Binks Spray Paint Guns: The Ultimate Round-Up

Binks paint guns is a renowned brand in the spray painting industry — the company is even credited with the invention of the first cold water spraying machine way back in 1890. Binks’ innovation and technology have led to many products in industries worldwide, including HVLP spray guns and pump systems for paint spraying.

Binks paint spray guns are suitable for professional painters, automotive workshops, and industrial use. They are also popular with home DIYers even though they are at the higher end of the price bracket for these types of units. Versatile and hard-wearing, a Binks spray gun is a tool you will be proud to add to your arsenal.

Our Top Pick
Binks SV100G HVLP Paint Spray Gun

As a professional painter or home or automotive painting enthusiast, you want a paint gun you can rely on time and again to get the job done. As part of the Binks Vantage Pro Series, the SV100G is a staple addition to any painter’s toolkit. Crafted from cast aluminum, it’s sturdy and durable.

Paint is gravity fed into the spray gun from an aluminum paint cup, and you are supplied with two stainless steel spray tips. This spray gun is extremely versatile, allowing you to paint with varied mediums to complete an array of painting projects, including homes, cars, boats, industrial projects, and many more.

  • Suitable for use on wood, metal, plastic, and other surfaces.
  • Lightweight for ease of use.
  • Adjustable spray pattern and feathered air inlet control for customization.
  • Two spray tips (1.4 and 2 mm) to adjust the atomization to different mediums.
Product Rating: 4.4/5

Top Binks Paint Sprayer 2023

  • Material: Aluminum with stainless steel spray tip.
  • Spray gun type: HVLP gravity feed.
  • Gun weight: 1.02 pounds


  • Suitable for professional, industrial, automotive, and DIY use.
  • Supplied with two stainless steel spray tips, 1.4 mm and 2 mm.
  • Adjustable spray pattern, air control, and fluid delivery.

Product Rating: 4.4/5

Check Price at Amazon Binks SV100G Review Binks SV100G Review
  • Material: Anodised aluminum and zinc-plated aluminum.
  • Spray gun type: Pressure feed HVLP.
  • Gun weight: 14 ounces.


  • Suitable for professional, industrial, automotive, and DIY use.
  • Supplied with a 1.4-mm hardened stainless steel nozzle.
  • Double air regulator, 25-foot air hose, 25-foot fluid hose, 2.8-gallon ASME-rated pressure pot.

Product Rating: 4.4/5

Check Price at Amazon Binks Paint Pressure Pot Review Binks Paint Pressure Pot Review
  • Material: Aluminum spray gun and stainless steel tip.
  • Spray gun type: Siphon feed HVLP.
  • Gun weight: 1.17 pounds.


  • Suitable for contractors, painters and decorators, automotive, and DIY use.
  • Supplied with a 1.8-mm stainless steel nozzle.
  • One-quart paint cup.

Product Rating: 4.5/5

Check Price at Amazon Binks Conventional Review Binks Conventional Review
  • Material: Drop-forged aluminum gun and stainless steel spray tip.
  • Spray gun type: Siphon feed HVLP.
  • Gun weight: 28 ounces, including paint cup.


  • This Binks paint gun is suitable for amateur and professional projects.
  • Compatible with solvent-borne coatings, waterborne coatings, high-solid coatings, sealers, lubricants, lacquers, enamels, and more.
  • Drip-proof, one-quart paint cup.

Product Rating: 4.5/5

Check Price at Amazon Binks 2100 Review Binks 2100 Review
  • Material: Cast aluminum gun, stainless steel spray tip.
  • Spray gun type: Siphon feed HVLP.
  • Gun weight: 1.17 pounds.


  • Supplied with three different tips: 1.1, 1.4, and 1.8 mm.
  • Compatible with multiple paint viscosities and mediums.
  • Can be used with a pressure tank or paint cup (not included).

Product Rating: 4.5/5

Check Price at Amazon Binks SV100 Review Binks SV100 Review
  • Material: Cast aluminum gun, stainless steel spray tip.
  • Spray gun type: Gravity feed HVLP.
  • Paint cups: 8 ounces and 1 quart.


