Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19 Review

Graco x19

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Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19

Reviewed by: Tyler Saunders

Last modified: Jun 10, 2024 @ 5:35 am

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Graco ProX19 Review Summary:

For general contractors, property maintenance experts, or the seriously committed DIYer — the airless Graco ProX19 provides fast coverage combined with a satisfying finish.

Cart-mounted (although a floor standing-version is available), this machine is ideal for large-sized work — allowing you to effortlessly transport the machine around building interiors, gardens, or yards. However, with a 50-foot hose — requirements to move the unit will be minimal.

A mighty 3000 PSI combined with the 515 spray tip in the SG3 gun permits unthinned medium usage. And, the stainless steel pump that provides this power promises greater reliability and longevity than its competitors.

Yet, should the 0.875 horsepower provided by the Graco Pro X19 be too much, a variable control feature enables you to turn down the intensity to suit both your painting medium and base material.

Drawing directly from original one or five-gallon containers via a suction line — the machine requires no filling. Furthermore, an integrated InstaClean pump filter prevents gun clogging or unwanted debris ruining your final finish.

And, when your work for the day is done — cleaning is relatively headache-free. An included PowerFlush adaptor allows you to attach a standard garden hose to the unit to straightforwardly rinse the entire system (for water-based paints).

The X19 is part of Graco’s six-product Pro line — a series of sprayers that are angled towards tradesperson-level property renovators. This particular model is a step above the less powerful (0.75 horsepower) Pro X17 machine.

Graco ProX19 Pros:

Ideal for extreme use.
Mounted on a cart for easy transportability.
SG3 spray gun.
3000 PSI.
No-tools-required pump replacement.
50-foot hose.
Push-Prime feature for rapid start-up.
Adjustable pressure.
A suction-line negates the requirement for filling.


Overkill for casual DIYers.
Requires some experience to use.
Plastic tire tread can wear rapidly.

Features and Benefits of the Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19

Providing coverage 14-times faster than a brush — the Graco X19 is ideal for larger-scale projects. However, this machine isn’t purely about speed. Let’s dive in to discover what makes this machine appealing to the pro or committed DIY user.

Cart Mounted

The Graco Magnum ProX19 features a 50-foot hose (although, it is compatible with sizes up to 150 feet) which should reduce the number of times you need to relocate the pump unit.

However, since you’re covering at a rapid pace — this may mean you may need to frequently move the sprayer to another room or further along your extensive border fencing. Hence, it’s satisfying to witness that the Graco 17G180 X19, like its predecessor the Graco Magnum X9, is mounted on a cart — enabling you to transport the machine with little effort — reducing the stress on your back.

Furthermore, if you’re a contractor working on multiple sites, you may welcome this wheeled-feature — permitting you to drag the sprayer up a ramp into your van or pick-up.

That said, standing at over 36 inches — it’s a hefty unit, which may cause storage headaches for some. If that’s a deal-breaker — bear in mind that you can purchase the X19 on a much shorter, floor-mounted stand.

SG3 Spray Gun

As with the X19’s previous incarnation— the Magnum ProX9 airless paint sprayer — this machine comes with the SG3 gun — Graco’s pinnacle airless spraying shooter.

Its metal yet lightweight construction provides impressive durability and will stand up to the knock and bumps that extreme use can entail. And, with a highly-polished chrome finish, you’ll draw envious looks from neighbors and be the talk of the town (if you live in a weird suburb where people have nothing better to do than talk about the relative shininess of spray guns).

Designed for elongated use — the four-finger pull trigger requires 30 percent less effort to squeeze than its competitors — reducing fatigue on those mammoth projects. Furthermore, it incorporates a substantial tip guard to protect the fragile nozzle from accidental damage.

With an in-handle filter — clogs shouldn’t be an issue. However, should the unwanted occur, a quick twist of a top-mounted lever allows you to reverse the tip to blast away any debris.

Perhaps one of the stand out features that the SG3 has over the SG2 model is the Smooth Glide Hose Swivel. This ensures that however much you twist your wrist during operation — you’re not restricted by the hose, nor will you cause any coiling or kinking.

ProX Pump System

The piston of the pump mechanism is manufactured from stainless steel — providing reassuring longevity. This system allows for a recommended annual usage throughput of up to 500 gallons.

