Titan 740I Paint Sprayer

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Titan 740I Paint Sprayer

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Titan 740I Review Summary:

If you’re after an airless paint sprayer that works as hard as you do, the powerhouse that is the Titan 740 paint sprayer could be the solution. Weighing in at between 85-87 pounds (depending on the configuration), this substantial unit can cope with spraying 150-200 gallons weekly.

The support of larger fluid tips offers scope to paint with a whole spectrum of different density coatings — including stains, lacquers, enamel, block fillers, epoxy, and latex.

The operating pressure maxes at 3300 PSI and is also adjustable — allowing you to tailor it to most materials. However, if painting with something more dense you may prefer an air-powered gun that can provide you with a higher PSI.

One noticeable difference in this unit to other models in this series is the addition of the convenient quick removal fluid section — thanks to the T-slot piston it’s simply accomplished by unfastening the upper casing.

This machine also features a 2.0 horsepower DuraLife brushless HE motor, a 50-foot hose, and a plethora of proprietary technology — such as the AutoOiler, Quad+ packings, and a man-sized manifold filter.

Furthermore, the RX-Pro gun head comes with the choice of two or four-fingered controls and an ergonomic handle for complete comfort — reducing the chances of tired hands.

The Titan 740 model is smack bang in the middle of the Impact range of sprayers — in fact, it’s one-up from the Titan 640. With over half a century of experience in paint spraying, Titan is a true industry leader with many painting pros ranking them as number one.


Full-size manifold filter.
Available in two handler configurations.
Supports larger fluid tips.
High spray rate of 150-200 gallons per week.
Ideal for paint spraying contractors.
Includes impressive Titan technology.


Not for the weekend warrior.
A little pricier than equivalent products.

Features and Benefits of the Titan 740I Paint Sprayer

This paint sprayer is designed to make your work life more productive — but, what in particular stands out? Let’s see what it has to offer.

T-Slot Piston and Easy Fluid Removal

The heart of your spray gun is the fluid section — it’s what atomizes the paint and helps you achieve a faster and smoother finish compared to a brush or roller.

Thanks to the nodular threads, and patented EasyOut casing, no tools are required to remove this component, which makes the unit serviceable in the field. And, because this maintenance can be addressed in situ — you’ll cut down on downtime.

Brushless Motor

When it comes to power tools, brushless motors are not a new idea by any stretch of the imagination — having come on the scene in the 1960s.

Due to the magnets in the mechanism, the motor is smarter and more sensitive to your needs regarding power efficiency. There is less friction than a brushed motor. Thus, making the 2.0 HP DuraLife motor in this machine — a lot more powerful than a brushed equivalent.

Spray Rate of 150-200 Gallons per Week

A distinguishable feature of the Titan 740 is the spray rate of 150-200 gallons per week. When you compare this to the junior models in this range, it’s a considerable difference — they only spray between 75-100 gallons weekly.

This means that it’s an ideal machine for larger residential tasks in addition to commercial and even industrial projects.

Facilitates Large Fluid Tips

The Titan 740 sprayer comes with the TR 517 tip (0.017 inches) as standard. This nozzle size is suitable for mediums like latex and prides itself on maintaining a longer-lasting wide spray pattern.

However, the Titan 740 is compatible with fluid tips up to 0.029 inches — meaning that you can also spray thick elastomeric coatings. The only slight limitation could be the 3300 PSI — the pressure may not be enough for these applications.

Quad+ Packings and PermaLife Cylinder

As the name suggests, Titan’s PermaLife Cylinder never needs to be replaced. This is thanks to the material it’s manufactured from — it significantly cuts down on the repair costs of this unit.

The self-compensating and self-adjusting Quad+ Packings also assist. As they wipe abrasive coatings clean during use — protecting the main sealing lip and piston.

What Users Say About The Titan 740I?

You’ve read my thoughts in this Titan 740I paint sprayer review. However, for a fair interpretation, it’s an acceptable idea to see what other users had to say on the subject.

It’s pleasing to see that the feedback from the paint spraying community is a positive one.

Many Titan 740 owners were more than satisfied with the weekly throughput capacity, impressed with the performance of the motor, and raved about the fact this model supports larger spray tips.

However, there were some concerns about the maximum operating pressure — not being quite man enough for super-thick coatings.

Yet, overall, most were in agreement that for industrial, residential, and commercial applications — it does what it says on the box.