  • Supplied with three different tips: 1.1, 1.3, and 1.8 mm.
  • Smaller model SV50 touch-up gun and full-size SV50 production gun for projects from small and large.
  • Cleaning brush set, wrench, air adjusting valve with gauge, fluid filter, and molded storage/transport case included.

Product Rating: 4.7/5

Check Price at Amazon Binks HVLP Spray Gun Kit Review Binks HVLP Spray Gun Kit Review

Binks Paint Guns: Buyer’s Guide

Binks paint sprayer guns offer options for both professionals and weekend warriors alike. Classed among some of the best in the business, Binks’ products are suitable for automotive, industrial, and general use. Choose your varnish, paint, primer, or stain, hook the gun up to a compressor, and spray away.

Binks Paint Guns from Carlisle Fluid Technologies

When you want a paint gun backed by a long-standing pedigree, then Binks fits the bill. Way back in 1890, Joseph Binks is credited with producing the first cold-water paint spraying machine. It was immediately put to good use painting exhibit buildings for the 1896 Columbian Exposition — most buildings were unpainted just days before the opening.

Binks also developed and introduced the first HVLP spray gun to the market, and a digitally controlled Smart Pump system for spray painting in the car industry. Virtually every sector using coating processes around the world has some form of Binks paint circulating or spray finishing technology.

Besides Binks paint guns, Carlisle Fluid Technologies also produces other significant brands in the spraying and coating industry, including DeVilbiss, Ransburg, and MS. Recognized as leaders in their field, the tools it manufactures for the automobile and industrial industries include:

  • High and low pressure automatic and manual spray guns.
  • Air-assisted and airless spraying units.
  • Accessories.
  • Pressure feed tanks.
  • Paint mixing machines.
  • Paint circulating systems.

Things To Look for in the Best Binks Paint Spray Gun

Whatever Binks spray gun you choose, you’re getting a quality product from a world-renowned brand. However, you want to make sure you are choosing the right model for the work you want to complete. Factors such as the surface you’re painting and the paint medium you’re using come into play.

Let’s look at some of your key considerations before buying a Binks spray gun.

Your Painting Project.

Using the right spray gun for your painting project can make the difference between success and failure. This applies whether you’re a professional painter, weekend warrior, or an avid DIYer. Using the right model paint gun ensures you get a flawless finish to be proud of.

As a paint sprayer in an automotive setting, you will benefit from having a small touch-up gun, and a larger production gun. For these tasks, the Binks HVLP spray gun kit offers the best of both worlds.

The detail gun is suitable for getting into tight places under the hood, wheel arches, and trunk of any vehicle, as well as spraying hardware like the bumpers and trims. The larger gun allows for fast, effective coverage on bodywork, from the smallest car to the largest truck.

In an industrial setting, many Binks spray guns come with a choice of spray tips. This means you have options for multiple mediums and any number of painting projects. There is even a choice of a pressure pot and dual regulator for ultra-speedy coverage and control.

You can choose between gravity feed and siphon feed Binks paint guns. In a work setting, you may prefer a more powerful compressor that can power a siphon gun. For DIYers, a gravity-fed gun that needs less pressure to operate might be a better choice.

All Binks spray paint guns need a compressor, so this is an added expense to factor in. They are also priced at the higher end of the market. But you don’t expect to buy a Ferrari for Honda prices — quality and durability always costs more.

Your Paint Type and Viscosity

Another key factor to consider is what type of paint or fluid you’ll spray. Thicker paints require a larger spray gun, while thinner ones can work with a small touch-up gun. One advantage of purchasing a Binks paint gun is that most include a choice of spray tips, making them versatile for various mediums, including:

  • Primers.
  • Lacquers.
  • Topcoats.
  • Enamels.
  • Metallics.
  • Industrial paints.
  • Stains.
  • Gel coats
  • Epoxy.
  • Latex.
  • Urethanes.
Using the Correct Spray Tip

The spray tip or nozzle on a paint gun features an opening that atomized paint passes through. These openings vary from 0.8 mm right up to about 3 mm. A bit like trying to thread a needle with a rope, you won’t be able to spray a thick paint through a fine nozzle.

