Graco 17G177 Magnum ProX17 Review

Graco 17G177

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Graco 17G177 Magnum ProX17

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Dec 3, 2023 @ 3:38 pm

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Graco Magnum ProX17 Review Summary:

The Graco ProX17 and Graco ProX17 Cart are paint sprayers built for professional usage. These tools originate from the same, high-quality brand — but the Magnum ProX17 can handle larger tasks. Another model, the Graco Magnum X7, is an excellent solution for home projects if that’s more suited to your needs.

With a recommended annual usage of 300 gallons — it’s ideal for the maintenance of rental properties or big remodels, managing both exterior and interior work.

In terms of output, this unit is no slouch with a rate of 0.34 gallons per minute. The paint tip size is 0.017-inch — giving you a spray coverage of eight to 10 inches with each stroke.

A metal SG3 spray gun is included. Its full trigger sits firmly in your hands, and the swivel connector prevents kinks occurring in the hose — keeping the paint flow constant.

Regarding materials, the Magnum ProX17 handles water-based paints and stains. Non-flammable oil-based materials can also be used with a conversion kit (optional extra). You can also spray straight from either a one or 5-gallon paint can — thanks to the flexible intake.

Graco X17 Pros:


Suitable for larger areas and professional use.


Compact and easy to transport.


Value for money.


Powerful motor with high output.


High-quality finishes using lots of different materials.


Lacks wheels for greater portability.
Warranty could be better.
Not ideal for small projects.

Features and Benefits of the Graco Magnum ProX17

Stainless Steel Piston Pump

With the intent of serving the needs of professionals, Graco decided to include a stainless steel piston into this model. This feature provides a longer lifespan and reliability. The power piston has just one packing set that doesn’t need lubrication and operates without maintenance.

Easy Pump Replacement

We all know how much hassle and downtime a broken part can cause. This is why Graco has developed the ProXChange System. It lets you replace a pump in a matter of minutes, without the need for tools.

Powerful DC Motor

Big jobs need big tools — and this sprayer doesn’t lack power. It comes with a 3/4 horsepower DC motor that’s capable of pushing paint through a 150-foot hose without the loss of pressure.

High-Quality Hose

Included with the Graco Magnum Pro x17 is a 1/4-inch, 50-foot DuraFlex hose, so that no project will be out of your reach. For further convenience, you can hook this model up to a 150-foot hose.

Adjustable Pressure

Featured on this unit is a control for adjusting pressure. It displays symbols that are easy to discern as well as separate controls for priming and spraying.

The adjustable pressure has a limit of 3000 PSI — so that you can tailor it to your needs. All in all, there are four main settings. These are “High Spray,” “Low Spray,” “Prime/Clean” and “Roll” (for use with a paint roller).

Automatic Priming & Easy Clean Up

The AutoPrime feature reduces issues relating to priming and clog ups or problems that stem from improper aftercare. Cleaning this model is straightforward — thanks to the Power Flush adapter that you can connect to a garden hose. Besides that, if clogging does occur, you can simply reverse the spray tip to unblock it quickly.

Easy Transport

Weighing in at 27 pounds, it’s not the lightest tool — yet its compact size balances this out when carrying it around. It also means storing is convenient.

What Users Say about the Graco ProX17

Judging by the features — I feel the Magnum ProX17 can rise to the challenge and increase productivity for the pros and contractors.

However, that’s just my opinion — what do the real users have to say on the subject?

To ensure this Magnum ProX17 review is totally objective — I’ve dug deeper into the viewpoint of those with first-hand experience of this paint sprayer.

I’m pleased to say — it’s encouraging.

Many contractors own more than one unit in their line-up — agreeing that this is a reliable piece of equipment — reporting no major issues. Most comment on this model being their top pick for the price, covers surfaces with ease, and when the Graco Pro X17 is used on larger projects — it comes into its own.

In terms of downsides — slight overspray appears to be a minor issue, while others did comment on the included tip size — at times it can be a pitfall when spraying thick or heavy coatings.