Furthermore, it features quick replacement capability. Should this crucial component fail, you can remove and substitute the pump (as long as you have a spare) in a matter of minutes without having to use any tools.

This may appeal to the tradesperson user — reducing your downtime and avoiding having to explain to your customer why you’re having yet another break. Unless, of course, you’re looking for an excuse for some ‘you’ time — in which case just string the replacement process out and talk to your punter about unreliable spray-widgets and pump-grommets or other such nonsense.

Painless Priming

If you know your airless sprayers — you understand that priming is crucial — guaranteeing that the whole system is full of your coating medium without air pockets or bubbles. The X19 boasts a bespoke PushPrime feature — drastically reducing pre-project preparation — a feature that wasn’t included in its predecessor, the Pro X9 paint sprayer.

Spraying Medium Versatility

The mighty 0.875 horsepower motor, combined with the 515 tip makes the X19 suitable for use with stains, sealers, enamels, chalk, and latex-based paints — typically without thinning.

That being said, should you require a tip end particularly suited to your painting medium — this sprayer is compatible with nozzle-end sizes ranging from 0.009-inch through to 0.019-inch.

Adjustable Power Control

‘Fight the Power!’ sang Chuck D and Public Enemy — but with the variable flow knob of the X19 — you don’t have to.

A simple turn of this substantial dial permits you to tone down the power a little — making it more suited to your covering medium. Generally speaking, lowering the intensity on thinner materials prevents overspray, pooling, and drippage.

Graco X19 Vs Graco Magnum 261820 Prox9 Hi-Boy Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

In 2018, Graco dropped the respected Magnum Pro X9 paint sprayer from its line-up and replaced it with the Magnum ProX19 cart airless paint sprayer.

In truth, the machines are virtually identical.

The chassis and cart are the same, both units deliver 0.875 horsepower at 3000 PSI, they feature an identical SG3 gun, and share an annual throughput of 500 gallons per year.

The only difference between the Graco ProX9 airless paint sprayer and the X19 is that the new machine boasts the revolutionary PushPrime system. This trademarked feature appears on every new Pro after 2018 — and Graco, wishing to ensure that all its existing machines met the same specifications, reworked the X9 to include this attribute — and rebranded the sprayer as the X19.

What Users Say About The Graco X19

In my view, the Magnum ProX19 cart airless paint sprayer is perfectly suited to the professional home-renovator or the DIY-spraying fanatic.

But hey, what’s my opinion worth?

Don’t get me wrong, I seriously know my way around a sprayer. Last year’s summer project of wood staining my garden shed still draws gasps of awe whenever I invite the guys around for a grill and some cold ones. At least I think it’s awe.

However, I’m not using this unit to earn my crust on a daily basis. Hence, I delved into the numerous online reviews by owners of this machine to gauge the professional’s opinions.

Luckily, it appears I’m in the right ballpark. Their views were positive — lauding the X19’s tradesman-grade spray gun, welcoming the quick change pump feature, and enjoying the freedom and ease that cart provides. Numerous testimonials extolled this machine’s improvement over the ProX9 airless paint sprayer.

The only real downers came from guys who found the unit a little too industrial — but then, why buy a pro-level machine if all you want to do is paint your daffodil planters?

However, what all parties agreed on, was that the X19 delivered a rapid, fine, and even finish across all coating mediums.

Alternatives to Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19

Perhaps this Graco ProX19 review hasn’t made you pull your credit card from your wallet. So, should this machine, despite all its qualities, not meet your personal spraying requirements — don’t click away just yet.

I’ve already considered this possibility, and in preparation, have sourced three alternatives that may be more suitable to your needs.

Graco Magnum X5

Graco x5

If you love the Graco brand but have no plans to start your own paint-spraying business — this machine, angled at the keen DIYer, comes with the reliability and accurate finish of a premium manufacturer — but is less trade-centric.

Ideal for medium-scale home projects, the Magnum X5 features the respected SG2 spray gun and a 515 reversible tip. Admittedly, it’s made for less intense use than the X19 — 125 gallons per annum as opposed to 500 GPA — but arrives at a more budget-friendly price point.

  • 25-foot hose in comparison with the 50-foot of the X19.
  • Lacks the X19’s capability for ‘on-site’ pump exchange.
  • Lower horsepower — 0.5 hp as opposed to 0.875 hp.

HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800

Homeright Power Flo Pro 2800

If the premium-brand price level of the Graco X19 is somewhat off-putting — this airless alternative may be the solution.

The HomeRight Flo 2800, like the X19, can draw paint directly from original paint containers. Sitting on a stand instead of the cart-mounted X19, it features a shorter hose of 25-feet as opposed to the Graco’s 50 feet.

  • 2800 PSI in comparison with the X19’s 3000 PSI.
  • Incorporates a versatile and reversible 515 tip — the same as the X19.
  • Lighter on the pocket than the X19.

Wagner Power Painter Plus Airless

Wagner Power Painter Plus

Want an airless sprayer, but have no requirement for an absolute behemoth of a machine? If that matches your mindset, this handheld unit may be more applicable.

Coming from the spraying masters Wagner SprayTech stable — the Power Painter Plus, as with the X19, incorporates a substantial spray-tip guard — but only has two power settings compared to the Graco’s variable ability.

  • Features a gun-mounted container, instead of the suction line of the X19.
  • Easier on the bank balance than the Graco machine.
  • Heavier to wield than the X19 — as the container and pump are handheld.


Whether a general contractor or extreme DIYer — the Graco X19 is ideal for large and time-heavy spraying projects.

Its swiveling SG3 gun promises lightweight yet durable use without hose kinking. And, featuring a 515 tip, it’s as happy knocking out stains and sealers as it is enamels and latex paints.

Professionals will appreciate the rapid and downtime-preventing exchange feature of the ProX pump, while hardcore home-improvers will welcome the ease of preparation enabled by the Prime Push function.

Sure, for casual or intermittent spray gun users, the capacity of this machine may be considered excessive.

However, for those who are planning on extensive and intensive use — I suggest checking out the Graco Prox19.

Graco X19 FAQs

How Much Does the Graco Pro X19 Cost?

The Graco 17G180 X19 is a tradesman-grade airless sprayer. To check out the current cost of the Graco X19.

How Can I Fix My Graco X19?

Should your equipment malfunction or not deliver the results you require, in the first instance, check out my Graco Troubleshooting guide.

What Are the Uses for the Pro X19 Graco?

The X19 Pro from Graco is designed for intense use on extensive projects. As such, it’s suitable for spraying:

  • Fencing.
  • Home exteriors.
  • Sheds.
  • Workshops.
  • Walls.
  • Complete home interiors.
  • Boats.
  • Large decking areas.

For usage advice, take a look at my Graco How To guide,

Where Can I Find the Graco X19 Manual?

The user manual for the Graco X19 17G180 sprayer is available from the official Graco website. For rapid access to the Graco X19 manual.

Can I Use the Graco Magnum X19 for Painting Cars?

You can, although it’s not recommended by the manufacturer — with Graco suggesting that an HVLP machine delivers a better finish for car respraying. Personally, I’d suggest checking out the Wagner MotoCoat for automotive applications.

What’s the Difference Between Model 17G179 and 17G180?
Although they are both the same spraying machine unit, the 17G179 is mounted on a floor stand, while the 17G180 comes with a cart.
Can I Use a Compressor With the Graco Magnum X19?
No. The Graco Magnum 17G180 X19 is an airless machine that utilizes a hydraulic pump to power the paint emission.
Where Can I Buy a Replacement Hose for the X19 Magnum Graco?
Should your hose become lost or damaged, you can order a replacement from the official Graco website. Its part number is #247340.
Will the Graco X19 Magnum Work With Sand Paint?
No. Textured paint will cause blockages and may damage the 515 tip.
What’s the Difference Between the Graco Magnum ProX9 Airless Paint Sprayer and the Graco X19?
The X19 boasts Graco’s proprietary PushPrime feature, not included in the Graco X9 airless paint sprayer.
Where Can I Buy Graco X9 Paint Sprayer?

Read any online Graco Pro X9 review, and you’ll discover that this machine delivered an impressive 3000 PSI and featured the industry-respected SG3 gun. However, it’s no longer available — being discontinued in 2018.

However, you can purchase the machine’s replacement, the Graco X19. This sprayer boasts all the qualities of its predecessor, but also includes a time-saving PushPrime feature — not included in the X9.

You can find out the current cost of the Graco X19 airless sprayer by clicking here.