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When it comes to tools to make the job easier, man has always strived to create an easy to use all in one tool. When it comes to upholstery and many home jobs, the staple gun is one such invention. Namely, in the past people have been using nails and a hammer to secure things into a certain area, but once the staple gun was made, it cut down the required time to do a job down by half. No longer did people need to bring heavy equipment to secure certain objects, but there was even less damage done during the construction if a staple gun was used.

When it comes to staple guns, there are several different models that you can get for your home or professional use. Dividing them into groups most fall in either into the muscle-powered ones where you have to use your strength to staple something together, the electric powered ones which are by far the strongest people as there is nothing that can create a stronger staple than the electric ones and last but not least- the air compressed units which are between the muscle powered ones and the electric powered guns.

It does not matter which gun you use, as everyone’s preference will be different, however, what is important for the job besides the option of the staple gun is that you bring the correct size of the staples and the knowledge on how to handle a staple gun.

If used correctly there are tons of jobs where you can use a staple gun, of which some of them are:

1. Upholstery

When it comes to upholstery, there is no better tool that upholsters like to use more than the staple gun. This little invention has made their jobs so much easier, as it just requires you to stitch the fabric close to the desired furniture and snap it with the staple gun.

2. Carpeting

Another great use for the staple gun can be found in the carpeting business. Carpeting can be done with various tools and methods; however, the staple gun will again make the job a lot easier than it would have been without the staple gun. You can staple carpets to the floor, to the wall, and even to the feelings depending on your carpeting desires. The gun is especially good because it does not leave massive damage marks on the floor or the ceiling and in most cases, those holes are easier to fix than the holes from screws or nails.

3. Home Carpentry jobs

When it comes to another job where the staple gun can be used to make the job easier, we have the carpentry jobs. Since its similar to the carpet jobs, the staple gun can help with fastening certain fabrics and wood to the desired item. If for instance, you want to fasten wooden panels to a wall or the floor the staple gun, especially the electric one, can be of great help here.

4. Various decorations

Staple guns also have practical use outside of the professional. For instance, if you are creating a birthday party, the staple gun can help you fasten things to the trees and outside parts of the house. The staple gun here has tons of uses you just have to be creative with your imagination.

5. Various gardening projects

When it comes to the garden, there is always some work to be had. Here again, we can use the staple gun to help us with the projects we had in mind. Once you decide what you want to do with individual flowers and the placement of them, you can skip the nail and hammer part and move strait for the staple gun. Staple guns here can be used to fasten certain wooden panels, so your flowers and plants have something to lean on, or a place to grow. There are tons of applications, and again you just have to let your imagination do the work for you.