Proper Way to Set Up a Bandsaw Infographic
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If you are the type of person that prefers precision and you are always after flawless results, here is a fast tutorial how you can set up a band saw for the finest results every time. There are a few steps that you need to go through in order to get the best of your band saw.

There are even different techniques how you can do this. The most important thing to understand is that the final result will greatly depend on the set up. If you do not do it properly, you might fail and that is not an option.

Blade Alignment

The first thing you need to do is install the blade. Make sure that the blade is secured on the wheels by applying enough tension. Then, align the blade by using the tracking adjustment. You can do that easily by turning the wheel by hand and see if the deepest gullet part lines up with the top wheel center.

Do Not Ignore the Tenon Meter

The biggest reason why most bandsaws are inaccurate notoriously is that woodworkers do not know how to tension the blade. They constantly ignore the tenon meter. Remember, do not push too hard but rather adjust the amount of pressure and monitor the blade tracking.

Side Guides Location

Both the bottom and top guides need to be adjusted because you will want to avoid the contact of the cutting teeth with the side guides. This is paramount for precision and efficiency. It is crucial that the guides be close to the blade without touching. That means that they should not move with the blade until the pressure is applied. Make sure you set them correctly!

Adjust the Thrust Bearings

The thrust bearings should not rotate with the movement of the blade so adjust them very carefully. They should rotate only when light pressure is applied. That will require some of your time but it is recommended that you get through it in the proper way and this adjustment needs to be done to both the bottom and top guides. When it comes to how to set up a bandsaw, this is absolutely crucial.

The Table and The Fence

A known fact is if the blade slides in the cut slot easily, the table is 90 degrees to the blade. If you want to do any woodwork properly, you will need to make sure that the table is adjusted. You can do that by performing a simple test. To make sure that the test is completely accurate, pick a wider board. The fence has to be aligned parallel with the blade body. That can also be easily done with a ruler. If your ruler is long enough, you can align the fence using nothing more than your eyes.

Perform a Test

Once you complete the overall set up, the only thing left now is to perform a test to make sure that everything is in place. There is no room for any mistakes. If something’s not working as it should, retrace your steps and correct the mistake.