The Best HomeRight Paint Sprayer — Buyers Guide, Review and Comparison

Focusing on the light-to-medium frequency DIYer, the HomeRight paint sprayer range has a tool for every home application. Offering both HVLP and airless machines, its line-up can deal with jobs from precise trim finishing through to expansive outbuilding respraying. Affordable, yet backed by impressive warranties and access to spare parts, HomeRight’s tools offer longevity combined with durability.

Our Top Pick
HomeRight Finish Max
Offering three spray patterns, adjustable flow control, and compatibility with a wide range of mediums from sealers to latex paints — this machine is ideal for the spraying novice or more experienced DIYer. It comes complete with a viscosity cup and cleaning brush, and features a durable brass tip that delivers a super-smooth finish.
  • Integrated 400-watt turbine.
  • Substantial and ergonomic handle.
  • Balanced design.
  • Impressive warranty.
Product Rating: 4.9/5

Homeright Product Comparison Table

HomeRight Finish Max
  • Format: Handheld
  • Power unit: Turbine
  • Paint cup: 0.84-quart
  • Hose/cord length: 18 inches


  • Material flow control.
  • Three spray patterns.
  • Brass tip.

Product Rating: 4.9/5

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HomeRight Power Flo 2800
  • Format: Stand-mounted
  • Power unit: Airless
  • Paint cup: None—direct draw
  • Hose/cord length: 25 feet


  • 2800 PSI power output.
  • Suction pump prevents refilling.
  • Reversible spray tip.

Product Rating: 4.8/5

Check Price at Amazon HomeRight Power Flo Review HomeRight Power Flo Review
HomeRight Quick Finish
  • Format: Handheld
  • Power unit: Turbine
  • Paint cup: 0.84-quart
  • Hose/cord length: 18 inches


  • Lock-N-Go for easy cleaning.
  • Cord protector.
  • Replaceable filter.

Product Rating: 4.5/5

Check Price at Amazon HomeRight Quick Finish Review HomeRight Quick Finish Review
HomeRight Heavy Duty
  • Format: Handheld
  • Power unit: Airless
  • Paint cup: One-quart
  • Hose/cord length: 18 inches


  • Quick-release cup.
  • Twin-speed.
  • Any-angle painting.

Product Rating: 4.5/5

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HomeRight Super Finish Max
  • Format: Handheld
  • Power unit: Turbine
  • Paint cup: 1.25-quarts
  • Hose/cord length: 18 inches


  • Three interchangeable tips.
  • One-to-twelve-inch spray width.
  • Includes gun wrench and cleaning brush.

Product Rating: 4.4/5

Check Price at Amazon HomeRight Super Finish Max Review HomeRight Super Finish Max Review

HomeRight Paint Sprayer Reviews and Buying Guide

Whether your DIY projects involve small staining and finishing requirements or demand mammoth coverage, such as a home exterior respray — the HomeRight paint sprayer range has a tool for your needs.

Boasting versatile, affordable, and durable machines, for many keen home-improvers it’s the go-to brand — offering peace of mind with an impressive two-year warranty.

The HomeRight Brand

HomeRight first achieved popularity in 1986, when it introduced the revolutionary (or ridiculous, depending on your point of view) PaintStick product to the home-improvement market. This ‘innovative’ DIY tool promised to take the time, effort, and hassle out of painting house interiors.

It was a roller on a stick.

Ok, that’s a little unfair. To be exact, it was a traditional painting roller on a hollow stick with a bicycle pump attached.

The theory was, you dip the tool in an original paint can, pull back on the PaintStick suction stem (reverse bicycle pump) which fills the 4.5-foot long handle with your coating medium. You then proceed to coat your walls and ceiling without having to replenish the roller from a tray (although you do need to constantly refill the handle).

While praised by some as being unique — to many experienced DIYers, it was little more than a novelty — offering few time-saving benefits and reportedly creating an abundance of paint-drenched hands and stain-covered flooring — due to its propensity to leak. That said, 30 years later, it’s still available and has something of a loyal cult following. But then, so did Jim Jones.