Choose smaller nozzle sizes for thin paints, and wider ones for thicker finishes. Making sure you select the right spray tip saves time and money and ensures you get the finish you expect.

Is An HVLP Paint Sprayer the Right Choice?

Binks pioneered the high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) paint gun system, and the company continues to improve the system with continued innovation and technology. HVLP units work by utilizing low pressure to deliver paint at a high volume. The finish they offer is consistent, fine, and smooth, provided you take the time to choose the right spray tip and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

These spray guns are easy to control and fully adjustable to get the perfect atomization for your project. They work by mixing air from a compressor with fluid from a paint cup. This is then delivered in a fine spray consisting of many thousands of minute droplets.

Known for their speed and efficiency, they save you time on any paint job. HVLP spray guns are also known for creating little overspray which in turn saves money in paint as there’s less wastage.

Both gravity-fed and siphon-fed HVLP Binks paint guns work at low air pressures, so although you need to add a compressor, 10 to 20 psi is generally sufficient.

The older model Binks super bee paint sprayer was a firm favorite, now though, painters are making the switch to HVLP spray guns with their superior technology.

Adjusting an HVLP Paint Gun

The flow of paint, air pressure, and fan pattern delivered by an HVLP paint spray gun can be adjusted quickly and easily.

You can set air pressure — measured in pounds per square inch (psi) — that’s delivered from the compressor and then tweak it on the gun itself. Keep in mind that the higher the pressure, the greater the atomization. Make sure that it’s not too high though or you’ll create excessive overspray, leading to an orange-peel effect on your paintwork.

You can choose from a horizontal or vertical paint pattern by adjusting the spray tip. You can then further fine-tune it by narrowing or widening the fan pattern via a dedicated knob. Choosing a broader fan pattern can mean more coats to get the coverage you want as the amount of paint hitting your target is spread out.

Selecting the amount of fluid delivered will vary from tip to tip. This can take a little time and patience to get spot-on, but once you master it, you will be changing spray tips and adjusting flow like a pro.

Adding a Compressor

Unlike Binks’ airless paint sprayer, these Binks paint guns need an air compressor. The chances are if you are a professional in an automotive workshop or industrial setting, you already have a compressor. However, as a DIYer, this is an extra expense, but it doesn’t have to break the bank.

A compressor with an ability to produce about 6 cubic feet per minute (cfm) at 50 psi will suffice. This affordable compressor from Stark, for example, has a 3.5 horsepower motor and operates at a maximum of 125 psi. It’s quiet in operation, portable, and designed to be user friendly.

Spare Parts and Accessories

Binks spray paint guns are built to last, but over time small parts like springs and seals can wear. They can also deteriorate if stored and not used for long periods of time.

Binks’ airless paint sprayer parts can be hard to find, but parts for the company’s HVLP spray guns are readily available. This spare parts kit has many of the replaceable bits for Binks’ most popular spray guns. You can also access new spray tips and gun nozzles if you need them.

Pressure spray gun paint pots can be added to any Binks spray gun offering continuous perfectly atomized paint. This aluminum pressure pot with a two-quart capacity means less time spent filling paint pots and more time spraying paint.

You can also get liners for your pressure paint cups to keep them protected. They line your paint pot’s interior and have a lip that goes over the edge to stop paint seeping between the liner and the pant pot. You can choose from dedicated liners for your 2 quarts or 2.8-quart pot.

Why Choose a HVLP Binks Paint Gun?

Binks offer innovation, the latest technology, high quality, and durability in paint spray guns for industrial use, automotive workshops, and home improvement, enthusiasts. The company is viewed by many as the Rolls Royce of spray guns, with the Rolls’ style and longevity.

Produced by Carlisle Fluid Technologies, Binks has a 100-year pedigree in the industry. Although Binks guns are more expensive, they represent good value for money as it’s likely to be the only spray gun you’ll ever need. The company also backs its products with a one-year warranty giving you peace of mind if there are manufacturing faults.

