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HomeRight Power Flo 2800

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Dec 7, 2023 @ 1:52 pm

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HomeRight 2800 Review Summary:

With a stand-mounted hydraulic pump, the HomeRight Power Flo 2800 is an airless sprayer with an emphasis on the passionate DIYer.

Suitable for exterior home-improvement favorites such as painting fences, walls, decking, garages, and outbuildings — its powerful 2800 PSI motor should yield brisk coverage.

Its heavily-knurled metal spray gun comes complete with a 515 tip — appropriate for utilizing the majority of latex paints without the requirement for pre-project thinning. Furthermore, a substantial spray tip guard protects this crucial component from the knocks and bumps concomitant to hardcore home use.

A substantial pressure control knob allows you to adjust the pump pressure to suit your spraying medium, while a suction tube with mesh filter allows the unit to draw paint from an original can or container — eliminating the need for refilling.

Sitting on a tubular stand, the vital pump is elevated away from any floor-sitting moisture or detritus that could inhibit the function of the unit. Additionally, being raised, it permits you to operate the sprayer without having to break your back to fiddle with the controls.

The Power Flo 2800 is the flagship sprayer in HomeRight’s three-product airless line — being a step above the handheld Heavy Duty C800917 machine.


0.5 horsepower.
25-foot hose.
2800 PSI power output.
Suction pump prevents refilling.
Integrated handle for portability.
Reversible spray tip.
Non-kink hose.


Unsuitable for intense work.
Aesthetically unpleasing.
Suction tube liable to leave the container if not secured.

Features and Benefits of the Power Flo Pro 2800 Airless Paint Sprayer

In the marketing material and user manual, the manufacturer states (in upper-case letters no less, so it must be important) that this unit is for household use only — as the machine will not stand up to day-in-day-out extreme use. Which to be fair, makes it somewhat cheeky to include the word ‘Pro’ in its branding.

So, if you’re thinking of starting a paint-spraying business empire — I’d suggest checking out one of the tradesperson grade units instead, such as the Graco Magnum X7.

But, if you’re a keen DIYer — the HomeRight Power-Flo Pro Electric Stationary Airless paint sprayer could meet your demands. Here are the features of this home-improver tool.

Metal Spray Gun

While the hydraulic pump isn’t robust enough for hardcore applications — the spray gun is reassuringly durable. With metal construction, it should withstand all the bumps and knocks that DIY use will throw at it.

Although its chrome-plating may look awesome and be as shiny as the fender on a 1958 Plymouth Fury — don’t get used to it, as it won’t last. Users indicate that even with light use, this veneer will begin to flake — not affecting the gun’s functionality, but it will gain a used look that belies its age.

The handle on the pistol is pleasingly knurled — which should promote a steady grip even with gloved or perspiring hands. Furthermore, a substantial four-finger operated trigger should relieve hand, wrist, and digit stress.

Additionally, the gun incorporates a 100-mesh filter — so, should any paint flakes or debris enter the mechanism — they will not be expelled from the gun and ruin your perfect finish.

Powerful Hydraulic Pump

While a DIY unit, the Flo Pro still knocks out an impressive 0.5 horsepower, delivering a satisfying 2800 PSI. This should not only provide you with speedy coverage but is also strong enough to propel more viscous mediums such as latex paints.

However, should your work demand a little finesse and attention to detail, or you’re using a relatively thin stain, you can bring the pressure down via a tactile power control knob.

Perhaps my only criticism is the design of the pump casing. Ok, it doesn’t affect the performance — but jeez, obviously the designers were having an off-day when they created this monstrosity. I always think that if a manufacturer takes a lot of care with the outside of a tool, then an equal amount of attention will have been paid to the interior components.

Basically, the pump is a box with a handle. It neither has the rugged appearance of an industrial-grade machine, nor the pleasant aesthetics of a consumer unit — looking like an oversized car battery.

Suction Hose

The HomeRight Flo Pro boasts a suction hose — permitting you to draw paint from an original one or five-gallon container. Not only does this remove the messy process of filling a cup — but it also means that unlike in handheld units, you’re not carrying the weight of the coating medium in your hand — reducing fatigue.

However, be warned that the hose isn’t that flexible — making it liable to jump out of shallow containers. Hence, with smaller paint cans, it’s advisable to secure this lively tube to prevent your wall painting project from becoming a floor covering one too.

Spray Tip Guard

Unless you have the skills of legendary catcher Johnny Bench — your sweaty and paint-splattered hands will, at some point, cause you will drop the spray gun.

And, while the pistol casing will stand up to hitting the floor — the precise and delicate 515 latex tip will not. Hence, it’s reassuring to see that the PowerFlo HomeRight airless paint sprayer features a sizable spray guard to prevent damage to this crucial component.

Reversible Spray Tip

Should any detritus pass the gun filter — it can lead to blockage of the nozzle end.

Thankfully, the HomeRight Power Flo features a reversible spray tip — simply rotate the gun mounted lever to turn the tip through 180 degrees and blast away at a waste area. This will remove any clogging and allow you to proceed with your project with little time lost.

Easy Storage

The tubular stand of the Homeright Pro Flo has the capacity to store the numerous parts when not in use — preventing loss and accidental damage.