Alternatives to Graco 17G177 Magnum ProX17

While this paint sprayer has features appealing to those who want to cut down the time spent on large-scale tasks — it’s possible that it may not fit your requirements. If this is the case, then why not take a look at these options.

Handheld paint sprayers are ideal for the decorating enthusiast. These versatile tools excel in portability. They’re small but mighty — designed to cope with detailed finishes to room makeovers.

When you’re a professional, material wastage eats into your budget. Turbine paint sprayers work on a high-volume, low-pressure design — meaning more control and less overspray.

For those who want to create a masterpiece finish, an LVLP (low-volume, low-pressure) paint sprayer may appeal. These units are made for larger surfaces, and as they’re user-friendly — they’re suitable for both DIYers and professionals.

Wagner Spraytech FLEXiO 590

Wagner Flexio 590

Dropping down a price bracket, but still a great all-round machine for the amateur painter, is the Wagner Flexio 590. It comes with two spray nozzles, so you can complete small or large projects, from furniture or crafts, to a whole garden fence. This unit utilizes all types of paint without you having to thin them out.

A patented X-Boost power dial and X-Boost turbine system give you access to 10 different speed settings. You can adjust it until you get the ideal amount of paint dispensed for your project. The spray pattern can also be changed between circular, vertical, and horizontal.

  • Cheaper than the Titan 1700.
  • Can be adjusted for paint delivery and spray patterns.
  • Sprays sealant, paint, or varnish, straight from the tin without thinning.

Rexbeti Ultimate 750

Rexbeti Ultimate

Dropping even further down the price range, you will find the Rexbeti Ultimate 750. This is an HVLP paint sprayer, offering 500 watts of power, dispensing 750ml (0.20 gallons) of paint per minute. A long 6.6-foot lead makes it versatile for moving around or getting into nooks and crannies.A 34-ounce paint tank, three spray nozzles, three spray patterns, and cleaning tools complete the package.

  • Slightly longer power cord.
  • Adjustable flow rate.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.

Titan ControlMax 1900 PRO HEA Paint Sprayer

Titan 1900

Our final alternative is in a higher price bracket than the Titan 1700. This is the next model up in the range, the Titan 1900. Many features are similar to its cheaper counterpart, but the 1900 boasts 1600 psi, 0.70 horsepower, and sprays 0.40 gallons per minute. This means faster spraying from a more powerful unit.

  • A more powerful pump and pressure than the Titan 1700.
  • 50-foot lead, can be extended to 100-foot with an additional purchase.
  • Spray width of 14-16 inches.


The Graco 17G177 Magnum ProX17 is a paint sprayer that can handle larger areas — cutting down your time spent on the task.

The 3/4 horsepower motor can pump paint through hoses up to 150 feet long — giving you that extra reach, without the loss of paint flow.

Pump replacements can be completed quickly and straightforwardly and its compact design is also convenient to carry and stow away.

Granted, Magnum ProX17 owners mention a set of wheels would be a welcome addition — plus, they admit this isn’t a paint sprayer for small projects.

However, the Graco 17G177 Magnum ProX17 Stand Paint Sprayer still remains a serious contender for the price tag and the features it offers.

Graco Magnum ProX17 FAQs

Can I Use the Graco Magnum ProX17 for Oil-Based Stain?
Yes you can — providing the stain is non-flammable. You will need a lacquer conversion kit (17L305) for any flammable solvent-based materials.

The product container should indicate whether or not it’s flammable. Alternatively, check directly with the manufacturer.

What Is the Voltage Rating for the Graco ProX17?
The Magnum ProX17 runs at 120 volts.
Do I Have to Thin the Paint Before Using the Graco X17?
No, you don’t have to thin paint prior to using the Graco Magnum X17. However, double-check the recommended tip size on the paint container before use.
What Is the Current Graco 17G177 Magnum ProX17 Stand Sprayer Price?

Featuring a powerful motor, a “no tools” pump replacement and easy clean up — the Magnum ProX17 aims to speed up any task. For the most up to date pricing, take a look at the  Magnum ProX17.