Alternatives to Titan 740I Paint Sprayer

It could be possible that the Titan 740 paint sprayer isn’t the one for you. To take some of the donkeywork out of searching all over for an alternative, I’ve included a few below.

Graco Ultra 395

If you’re looking for something a little lighter and compact while still being robust, the Graco 395 may be more appropriate.

It handles latex, acrylics, lacquer, and stains, but isn’t powerful enough to deal with heavy coatings such as block filler — whereas the Titan can.

The Graco Ultra 395 also includes a 50-foot hose and a 517 fluid tip like the Titan 740. In contrast, the recommended usage sits at 50 gallons per week — preferable for those with a lower workload.

  • Includes 50-foot hose and 517 fluid tip — like the Titan 740.
  • Maximum tip size 0.023 inches unlike the 0.029 inches of the Titan 740.
  • Suitable for latex, acrylics, lacquer, and stains but not for heavy coatings, unlike the Titan 740.

Titan 1040 Paint Sprayer

Seeking a unit that copes with a super-demanding spray schedule? If you need to up your GPM (gallons per minute) — the Titan 1040 could appeal. This machine is engineered to consistently manage 300-400 gallons per week — double the capacity of the 740.

While they’re both cart-mounted for portability and include the RX-Pro gun with a 517 tip — the 1040 boasts a 2.5 horsepower brushless motor and sprays at a rate of 1.15 GPM.

It can tackle various density coatings and has enough grunt to handle highly viscous mediums. You’re also able to use more than one spray gun, which means speedier completion of jobs.

  • Output of 300-400 gallons per week, compared to that of the 740 (150-200).
  • Both units are suitable for contractors and businesses.
  • Flow rate of 1.15 GPM, in contrast, the 740I sprays 0.80 GPM.

Titan Impact 440

Are you thinking the Titan 740 may be overkill for the tasks you take on? Then, the Titan 440 might be a solution. The slightly lower throughput of 50-100 gallons per week suggests its suitable for part-time painting pros or hardcore DIYers.

This unit features a 7/8 horsepower motor, delivers 0.54 GPM but operates the same max pressure — 3300 PSI.

It’s available in three configurations (both floor-standing and cart-mounted) — making it extremely transportable. And, despite being a smaller unit, it can still handle latex and enamel.

  • Both operate at a maximum pressure of 3300 PSI.
  • Titan 440 is available in three configurations — the Impact 740 only two (cart-mounted).
  • Lower spray rate than the 740 of 50-100 gallons per week.


My ending impression is that if you need something suitable for your contracting needs, this unit could fit the bill.

With many practical features, such as, the T-slot piston and straightforward removal fluid system that speeds up on-the-job maintenance. Plus, a spray rate of 150-200 gallons per week — means the Titan 740 is an efficacious operator.

Furthermore, the Quad+ packings and PermaLife cylinder make it a very dependable long-lasting sprayer.

The allowance for use of large fluid nozzles is ideal for thicker coatings but the maximum pressure may not be quite enough for all jobs.

That said, the Titan 740 paint sprayer can cover most residential, commercial, and even some industrial tasks ahead.

Titan 740I FAQs

Do You Need a Special Paint for the Titan 740 Spray Gun?
In a word, no. You can use the same paints that you would use with a brush or roller. I would advise checking the manufacturer’s recommendations as to whether your spray gun can handle your desired medium’s viscosity, pressure, and size of fluid tip. The Titan 740 can handle most paints from latex and enamel through to block fillers.
Does an Airless Sprayer Reduce Overspray?
Yes, it does, but there are a few tips that can further minimize overspray:

  • Try to avoid spraying in windy areas.
  • Make sure that you optimize your spray pattern for your project. For example, use broad spray patterns for wide surfaces and narrower patterns for smaller areas.
  • Stand at the optimal distance. The recommendations are to be around 7-10 inches from your project.
What Are the Uses of the Titan 740 Paint Sprayer?
The Titan 740I can spray block fillers, enamels, stains, lacquers, latex and primers. Suited for residential and commercial projects, you can use this machine to spray:

  • Interior and exterior walls.
  • Decking.
  • Boundary fencing.
  • Ceilings.
  • Garages and outbuildings.
How Much Does the Titan 740I Paint Sprayer Cost?

The airless design of the Titan 740 is ideal for paint spraying contractors. To check out the current cost of the Titan 74oI.

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