Anyway, whatever your feelings on the PaintStick — and to be honest, it has improved remarkably over the years — it made HomeRight a familiar name in household paint application.

Building on the surprising success of this hand tool, Home Right expanded its catalog to include a multitude of electrical paint application and removal machines, including heat guns, steamers, and naturally, sprayers. And, unlike its roller on a stick, these units were seriously robust, versatile, and straightforward for even the most casual of DIYers to use.

These well-received products provided HomeRight with some serious and continually expanding market penetration over the subsequent years. So much so, that the ‘big boys’ in the power tool category began to take an interest.

Wagner SprayTech, the undisputed leader in home DIY paint and removal equipment, became concerned that HomeRight’s success was affecting the sales of its budget-end products. Hence, considering it was easier to have the brand as an ally rather than a competitor, it purchased the HomeRight business in 2018.

Today, HomeRight remains under the Wagner umbrella — together with the other familiar names of Earlex and Titan, all of which manufacture paint sprayers. The HomeRight products focus on the casual to intermittent DIYer, Earlex targets the prosumer market, and Titan the professional sphere. Wagner also offers its own branded machines — offering high-end DIY sprayers for the ardent and hardcore home-improver.

The HomeRight Paint Spraying Product Line-Up

As the brand focuses purely on the casual DIY niche — the other companies in the Wagner stable concentrating on the other categories — HomeRight’s paint spraying catalog isn’t vast, offering just six machines.

That said, within this minimalist line-up, there’s a machine to suit the vast majority of indoor and outdoor home power-coating projects.

HomeRight HVLP Paint Sprayer Range

The HVLP (high-volume low-pressure) sprayers in HomeRight’s catalog provide a factory-like finish with a minimum of overspray. With products for both spraying newbies and experienced DIYers alike — these handheld units offer fuss-free operation for small and large projects, depending on the machine.

At the budget end, is the reliable Quick Finish. This sprayer (basically a re-working of Wagner’s Control Spray Double Duty product) targets the low-frequency user looking for a basic tool for small around-the-house painting jobs.

For more experienced users, and for expansive projects, HomeRight offers its two Finish Max products — the standard Finish Max and the Super Finish Max. The former is an impressive small-to-medium work machine, ideal for projects such as staining furniture and addressing decking. The latter is the ultimate all-arounder — coming complete with three interchangeable nozzles for a multitude of mediums, and capable of handling light through to heavy-duty work.

HomeRight Airless Paint Sprayer

For the hardcore and large-project DIY enthusiast — HomeRight offers three airless machines. These durable and powerful units are designed for expansive work, such as outbuilding painting, wall spraying, and fence weatherproofing.

Users who like their power tools to be compact may welcome the two handheld tools — the Heavy Duty and Medium Duty sprayers. These airless machines possess the wide nozzles and large cup capacity required for larger-scale work — with the Heavy Duty model incorporating a choice of pressure settings.

And, for the seriously extreme powered-painting enthusiast, HomeRight has created the mighty floor-standing Power Flo 2800. Boasting a mammoth 25-foot hose, 0.5 horsepower output, and drawing paint directly from an original can — it’s the beefiest machine in the entire HomeRight line-up.

Why Buy a HomeRight Paint Spraying Machine?

In short, because you’ll own a paint sprayer that’s not both just affordable and reliable — but is also backed by Wagner, an absolute behemoth in the powered painting category.

Admittedly, the HomeRight line will not suit all consumers. More experienced DIYers who demand a machine that’s higher specced, offers incredible durability, and boasts numerous additional features should check out the Wagner SprayTech catalog. Equally, pro-users should consider the high throughput capabilities and robustness of the Titan line-up.

However, for the light-to-intermittent DIY hobbyist seeking a high-quality tool that isn’t going to hurt the pocket while still providing a rewarding and pleasing finish — the HomeRight range is worthy of consideration.

