5 Right Angle Drills Usage Benefits Infographic
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Most people have never heard about the right angle drill because it’s a specialized tool you can’t find in everyone’s toolbox. People are not aware of this small but super-handy tool that can really help you finish up many jobs a standard drill can’t. Here are the five benefits you get by using a right angle drill.

1. Tight Spaces

The idea behind the right angle drill is to be able to access tight spaces where a regular drill can’t fit. It’s ideal for all kinds of carpentry, and plumbing jobs, because it makes things much easier. You can make holes in hard to reach places with ease.

Most people buy this product because of this reason. If you find yourself working on a project where the conventional drill is useless, the right angle drills benefits come in play.

2. Torque

These drills usually have 3-speed motors that provide as much torque as you need to get most jobs done. That means that their performance is often better than what standard drills offer, which is a huge plus.

Not only that, the multi-speed setting prolongs the lifespan of the motor. If the material you are working on is tough, increase the speed of the rotation of the drill to avoid burnt bits or motor overheating.

3. Versatility

Some of these devices are made so they can be used as regular drills too. You just have to remove the drive head and use the chuck as a standard drill. So, that means that you won’t even need a normal drill, you can do everything with this attachment. It costs more, but it’s worth it.

Other models work only as right angle drills, so you can’t really use them for everything. But, even so, many jobs and projects are impossible to finish without this little tool. The best thing you can do is replace your old drill with a new model that can work both ways.

4. Extensions

If you use extensions with your right angle drill, you will be able to reach some impossible spaces. Of course, you can use extensions on most standard drills, but you won’t be able to reach those trickiest spots.

Extensions can be up to 30 inches long, and that can make a massive difference when you’re working in a tight attic. To make the long story short – this device will be able to help you drastically lower the time you need to finish tricky jobs.

5. Comfort

Right angle drills come with a side handle that gives the user more control, a better grip, and a trigger that twists, which gives it a wide area of application. Put in simple terms, this drill can help you reach many places where a standard drill won’t fit.

If you are working on a project that gives you headaches, the design of this device will definitely make things easier. You will have to use both hands in order to operate it correctly, but that’s no problem because the drill does everything else in a matter of seconds.