to see if it will stand up to your needs concerning coatings, operating pressure, and gallons per month.
Can You Spray Stain Through a Titan 840I Paint Sprayer?
Most paint sprayers can handle stains and lacquers with the added bonus that you will get the job done quicker.

If you plan to spray stains, you do need to make sure your paint gun and tip is suitable. Key factors to check include operating pressure and the fluid nozzle size. The RX-Pro spray gun and 517 TR1 tip included in the Titan 840 are both ideal for this purpose.

How Much Does the Titan 840 Cost?

The Titan Impact 840 paint sprayer features a Digitrac diagnostics, up to 3300 PSI and the choice of two configurations. To check out the current cost of the Titan 840.

Who Makes Titan Paint Sprayers?
Titan is part of the paint spraying giant Wagner SprayTec. The German Wagner Group purchased American based Titan Tools in 1999 — uniting two spray painting industry leaders.

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