Choosing the best HomeRight sprayer for your painting demands means owning a unit that:

  • Includes an extensive warranty.
  • Has a wide availability of spare parts.
  • Is backed by industry-beating customer service.
  • Boasts a reputation for durability.
  • Is relatively light on the wallet.
  • Strengthened by HomeRight’s 30 years of expertise.
  • Suits your particular project’s needs.
  • Is supported by the mighty Wagner powerhouse.

Our Top Picks From the Home Right Paint Sprayer Range

HomeRight Finish Max

Best DIY

Our Rating: 4.9
Promising a fine-finish with a minimum of overspray, this machine is perhaps the ultimate power-painter in the HomeRight sprayer line-up.

Ideally suited for precise applications in small to medium projects, this gun may appeal to the avid DIYer looking for a rapid and blemish-free coat when addressing dressers, cabinets, doors, and indoor and outdoor furniture.

A unique balanced design with its top-mounted 400-watt turbine aids in alleviating fatigue and assists in promoting a steady-hand — crucial for work that demands finesse.

What’s more, it incorporates a solid brass 2.0 mm tip — providing more consistent coverage and delivering extended longevity over the nylon counterparts of its competitors.

The sprayer is compatible with a multitude of mediums, including stains, lacquers, polyurethanes, and latex-paints — although the latter may require some thinning. Boasting a 0.84-quart up, the gun should offer sufficient capacity for most home projects — enabling coverage up to 70 square feet.

Easy on the wallet, and with no requirement for priming or compressors, this machine should be of interest to the homeowner or power-spraying newbie. And, featuring a plethora of additional accessories, including a viscosity cup, cleaning brush, and filling needle — you can crack open the box and begin painting from day one.

An alternative product is available, which features the Finish Max gun, but also comes complete with a rapid clean tool — allowing you to thoroughly flush the machine, removing dried and leftover paint — ensuring a perfect finish.


  • Durable housing despite being an affordable unit.
  • Three spray patterns — vertical, horizontal, and circular.
  • One-to-six-inch width delivery.
  • Minimum overspray.
  • Rubberized handle.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

HomeRight Power Flo 2800

Best Large Project

HomeRight Power Flo 2800

Best Large Project

Our Rating: 4.8
The HomeRight Power Flo is an airless paint sprayer that’s most suited to heavy-duty outdoor applications.

With a pump knocking out 0.5 horsepower with 2800 PSI, this machine is ideal for staining deckings, weatherproofing fences, and painting outside walls. Combined with the chrome-plated spray gun’s 515 tip, it can cope with latex-based mediums — usually without thinning. Furthermore, this shooter features a 100-mesh filter to both protect the internal components and ensure a flaw-free finish.

Variable pressure control gives you the freedom to alter the power output depending on both your base material’s requirement and the viscosity of your coating liquid. Furthermore, a suction hose permits you to draw paint or stain from an original container — eliminating the need for repeated filling, and saving you valuable time.

A spray tip guard protects the crucial latex nozzle end — and the floor stand acts as storage for the gun, mains cord, and suction line. Additionally, a lengthy 25-foot hose promotes impressive operational freedom — meaning you’re not constantly moving the base unit as your project progresses.

While perhaps not sufficiently robust for the pro-user, this model is more than adequate for the enthusiastic home-improver.


  • 0.5 horsepower.
  • Integrated handle for portability.
  • Reversible spray tip.
  • Non-kink hose.
  • Impressive online HomeRight paint sprayer reviews.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

HomeRight Quick Finish

Best Small Project

Our Rating: 4.5
Boasting Wagner’s respected Control Finish nozzle, this HVLP machine targets DIYers demanding precise and accurate application on smaller projects — such as cabinet staining, trim lacquering, and fine topcoat finishing.

Providing a choice of three spray spatters, easily selectable by rotating the tip end, you can replicate traditional aerosol delivery or handheld brushstrokes — yet with more rapid delivery and with less effort.

A material flow control dial permits you to adjust the volume of paint coverage to suit both your coating medium and your base material. Furthermore, its 0.84-quart container should be sufficient for the majority of small indoor jobs — without refilling.

