Ryobi P235 Impact Driver Review 

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P235 Impact Driver Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: January 15, 2019

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January 15, 2019 @ 2:23 pm



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Ryobi P235 Impact Driver Review Summary:

No hobbyist’s or homeowner’s tool collection can be complete without a proper impact driver. This particular unit is an excellent combination of a driving force of a hammer drill and a motor-backed torque in the chuck when it detects resistance. That’s where the P235 gets its unparalleled strength.

It is an excellent piece of equipment to have for home improvement projects, both inside and outside the house, and it is especially useful for tasks where driving long fasteners is a must. Many pros continue to be skeptics when it comes to Ryobi gear, but Ryobi never ceases to prove them wrong. Their inexpensive equipment can’t always be categorized as high-end, but you can be assured that, with Ryobi, you are getting a durable product that is worth much more than you are paying for.

P235 Specifications:

  • Weight – 2.75 lbs
  • Dimensions – 8.2″ x 8.1″ x 4.2″
  • Speed – 0 to 2600 RPM
  • Battery – Lithium-Ion
  • Voltage – 18V

Ryobi P235 – The Basics

It’s an impressive impact driver that is equipped with 0.25″ coupler that allows you to change bits easily. Since it is very light and compact, you will be able to use it all day long without getting tired easily. Weighing just 2.75 pounds, and being so small, it can fit easily into narrow spaces.

The onboard magnetic tray it is equipped with at its base, this impact driver is certainly no underdog when it comes to both convenience and performance. Features such as no speeds of 0 to 2600 RPM and 3200 IPM, coupled with a considerable amount of torque certainly support that statement. The Ryobi P235 is a versatile impact driver that is suitable for plenty of applications.

There is also a neat belt hook that allows the user to keep it close at hand while getting the job done. It is a bare unit that doesn’t come with batteries, but is compatible will all of Ryobi One+ 18V cells, some of them being P109, P108, P107, P05, and P102. You will have to buy them separately though.

The Ryobi P235 Features


With its 2.75 pounds of weight and compact size, this Ryobi powertool won’t be causing you any fatigue no matter how long your task takes. Aside from its size and weight, its ergonomic design also contributes to its maneuverability and prolonged use.

Even in the worst of situations, you will be able to drive screws with high accuracy because of the notched, rubberized grip complements the pistol grip handle so nicely. Its sleek Grip Zone over-mold makes it a pleasure to work with at any time, providing optimum grip and comfort.

Powerful Torque

Despite its light and compact build, it is a powerful unit that is capable of delivering an impressive amount of torque that is needed for tightening and loosening various kinds of nuts and bolts. It comes with an impressive 1600 lbs of torque that are connected to a 2-speed gearbox. This unit has all that you need for driving and removing screws with ease.

Battery Compatibility

You won’t have any trouble finding a suitable battery for this unit as it is compatible with all Ryobi One+ Li-Ion batteries. Ryobi takes great pride in their new durable and high-quality Li-Ion batteries, and rightfully so. It hasn’t always been the case, as there had been a lot of complaints about their older versions of cells, but the company did take those complaints to heart and did their homework.

The unit is also compatible with the less-renowned Ryobi NiCad batteries. It is probably not worth buying them, but, if you already have them, it is definitely worth keeping them. The P235 is compatible with P100 to P108 Ryobi NiCad batteries.


Every craftsman likes to see little neat, useful features on their favorite toys and the designers have meticulously equipped the P235 with such extras. It has an on-board organizer as its base that serves as storage for screws and other bits. There is a quick-release 1/4 inch chuck that allows you to eject bits by simply pulling the cuff.


The P235 impact driver comes with a three-year warranty. Ryobi has maintenance centers in every corner of the country. It is always great to see a manufacturer that stands behind their product and that puts a lot of effort into ensuring the satisfaction of their customers.

Ryobi Driver



1600 Pounds of Torque


Ability to change bits with one hand


Compatible with all Ryobi One+ Li-Ion batteries


Compatible with some older Ryobi Ni-Cad batteries


On-board organizer


Ergonomic and comfortable



Could perform better with pocket screws


Doesn’t come with a battery


Things we liked about it

The brilliant design just can’t be praised enough. If you are unsure about using a cordless unit for longer periods of time, the P235 ought to end your doubts. Pros can’t agree on the level of usefulness of Ryobi tools in general, but the ones that have been using the P235 all claim it is exceptionally good for doing drywall work and pre-tapped holes.


Things we didn’t like

Its battery compatibility is quite impressive, but those that don’t already have Ryobi units in their collection will be disappointed by the fact that the package doesn’t include a battery. Both pros and hobbyists alike have made complaints about its performance in soft wood. Particularly, pocket screws turned out to be the biggest issue.

General Impressions

As expected from the Ryobi brand, the P235 did not disappoint. The P235 is another reliable unit of theirs that offers a lot of features at a low price. While it cannot be classified as a heavy-duty unit, when it comes to DIY and home projects, it ought to get the job done.

For its stature, it comes with the right amount of power, provided that you use it as intended. Its convenience and ease of use are undoubtedly its most significant selling points.


The P235 is a well-built impact driver that can be relied on when it comes to DIY tasks and home projects. Just like any other Ryobi unit, it has durability, convenience, and quality written all over it. Nevertheless, just like with all budget-friendly units, it is important to manage one’s expectations.

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