Binks paint spray guns compare to some of the best in the market, including 3M, DeVilbiss, Sprayit, Vaper, and Central Pneumatic, for both features and performance.

  • Quality products that are durable and can last a lifetime.
  • A wide range of different spray guns for different paint mediums and varied projects, from DIY jobs to large automotive and industrial tasks.
  • Functional and adjustable to give you the exact amount of spray you want.

Binks Spray Guns — Our Top Picks

Binks SV100G HVLP Paint Spray Gun

Best Budget Professional Gun

Our Rating: 4.5
A staple of the Binks range, the SV100 paint spray gun is a firm favorite with many professionals and DIYers. It’s an affordable unit that offers exceptional paint delivery for any number of projects.
This sturdy paint spray gun is made from aluminum and has a stainless steel fluid nozzle and needle and aluminum fluid passages. Its all-metal construction makes it durable, even though it remains reasonably lightweight at 1.02 pounds.

The gun is supplied with two different spray tips, a 1.4 mm and a 2 mm. The smaller tip is ideal for thinner paint mediums, primers, stains, and topcoats. The larger top can handle thicker paints, metallics, industrial finishes, special coatings and more. This makes this model adaptable to any number of different painting jobs in both the home and professional settings.

As with many other HVLP spray guns, the SV100 is fully adjustable for fan pattern, paint delivery, and air pressure. An air inlet control feathering valve is included to control the delivery of pressure to your atomization. The paint spray tip horns can be turned to produce a vertical or horizontal spray and the width of this can be changed at the turn of a knob.

You can also adjust the amount of paint delivered from the 33.8-ounce gravity-feed paint cup. A dial is situated just behind the ergonomic handle placing control within easy reach at all times. This instructional video shows you how easy this spray gun is to use and adjust.

On the downside, you only get the spray gun supplied. You’ll also need hoses, a compressor, and an air regulator gauge.


  • Suitable for light to heavy industrial paint mediums.
  • Complete control from three adjustments for air, fluid, and paint.
  • Durable all-metal construction.

  • Spray gun and tips only.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price
Our Rating: 4.5
Painting larger projects can be an arduous and time-consuming task, but not with the Binks Outfit kit. This setup is suitable for professional, industrial, automotive, and DIY use, and makes light work of extensive painting areas.
The HVLP spray gun is part of Binks’ Trophy range and is fitted with a 1.4-mm stainless steel nozzle. It’s a full-size unit able to spray a 12-inch spray pattern. A range of tips and air caps are available from the manufacturer if this isn’t the nozzle size you want.

The Trophy range was designed using state of the art technology with the end-user in mind. They are considered some of the lightest spray guns in the industry at 14 ounces and are made from anodized aluminum.

Ergonomics play a large part in this gun’s ease of handling, making it a suitable choice for prolonged use. The trigger is a breeze to pull and offers no kick back with its smooth operation. All the adjustment dials are fabricated to make changing fluid flow, air pressure, and fan pattern as effortless as possible.

The paint pot is a zinc-plated 2.8-gallon pressure-fed container with two regulators. It’s a high-pressure unit rated for heavier materials including solvents, waterborne coatings, adhesives, and more. You can fit an inner liner to the pot too, saving cleaning time and reducing material wastage.

Another advantage of this type of paint pot is that you can prepare and thin your coating, and constantly agitate it if required. It offers a bulk supply of your chosen fluid which is delivered consistently at the correct pressure and viscosity. This ensures a flawless finish every time, and speedy painting with no interruptions for refills.

You get two regulators, so you can set the perfect pressure and paint flow at the paint pot, and tweak it on the gun if necessary. Two, 25-foot hoses for air and fluid are also included in the package. The pressure pot meets the American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME) certification standards, denoting it safe for its pressure rating of 80 psi.


  • Delivers a consistent flow of paint.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic spray gun that reduces fatigue.
  • ASME rated for safety.