The 25-foot hose can be coiled to sit on the elongated feet, the mains cable hangs on the side of the pump, and the suction hose sits in its own drip cup.

What Users Say About The HomeRight 2800

In my eyes, the HomeRight 2800 is a solid unit that’s ideal for the home DIYer — in fact, my only main criticism is its darned ugly appearance.

However, my experience of this machine is somewhat limited — so it’s time to explore the views of seasoned users.

I delved into the plethora of genuine online customer testimonials — and hearteningly, their opinions were overwhelmingly positive. Frequently praised by these DIY gurus were the Power Flo’s robust and lightweight gun, brisk and smooth coverage, choice of vertical or horizontal spray, and its variable pressure control.

Sure, some guys moaned about the flaky-chrome plating, and others criticized the inflexibility of the suction hose. But there were hardly any sounds of disapproval relating to its coverage ability, coat finish, or operation-friendliness.

If you want to know more about what owners of the HomeRight Flo 2800 think — check out the owner reviews here.

Alternatives to HomeRight Power Flo 2800

If you find this machine more wrong than (home)right — don’t click away to another website in a pique of frustration.

This sprayer doesn’t meet everyone’s needs or demands — so, I’ve selected some slightly different models that may be more applicable.

Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19

Put off by the warning FOR HOUSEHOLD USE ONLY emphasized in the HomeRight’s blurb? If you’re looking for a tradesman grade sprayer — this may be the solution.

The Graco 17G180 is a pro-level unit, knocking out 0.88 horsepower from its airless pump, compared to the 0.5 of the Power Flo. And, with a recommended annual use of 500 gallons — it has the durability to withstand extreme use.

  • Tougher on the bank balance than the Power Flo 2800.
  • Mounted on a cart instead of the Flo Pro’s stand.
  • An immense 50-foot hose in comparison to HomeRight’s 25-foot.

Wagner Power Painter Plus Airless

Should you find the HomeRight Flo 2800 too sizeable for your needs — yet you still want an airless tool — this handheld unit may be more applicable.

Hailing from the spraying experts Wagner SprayTech — the Power Painter Plus, like the Flo 2800 features a choice of two spray patterns — although it only has dual pump power settings, not a variable control as with the HomeRight 2800.

  • Utilizes a gun-mounted paint container, instead of the suction hose of the Flo 2800.
  • Lighter on the pocket than the HomeRight Power Flo.
  • With the container and pump in the hand, it’s heavier to wield than the Pro 2800.

GoPlus Airless Sprayer

If you feel that the box-on-a-stand appearance of the Flo 2800 is going to lead to mocking, scoffing, and jeering from your neighbors, wife or peers — take a look at this more aesthetically-appealing machine.

At a similar price-point to the HomeRight Flo, the GoPlus features a two-tone color scheme, rounded edges, and a compact design — yet delivers 3000 PSI in comparison with the 2800 PSI of the Flo Pro.

  • 0.63 horsepower output as compared to the 0.5 horsepower of the HomeRight.
  • Like the Power Flo, comes with a 25-foot hose.
  • Similar to the Flo Pro, it incorporates a reversible spray tip.


For home-improvers and DIYers looking to complete outdoor projects — the HomeRight 2800 is a suitable machine.

Its robust metal spray gun featuring an integrated 100-mesh filter should provide a uniform and debris-free finish. And incorporating a substantial tip guard — the latex nozzle end is protected from bumps and knocks.

The strong 2800 PSI hydraulic pump allows for swift coverage — while a variable control knob permits you to modify the power output to meet the demands of either thin or dense mediums.

Sure, the ‘engine’ lacks the durability to cope with intense pro-level use — and the uninspired pump design and flaky-chrome gun handle may deter those seeking a sleek and chic unit.

Yet, if you want a reliable and affordable airless sprayer that can cope with medium-to-large jobs — I’d seriously recommend checking out the HomeRight Power Flo 2800.

HomeRight 2800 FAQs

Q: How Much Does the HomeRight Flo Pro 2800 Cost?

The Flo Pro from HomeRight is a DIY-focused outdoor airless sprayer. To check out the current cost of the HomeRight 2800.

Q: Can I Use a 50 Foot Hose With the HomeRight Flo 2800 Pro?

No. The manufacturer indicates that the maximum length of hose is 25-foot, as included with the HomeRight 2800. The pump is insufficient to power your spraying medium through a hose longer than this.

Q: Where Can I Find the HomeRight Pro Flo Manual?

The user guide for the Pro Flo 2800 is available on the official HomeRight website. For rapid access to the HomeRight 2800 manual.

Q: Can the HomerRight Power Flo Use Graco Tips?

The manufacturer states that ideally, you should use official HomeRight tips with this unit. However, they also indicate that the majority of 515 tips on the market will fit the Power Flo 2800.

Q: What Are the Uses of the HomeRight 2800?

Primarily aimed at outside DIY projects, you can utilize this machine for spraying:

  • Walls.
  • Sheds.
  • Fences.
  • Deckings.
  • Window frames.
  • Treehouses.
  • Picnic tables.
  • Outbuildings.
Q: Can I Use Latex Paint With the HomeRight Flo 2800?

Yes. The 515 tip and 2800 PSI output are ideal for spraying latex (emulsion) paint.

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