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Hitachi D13VF Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

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Review Summary:

Everyone knows about Hitachi! This multinational company from Japan manufactures a plethora of different things, such as automotive systems, construction machinery, digital devices, and even military vehicles. But handymen know this company for their power tools – they’re efficient and reliable.

The Hitachi D13VF is one of such tools. It’s a corded drill with a strong 9.0 AMP motor, a maximum torque of 416.6 in-lbs, and a variable-speed control trigger. It’s been built to last, as it sports a contractor-grade housing that’s guaranteed to give the unit a long lifespan.

However, in 2018, the Hitachi Power Tool company became Metabo. As this model remains a favorite among hardcore DIYers and trade professionals, it was rebranded as the Metabo HPT D13VF — an identical model with the same specifications, just a new marque.

I recommend you check out our latest Metabo HPT D13VF review to see how this tried and tested unit stacks up against 2021/22’s latest corded drill drivers.


  • Weight – 4.6lbs
  • Dimensions – 15″ x 13.5″ x 4.4″
  • Torque – 416.6 in-lbs
  • Motor Power – 9.0 AMP
  • Voltage – 120 volts

Hitachi D13VF – The Basics

Even though this is a lesser-known model, it certainly deserves to be checked out. One of the best things about is its high-performance 9.0 AMP motor that’s capable of delivering 416-inches per pound of torque. This is more than impressive for a corded drill in this price category, especially when we consider the fact that the device also has an electronic variable speed control trigger.

The durability is apparent right from the start – the Hitachi D13VF sports a beautiful green housing, manufactured from cast aluminum. Its purpose is to protect the machine from mechanical damage and to efficiently dissipate heat during the drilling, and it does both of these jobs pretty well.

The form-fit grip, on the other hand, assures comfortable and secure fit in hands, preventing vibration and reducing the risk of cramps and fatigue.


The Features


The design of this quality corded drill is a compact and a lightweight one, which is exactly what we expected from a device whose casing is constructed from aluminum. This contractor-grade housing assures durability and reliability and will be especially appreciated by those working in harsh conditions.

Working with Hitachi D13VF is very comfortable, and the primary reason behind that is the presence of a form-fit grip on the machine’s handle. Slipping and vibrations are reduced to a minimum, especially when you add the removable side handle that increases control and operability even further.


The 9.0 AMP motor is one of the most impressive things about D13VF. It delivers a lot of torque power and can achieve the maximum speed of 850 RPM. It has been engineered to perform well in all sorts of drilling operations – drilling holes through wood and metal is a thing of ease with this unit.

The variable-speed control trigger, on the other hand, is there to provide comfortable two-finger operation that will come in very handy to complete beginners in the DIY world. There’s also the lock-on feature, an industrial-sized 1/2-inch chuck, and an arbitrary angle attachment.


Besides the construction quality, powerful performance, and an affordable price, another thing that deserves special praise here is the warranty. The Hitachi D13VF comes with a 5-year limited warranty, which is considerably longer than those of the other models in this price category. As you already know, an extended warranty is a good indicator that the manufacturer is confident about their product’s reliability.

D13VF front view



Durable aluminum housing


High performance 9.0 AMP motor


Form-fit grip handle


Long warranty period



Not the best RPM rating


Non-metal parts in the transmission


Things we liked about it

For a corded drill in this price category, we think that D13VF possesses a truly impressive build quality. Its aluminum housing is guaranteed to prevent damage in harsh working conditions. The unit also sports an outstanding design, but that’s something we expected from Hitachi.

We were also pleased by the presence of a strong 9.0 AMP motor – this bad boy is guaranteed to help you complete any DIY project you put your mind to. Operating the device is as equally easy – the electronic variable-speed control trigger makes sure of that.

Another thing that deserves praise is the 5-year limited warranty which shows that Hitachi deems the D13VF as a next-to-unbreakable unit.


Things we didn’t like

Even though it sports a powerful motor, the Hitachi D13VF isn’t the fastest drill out there. Its maximum speed of 850 RMP isn’t that impressive – the average model in this category runs at 1090 RPM.

Furthermore, we weren’t pleased with non-metal components in the unit’s transmission, as these are always more susceptible to failure. But we’ll put our faith into the device’s extended warranty period – Hitachi certainly wouldn’t put a 5-year warranty on a model that will break once a week.

Hitachi D13VF Vs Metabo HPT D13VF

In November 2015, Hitachi Koki Ltd. purchased the established German tool company Metabowerke GmbH (Metabo) for around $180 million. This newly-purchased European manufacturer was renowned for its durable and industrial grade tools — a reputation that Hitachi was keen to exploit.

Hence in 2018, the bigwigs at Hitachi decided to rebrand all its existing and new-line power tools under the Metabo HPT name — the HPT abbreviation indicating an originally Hitachi product.

This includes the D13VF, which has now become the Metabo HPT D13VF — identical in every respect, except with the Metabo livery.

General Impressions

Our readers report that they’re quite impressed by the power this model packs – a 9.0 AMP motor is more than surprising in this price class. One user was particularly impressed with the unit’s electronic brake, saying that it’s very comforting to know that the unit’s powerful motor can be quickly stopped at any moment.

The construction quality is also praised, too – contractors are saying that they have complete peace of mind when working on heavy-duty projects with Hitachi D13VF.


In the end, we think that buying this corded drill is a good decision if you’re looking for the right balance of durability, convenience, and power. Comfortable to handle during long operations, easy to control (especially with the side handle), and powerful enough to make holes in all kinds of surfaces, this model has rightfully received a fair share of praise from both the users and the professional reviewers.

We tend to agree with them – the D13VF offers a good value for the money, and won’t leave you disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where Can I Buy the Hitachi D13 VF?

The D13VF from Hitachi has been rebranded as the Metabo HPT D13 VF — an identical product to the Hitachi model apart from the name. You can get your hands on this grunty drill by clicking here.

Q: Can I Use the Hitachi D1 3VF on Concrete?

No. The D13VF from Hitachi — now renamed the Metabo D13VF HPT — is a corded drill driver, not a masonry drill. For attacking brickwork, bonded hardcore, and cement — take a look at our top pick hammer and rotary machines.

Q: Can I Use a HomeRight Sprayer to Spray a Car?

You could, but the results will be less than impressive. Instead, I’d suggest considering the turbine-powered Wagner MotoCoat. Or, if you have access to a compressor, check out the automotive-focused Eastwood range.

Q: What’s the Difference Between Metabo HPT D13VF Vs Hitachi D13VF?

Apart from the name, there’s no difference. In 2018, Hitachi rebranded its power tools to Metabo. You read an updated review of the newly-christened drill here — to see how it measures up against the latest machines.

Q: Is the Hitachi D13VF HPT Cordless?

No. The HPT D13VF from Hitachi is a corded model running a 9.0 amp motor. If you’re looking for the portability offered by a battery-powered machine, take a look at our top picks here.

Q: Is the D13VF Hitachi HPT Any Good?

Yes. The D13 VF is a powerful corded drill driver suitable for both hardcore DIYers and trade professionals. When Hitachi renamed its power tools as Metabo in 2018, it carried on production of the D13VF — under the Metabo brand — due to its popularity with both amateur and trade users.

Q: How Long Is the Hitachi HPT D 13VF Warranty?

The HPTD13VF from Hitachi arrives with a five-year limited manufacturer’s guarantee.

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