  • A compressor is an extra expense if you don’t have one.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price
Our Rating: 4.5
If your preference is a suction fed or siphon-style spray gun, this package gives you Binks’ versatile SV100 spray gun with a large one-quart, drip-proof siphon cup. The gun is lightweight at 1.17 pounds, and the paint cup secures with a clamp fitting.
Ideal for automotive, home painting projects, and professional use, this gun can spray various fluids. It’s fitted with a 1.8 mm nozzle that’s compatible with sealers, primers, stain, lacquer, epoxy, varnish, latex, enamels, and more. Paint up a storm on cars, trucks, walls, furniture, crafts, cabinets, and many other surfaces.

An HVLP spray gun, it produces 8 cfm at a pressure of 30 psi — while you do need a compressor and hose, the former doesn’t have to be heavy-duty. The gun’s air inlet has a feathering valve allowing for precise control. You can also adjust paint flow and the spray pattern via the knobs, which are conveniently situated at your fingertips.

The ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold for long periods of time, helping prevent your hand from becoming tired. It’s effortless to pull the trigger and release fine atomization of paint for perfect coverage every time.


  • Non-drip siphon paint cup holds one quart of fluid.
  • Popular SV100 Binks spray gun with ergonomic trigger and handle.
  • Fully adjustable for paint flow, air supply, and fan pattern.

  • Only one spray tip supplied, different sizes are an extra expense.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price
Our Rating: 4.5
Both amateur painters and professionals can get excellent results when spraying with Binks’ 2100 paint gun (sometimes listed as the Binks 2001 paint gun). From the smallest to the largest project, it is capable of delivering a flawless paint finish on many different surfaces.
The spray gun features a one-quart siphon paint cup and is made from drop-forged aluminum with corrosion-resistant stainless steel internal passages. This means when you’re using water-based paints, they are less likely to damage the inside of your spray gun. It also has stainless steel threads on the connections, meaning there’s less likelihood of cross-threading when taking the gun apart and putting it back together.

Some of the paint mediums you can use with this spray gun include waterborne coatings, solvent-borne coatings, high solid coatings, lubricants, sealants, lacquers, enamels, latex, metallics, and more. The spray gun comes a nozzle, in an unspecified size, but if it’s not the one you want, Binks has an extensive range to choose from.

Weighing just 28 ounces in total for the spray gun and paint cup, this unit is lightweight. It has also been designed with your comfort in mind with an ergonomically curved handle and a special grip to improve control. It’s well balanced and effortless to hold and use, especially on larger jobs and for long periods.


  • Ergonomically curved handle for comfort.
  • A vast range of spray tips available for all types of fluids.
  • Non-drip, one-quart siphon cup for fewer paint refills.

  • Replacing the fluid packing takes some time.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price
Our Rating: 4.5
Binks’ popular SV100 spray paint gun comes in three different options, gravity-fed, siphon-fed, and this pressure-fed model. It’s a good choice when you are looking for a spray gun only to extend your range or replace an existing one.
The beauty of this package comes in the selection of provided spray tips — you get 1.1 mm, 1.4 mm, and a 1.8 mm tip. This enables you to have just one spray gun for an abundant choice of mediums including sealers, primers, topcoats, solvents, enamels, latex, and more.

Operating at 45 psi this gun delivers coverage of 12 cfm for the speedy painting of large areas. Its HVLP design creates little overspray, so as well as saving time, you also save money on paint wastage.

There are several Binks pressure pots you can choose from to attach to this gun, including:

These pressure pots can be lined so you don’t waste paint and extend its usage.


  • Long-lasting cast aluminum gun with corrosion-resistant stainless steel tips.
  • Three different tips enable the use of multiple paints and other fluids.
  • HVLP design reduces overspray and paint wastage.

  • Pressure pot and compressor not included.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Binks HVLP Spray Gun Kit

Best Complete Kit

Our Rating: 4.7
Maybe you’re setting up your own automotive spray shop, or starting out as a professional painter. You could even be an avid DIYer that wants an affordable spray gun set up that will last you a lifetime. This Binks HVLP spray gun kit has all the units you are ever likely to need for any number of different painting projects.
It features two SV50 paint spray guns, a small detail one, and a larger production gun. It offers the ability to get into nooks and crannies and cover the smallest of jobs — right through to speed and efficiency on extensive projects.

