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Portable jump starters are good to have because they can help you in difficult situations, but many people think that they are overrated. They say that jumper cables work just fine and that there is no need to spend money on a device such as this.

There are certain situations where this device would come in handy, but still, most people think they are just too expensive. If your car battery runs out on the road, this could save you a lot of hassle. So, here are the five reasons why you need this device in your car.

1. No need to ask for anyone’s help

The biggest and most obvious benefit of having a jump starter is starting your car when the batteries die. This can happen to you at any time and any place. With a jump starter, you won’t have to ask for a stranger’s help, and you won’t need another car to jump start yours again. The device fits in the trunk and you can take it out and use it whenever the situation presents itself, without having to rely on others.

2. You can use it anywhere

When jump starting a car, positioning is everything. For example, if your car stops working in the garage, it will be hard to clamp it to another car because there is not enough room. Well, with a jump starter, you don’t need any space to start your car. It’s a small compact device that can give you the desired results no matter where you are located.

3. Safer and easier to use than booster cables

Using booster cables requires two connections with another car battery, which means that there are twice as many possible issues you can encounter. Connect the clamps wrong and you put yourself and both vehicles in danger. Sparks will fly and that can ignite gasses and destroy your battery or even worse, your vehicle. The electronics are also in danger and if they are damaged, the repair can cost a fortune. Having a jump starter on hand will save you all the hassle and your vehicle will be up and running in a matter or minutes.

4. Damaging the host vehicle

Even if you connect your vehicle to the host vehicle correctly, the host vehicle still has to push more power than usual in order to start your car. If the wiring in your car doesn’t work properly, the starting process could push the other vehicle’s electronics too far. That way, the both of you will have to wait for another vehicle to help you out, but the dangers will still be present.

5. Booster cables are too risky for modern vehicles

Using booster cables to start up a car is a thing of the past. Today, vehicles use sophisticated electronics and onboard computers that could stop working if you use booster cables. The increased voltage could damage the electronic components and cause even more damage.

Removing the booster cables is as dangerous as connecting them, so you should definitely think about getting a jump starter. Better to be safe than sorry.