Black & Decker KR604CRESK Review

Black & Decker KR604CRESK

Editor Rating: 4.4/5


Black & Decker KR604CRESK Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: March 12, 2018

Last modified: Aug 19, 2022 @ 1:35 am

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Black & Decker KR604 Review Summary:

Ever since it was founded over a century ago, Black & Decker has been manufacturing some of America’s finest power tools – their products are held in high regard by many handymen. This is especially true for their hammer drills, which is exactly why we decided to test their KR604CRESK model.

The Black & Decker KR604CRESK is a corded hammer drill that offers versatility and user comfort at an incredibly affordable price. The model certainly doesn’t look cheap – instead, it looks like a premium hammer drill, and it’s even packed with a number of features that are normally reserved for the more expensive models.

For that and other reasons, we’ll take a closer look at this unit and try to find out if its low cost has had an adverse effect on its efficiency and durability. Join us – let’s do it together!


  • Weight – 3.52lbs
  • Dimensions – 13.6″ x 4.52″ x 4.52″
  • Blows per Minute – 0-47,600 BPM
  • Wattage – 600 watts
  • Voltage – 240 volts

Black & Decker KR604CRESK – The Basics

Introduced back in 2011, the Black & Decker KR604CRESK offers hammer action that’s suitable for drilling into dense materials, such as masonry. The thing that makes this possible is its variable speed motor that’s capable of achieving almost 50,000 BPM, which is more than impressive for a device in this price category.

Even though it’s affordable, the model sports an ergonomic design and it is lightweight enough to be easily used for hours. It also features a high-quality keyless chuck (always a big plus if you ask us), a spindle lock that allows easy bit changing, as well as the rubber handle which is of great help when it comes to completing difficult drilling tasks.

All of this makes the KR604CRESK a very tempting offer, so let’s get into the features:


The Features

The Design

Just like we expected, this hammer drill features an ergonomic design, very similar to the other Black & Decker drills of the same type. It sports the signature red and black color combination, weighing only 3.52 pounds and thus removing the risk of hand cramps during the long drilling sessions. The entire construction looks quite durable and not like something that will fall apart after the first accidental drop.

To make the handling even easier, Black & Decker included a rubber handle. Its job is to give the user greater control over the drilling process, and we can confirm that it works just as advertised – it fits great into the hand and certainly helps one achieve accurate depths.



The heart of the device is the 600W motor which provides powerful hammer action that’s guaranteed to help you with any task at work or home. Its maximum capacities are 13mm in masonry, 12mm in steel, and 20mm in wood. The drill features a keyless chuck, so you won’t have to worry about frustrations that come with a chuck key that can easily get lost.

There’s also the two-finger trigger, a reverse brush system, a 3-meter cable, as well as the spindle lock that makes bit changing a lot easier.

Warranty & Accessories

The KR604CRESK comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee, which is a standard for the product made by Black & Decker. Along with the drill itself, you’ll also be getting a nice carrying case – it’s sturdy and very convenient if you’re always on the move.

Black and Decker Hammer Drill Top View



Excellent value


Highly effective


User comfort well-considered


Carrying case



Corded – movement is restricted


Not the best variable speed controls


Things we liked about it

There are plenty of things to like about this hammer drill. First of all, it is incredibly affordable and therefore suitable for anyone’s budget, proving that it’s entirely possible to get a branded model for a low sum of money. It sports an ergonomic, easy-to-operate design that will be appreciated by everyone, especially by the people who have to use the drill on a daily basis.

We liked that the device is quite capable of dealing with a variety of materials, as it features the combination of a powerful 600W motor and a high-quality keyless chuck. We also liked that it comes with a convenient carrying case – getting one along with the drill is starting to become a rarity.


Things we didn’t like

As you can see from the pictures, the KR604CRESK is a corded model. Of course, this brings a number of advantages, but also one major disadvantage – it restricts your movement. The model comes with a 3-meter long cable, which is pretty disappointing and won’t give you the full freedom of movement.

Even though the speed is variable here, controlling it isn’t as easy as it should be. In most cases, it’s all or nothing, making us think that the precision controls would have been a better solution here.

As for the minor complaints, we didn’t like that the drill is quite unsuitable for mixing concrete. On the other hand, that’s a pretty good reminder that it’s designed for non-professional use and that’s how it should be treated.

What Users Say About The Black & Decker KR604

Although they have a few minor complaints, the users are generally quite pleased with the efficiency and durability of this drill. They’re saying that it’s a highly versatile tool that offers a good value for the money, calling the KR604CRESK yet another great product from Black & Decker.

The thing that everyone’s talking about is the amount of user comfort. For a device in this price category, the KR604CRESK provides an excellent grip and is lightweight enough to be used for hours.


It’s not flawless, but it gets the job done – it’s as simple as that. The Black & Decker KR604CRESK is, in our opinion, a fantastic drill, especially when we consider the low cost that it comes at. For an affordable price, you’ll be getting a hammer drill that’s guaranteed to assist you with a variety of jobs around the house.

It’s not the best choice if you have an entire house to build, but it should be sufficient enough to cope with simple masonry tasks. As such, the KR604CRESK deserves our recommendation.

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