Both durable aluminum guns are gravity fed from aluminum paint cups that hold eight ounces and one quart of fluid. You can decide whether you want a lot of paint for a large job, or just a small amount for touch-ups.

The kit includes three different size stainless steel spray paint tips — 1.1 mm, 1.3 mm, and 1.8 mm — for various fluids including water-borne and oil-based paints, stains, and other coatings. The spray pattern, fluid, and air are all adjustable and the fan can reach up to 12 inches for fast coverage.

Included with your two guns and three spray tips are an air-adjusting valve with gauge, cleaning brush set, wrench, and fluid filter. It’s all contained in a handy molded storage/transport case so you can keep everything for your spraying projects together in one place.


  • Complete kit that’s an ideal choice for professional painters and DIYers.
  • Cleaning brushes, wrench, and air gauge included.
  • Molded carry case for storage and transportation.

  • Compressor needed.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price


When you want the Rolex of the paint spraying world, you won’t go far wrong choosing Binks. Yes, these spray guns are a little more expensive than some other brands, but their longevity and construction offer excellent value for money.

Backed by more than 100 years of innovation and technological advances, they are designed with professionals and amateurs in mind. Sturdy aluminum construction, ergonomic handles and triggers, and a wide range of stainless steel spray tips make them suitable for many different paint spraying projects.

You do need to add a compressor, and for some models a pressure pot or paint cup, but as stand-alone guns, they are some of the best on the market. Versatile, efficient, and effective, they pay for themselves with their savings on materials and your time.

With the many spare parts and repair kits on offer from the manufacturer, Carlisle Fluid Technologies, you can upgrade and maintain your spray gun. If you look after these spray guns, they will look after you, performing to exceptional standards whenever you need them.

Binks painting solutions can be found in industrial settings throughout the world, so why not add them to your arsenal. You too could be painting like a professional, getting high-quality finishes on all your projects.

Binks Spray Gun FAQs

Q: How Much Pressure Does an HVLP Spray Gun Need?

All HVLP spray guns need to be attached to a compressor to work. They generally use anywhere between 12 to 25 cfm delivered at anywhere between 10 to 30 psi. Provided you have a compressor, or buy one, that has these capabilities, you should get a low velocity, fine atomization.

Q: Are Binks Paint Spray Guns Suitable for Automotive Use?

Binks spray guns are ideal for paint spraying vehicles. You have several you can choose from, including a kit that has a touch-up gun and a full-size production gun. With their ergonomic design, they sit comfortably in your hand and offer speedy, efficient coverage on panels, detail work, under the hood, and more.

Q: Which Spray Gun is Better, HVLP or Electric?

HVLP paint sprayers produce a fine spray using air pressure to give a flawless finish to your painting projects. They create less overspray than an electric sprayer and are quieter in operation. This makes them a wise choice for indoor painting projects.

Electric spray guns use a pump rather than air to atomize paint delivering a high volume and more overspray than their HVLP counterparts. They are great for outdoor use and covering extensive areas speedily. While they tend to negate the need for thinning, they can be quite noisy in use.

Q: Why is My Paint Gun Spitting?

Generally, a paint gun will spit when air is being added to the mix outside the air cap. There are a few places within the spray gun this can happen so check for:

  • A loose fluid nozzle or one that’s not threaded correctly.
  • Wear on the fluid nozzle or packing nut in the air cap.
  • A tight connection on the fluid hose supply.
  • Make sure the paint cup is seated properly and is secure, and that the threads aren’t stripped.
  • Check for dried paint particles in the air cap and fluid passages.
Q: Who Makes Binks Spray Guns?

Binks spray guns are manufactured under the Carlisle Fluid Technologies umbrella. Carlisle is also responsible for DeViBliss, Ransburg, and MS. Binks has been operating for more than 100 years and created the very first spraying machine. It also developed and introduced HVLP spray gun technology to the painting and finishing world.

Binks produces many solutions for painting, coating, and finishing used in industry, aviation, and automotive worldwide.