In keeping with its finishing-project design, it’s compatible with urethanes, stains, lacquers, and sealers. Although, if you’re planning on using milk, chalk, or latex-paints, these will require pre-thinning. Additionally, a proprietary Lock-N-Go feature enables swift dismantling — allowing rapid color changes and straightforward post-job cleaning.

Seasoned power-painting DIYers may recognize this machine — that’s because it’s built on the chassis of the popular Wagner Control Spray Double Duty unit.


  • Fuss-free operation.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Cord protector.
  • Fine-finish head.
  • Lock-N-Go feature.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

HomeRight Heavy Duty

Best Airless Handheld

HomeRight Heavy Duty

Best Airless Handheld

Our Rating: 4.5
If you’re looking for a medium-to-large project-capable unit — but demand the compact size of a handheld, this machine could be the answer.

Delivering eight gallons per hour, this airless sprayer is ideal for addressing home exteriors, decking, outbuildings, and fencing. And, featuring a one-quart cup, refilling should be kept to the minimum.

This sprayer boasts two adjustable speeds, allowing you to step-down the power for finishing and molding work — while giving you the capacity to crank it up for swift coverage of extensive areas.

A weighted flexible suction tube moves freely around the container, adjusting to match your arm movements. This means that it always remains submerged within your coating medium, permitting you to work at angles away from the horizontal — for example, when applying paint to ceilings.

The versatility of this machine is elevated by the inclusion of a volume control knob, enabling you to adjust the amount of liquid coverage dependent on your project’s demands.

In addition to the gun itself, this sprayer arrives complete with oil, a cleaning brush, container clamp, storage kit, cone spray tip, two atomizers, and a suction tube.


  • Quick-release cup.
  • Durable for heavy-duty use.
  • 45-degree painting compatible.
  • A plethora of accessories.
  • 120-watt hydraulic pump.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

HomeRight Super Finish Max

Best All-Around Handheld

Our Rating: 4.4
For complete DIY versatility, this HVLP sprayer could be the solution.

Arriving complete with three durable brass tips — 1.5, 2.0, and 4.0 mm — you can select the most suitable nozzle-end for your spraying medium — opting for a smaller diameter on stains and sealers and a larger for chalk and latex-based paints. What’s more, being color-coded, selection is straightforward.

A powerful 450-watt turbine has the capacity to deal with more viscous mediums — and boasting a choice of two air caps, you can step-up or down the paint volume delivery to match your coating liquid.

In addition to providing three spray patterns, selected by rotating the nozzle end, you can also change the emission width. This permits you to adjust the plume-size from one-to-twelve inches — depending on whether your job demands finesse or rapid coverage.

A pleasingly large 1.25-quart container should prevent frequent refilling on more substantial projects. And, its novel pickup tube design ensures that the machine provides consistent delivery while reducing the amount of paint wastage.

In addition to the gun and three spray tips, this product comes with a gun wrench, container lid, and a rinsing brush.


  • All-around project handheld HVLP unit.
  • Even finish with minimum overspray.
  • Incorporated hanging loop.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Unthinned latex compatible.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

HomeRight Sprayer Accessories

As a major brand that’s backed by the paint specialist Wagner SprayTech, spare parts and accessories aren’t difficult to find.

While there’s an absolute multitude of additional products to complement your power painter — I’ve selected the most popular examples to enhance, repair, and maintain your valuable machine.

HomeRight Power Flo Filters
No-one wants a flawed or detritus-ruined final coat. Ensuring you have a backup of clean filters for your Power Flo Homeright airless paint sprayer means your paint delivery will be free from dust, dirt, and dried paint.

Each pack includes two filters, which in addition to the HomeRight machines, are also compatible with the majority of Wagner, Titan, and Graco guns. They’re available in both 50 and 100-mesh sizes.

HomeRight Viscosity Cup
Ensuring the perfect dilution of your coating medium is vital.

Too little, and dense paints may block your nozzle tip. If the paint is excessively watered-down — the coat may be too thin and overspray will vastly increase.

