How to Use a Drill Press Safely Infographic
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Power tools have completely changed the way we look at tough jobs. They make many tasks much easier, but they can also make them more dangerous. That’s why safety should be of everyone’s highest concern.

But, to operate a drill press safely, you have to know a couple of things first. We made this short guide to help you understand the basic drill press safety tips you should always stick to, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are. So, here are some basic rules that tell you how to use a drill press safely.

1. Know What You are Doing Before You Start

These machines are fun to use, and they can do a lot of different things, but, you should know your device before using it. Always inspect the machine and consulate the owner’s manual before turning it on. Even better, find someone who has experience with such a machine and ask him for help.

2. Always Wear Safety Goggles

Safety goggles are a must when working with these machines. In most cases, you might be ok without them, but only one little mistake and you can end up losing an eye. No matter what you’re doing, always wear some protective eye-wear.

3. Inspect the Machine Before Each Use

Most accidents are caused by small, little things most of us don’t even consider. To prevent that, do a quick inspection of the drill for any damage. Remove the chuck key before turning the power on. If you see any problems, make sure to fix them before using the machine.

4. Use the Best Techniques

Youtube could help you here. You can find many tutorial videos of the best practices used on a drill press. Always make sure that your workpiece is secured in place to prevent it from hitting you. Clamps are good for the job.

5. Wear the Right Clothes

By this, we mean that you should wear work clothes that won’t get caught by the spindle. Also, you should always keep the guard in front of you. Avoid wearing jewelry, gloves, or anything else that can cause problems. If you have long hair, wear a helmet at all times.

6. Operate It cautiously

Your drill press needs to be on the center of the table to prevent tipping. Set the drilling depth correctly to avoid making holes in your worktable. You can also put a piece of wood underneath your workpiece, as a precaution.

Try to use the recommended spindle speeds while working the drill. If you are not sure what speed to use, use the lower setting. If you misjudge the speed of the spindle, you could end up with a broken drill tip, or a burnt workpiece. The workpiece could also fly off the table and hurt someone. If you decide that you want to change the speed, turn the machine off first, don’t do it on the go.

7. Use the Best Drilling Practices

If you plan on making deep holes, raise the bit after every couple of seconds to allow the chips to get out of the hole. That will prolong the life of your drill. If it gets stuck in the hole, turn the machine off and then raise the bit. Always keep a brush on hand to clear any debris from the workspace. Shut the power off when you want to clean the machine.

If you have an issue with your machine, don’t use it. Fix the problem first, or you could end up with even bigger problems.

8. Wear a Mask

Spending a lot of time on the drill press can cause issues you didn’t think of. The tiny wooden chips make their way into the air, you breathe them in and get pulmonary issues. Wear a protective mask and turn the ventilation on if you have it.

9. Listen to Your Machine

If you hear that your machine makes sounds it shouldn’t, turn it off and fix the problem.

These are the basic rules that tell you how to use a drill press safely. Follow them and avoid any problems that this powerful unit can cause.