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If you enjoy DIY projects and if you would rather do the maintenance work around your house yourself, then you need proper tools for it. Numerous home projects have failed due to the lack of equipment and materials.

To ensure that you never come across this issue again, buy a toolbox and start filling it with, both, power tools and hand tools.

Essential Tools for Every DIY Guy


The hammer is the most basic tool you should have in your house and your toolbox. You would think that there isn’t much to it, but wait until you go into a hardware store and look at the variety. The best hammer to choose for some general DIY, if you had to choose only one, would have a 20 Oz head, with a smooth face, a nail starter, a rip claw and a steel handle with rubber grip. Make sure that the handle has an anti-vibration design if you find the vibrations to be a problem. This type of hammer should be suitable for the most projects you do.

Tape Measure and a Combination Square

These two tools fall into the same group as their purpose is to ensure precision. If you are looking for something that can cover all DIY projects then you need a long tape measure, think 35 feet with a sturdy hook which can firmly grip to any corners.  A combination square, apart from being able to form both 90 and 45-degree angles, also has a level,so it is a multipurpose tool.
Tape measure

Set of Screwdrivers

A screwdriver has an obvious purpose of screwing and unscrewing. Due to the variety and sizes of actual screws, you need proper tools to handle them. Opting for a multipurpose tool, in this case, would be a space-saver in your toolbox and it will keep it well organized. There is a fascinating choice of multi-bit screwdrivers and sets, with some of which you can go as far as calling them beautiful. Perhaps the most functional set is the one which contains flat, Phillips, socket, hex key, and torx bits of all sizes along with the adapter. These screwdrivers can be manual, battery-powered, or electric.


A set of wrenches or a wrench is used for loosening and tightening bolts and nuts. Similarly to screwdrivers, they also come in different sizes which is exactly why you will need a set. Alternatively, you can purchase an adjustable wrench. One side of the jaw on this tool is adjustable and thus can be set to fit various sizes. They can often be used to replace clamps.


Once again, you are very likely to need a set of these. They vary in shape depending on their purpose,and you never know when you will need one. You may often be tempted to use them in place of a wrench, however, though they are also used to provide a firm grip, their shape is not exactly adjusted,and your hand may sleep,or you may damage something.

Staple Gun

This is another particularly useful DIY tool. You may not think it is essential, but if you consider it to be as easy as duct-taping but on a higher level, you may change your mind.
To begin with, you can do with a handheld gun. You can use it for a variety of purposes such as reupholstering, carpentry, decorating, maintenance etc.
A staple gun

A staple gun

If you are a DIYer who enjoys building and making things rather than simple fixes, you willbe in need of a quality circular saw. A combination handsaw should be sufficient for making simple cuts,and you can also use it to trim your trees. However, if you are looking to find the right tool which can also do the finer cuts, you should get a mini circular saw. This mini versioncould get you through most home DIY projects. It is lightweight and easy to use. Since there are many to choose out of, select the one which can cut through most materials and has an ergonomic shape which makes it easy to use with one hand.
Circular saw


We were tempted to mention the drill in the screwdriver section. However, the tool is valuable enough to deserve its own spot on the list. You can use a drill to make holes, but you can also add driver bits to it and use it as a powerful electric screwdriver. Also, you can use wire brush bits to remove rust and paint from metal objects. They can be corded and cordless. Cordless ones are, by rule, smaller, lighter and more convenient to use due to the absence of cord. However, if most of your DIY is done in your garage, you might as well get a corded drill. They are often cheaper than their cordless equivalents and can do the work just as well.


This is a power tool used for smoothing different surfaces. It removes the top layer from a surface, and is particularly useful in preparation for painting, as it can quickly remove old paint. While its abrasiveness depends on the type of sandpaper you use with it, this is usually the first choice for wooden objects, whereas grinders and wire brushes are more frequently used for items made of metal.
A sander

Paint Sprayer

Paint sprayers are designed to make paint jobs easier, particularly the large-scale ones. The idea behind them is to get an even distribution of paint, quickly and the look of as if it had been done by professional painters and not DIY. The tool is extremely useful if you know how to use it properly and if you purchase the right one.

A utility knife and a multi-tool

The common quality of these two tools is that you may need them anywhere and they are used for a variety of tiny purposes. Anyone can benefit from having them around, from a housewife opening a mason jar, to an advanced DIYer.

As your DIY experience grows, so will your appetites for more challenging projects. At that point, you may wish you had additional, more specific tools. However, until that moment comes, consider the proposed content for your toolbox. Once you have the right tools in place, the range of things you can do will increase significantly. The tools will also make your work easier and more enjoyable.

Steven Clarke - guest writer

Steven Clarke

Guest Writer
Steven Clarke is a DIY/home improvement enthusiast and a regular contributor to several reputable websites. His areas of expertise are landscaping, gardening, home decor, interior and exterior design. When not working on new projects, he likes to spend time with his daughter in the great outdoors.