This easy-clean viscosity cup is the ideal companion to the HomeRight HVLP handheld range — ensuring the perfect amount of pre-thinning.

HomeRight Power Flo 515 Spray Gun Tip
If you’re a hardcore user of the airless Power Flo, your spray tip can take a severe hammering. Over time, this can lead to a less than perfect finish, and induce blockages or paint wastage.

This replacement Power Flo tip is fully reversible, ideal for viscous mediums, and is compatible with 50-mesh filters.

HomeRight C800904 Power-Flo Pro 2800 Airless Spray Gun
In the unlikely event that your Power Flo shooter becomes lost or damaged — this genuine HomeRight product is the ideal replacement. This model is the spray gun supplied with the original unit — including a 515 tip, handle-incorporated 50-mesh filter, and four-finger trigger.

Furthermore, it could function as a back-up gun or allow you to switch rapidly between paint colors/mediums without pre-cleaning.

HomeRight Super Finish Max Container C900097
Owning an additional Super Finish Max spray cup permits you to swiftly switch between mediums and colors — without having to rinse out the paint container first.

Furthermore, as this cup comes complete with a screw-lid — you can also store part-used paints for later use.


Covering both the airless and HVLP categories — the HomeRight paint spraying catalog has a unit for every DIY application. Its competitively priced yet durable and reliable machines make these tools a sensible investment for the savvy home-improver.

Newbies to the power-painting category may welcome the straightforward operation of the Quick Finish, while more experienced users might opt for the incredibly versatile Finish Max. And, for those tool nerds who demand the ultimate in power and coverage — HomeRight delivers the compact airless Heavy-Duty sprayer and the seriously hardcore Power Flo 2800.

Sure, tradespersons and extreme DIYers may find the line-up lacks throughput capabilities, features, and user-customization. If this sounds like you, then check out the Wagner or Titan brands instead.

However, for DIYers simply looking for an affordable yet functional machine backed by impressive customer service and warranties — I’d seriously recommend considering the HomeRight paint sprayer range.






Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Much Does a HomeRight Paint Spraying Machine Cost?

The HomeRight brand offers reliable and robust products that remain pleasingly light-on-the-wallet. Its most affordable unit is the Quick Finish sprayer, which boasts a proprietary Lock-N-Go feature, cord protector, fine finish head, and fuss-free operation. You can find its current price by clicking here.

Q: Is the HomeRight Spray Painter HVLP?

In addition to its airless range, HomeRight offers three HVLP units, the Quick Finish, the Finish Max, and the Super Finish Max.

Q: Can I Use a HomeRight Sprayer to Spray a Car?

You could, but the results will be less than impressive. Instead, I’d suggest considering the turbine-powered Wagner MotoCoat. Or, if you have access to a compressor, check out the automotive-focused Eastwood range.

Q: Are HomeRight Sprayers Easy to Use?

Yes. HomeRight paint spraying machines are characterized by their simple operation and straight-out-of-the-box capabilities. Their most basic unit, the Quick Finish, is ideal for powered-painting newbies.

Q: Who Owns HomeRight?

Since 2018, HomeRight has been under the Wagner SprayTech umbrella, together with Earlex and Titan.

Q: What Is the History of HomeRight?

The HomeRight history began in 1986 with its first marketed product — the innovative PaintStick.

Q: Where Can I Find A HomeRight Spray Painter Manual?

You can access the manuals and user guides for the HomeRight Paint Spraying range by clicking on the below links:

Q: Do I Need a Compressor for the HomeRight Super Finish Max?

No. The handheld Super Finish Max is powered by an internal turbine, negating the requirement for a compressor. HomeRight has no pneumatic machines in its product range — only turbine HVLP units and airless sprayers.

Q: Are There Any HomeRight Steamers?

Yes. The brand makes two steamers, primarily for deep cleaning. However, you can purchase an additional wallpaper plate to assist in the removal of old wall coverings. Like the positive online feedback of its paint sprayers, the HomeRight steam machine reviews are equally full of praise.