Central Pneumatic 3/8 Reversible Air Drill Review

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Editor Rating: 4.0/5
Central Pneumatic 3/8 Reversible Air Drill Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: March 6, 2018


  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Central Pneumatic 3/8 Review Summary:

Have you ever heard about Central Pneumatic? This lesser-known company manufactures a wide range of tools, such as the spray guns, air staplers, air sanders, paint shakers, angle grinders, and a myriad of other home improvement products. They also manufacture air-operated angle drills – the Central Pneumatic 3/8″ Reversible Air Angle Drill is one of them.

The reason why we decided to take a closer look at this model is its price. Falling into the category of reasonably-priced angle drills, this affordable unit offers some pretty interesting features that left us quite surprised. It’s a sturdy, well-made model that’s capable of assisting you with a wide range of drilling operations.

To find out its value for the money, we’ll analyze it in detail and help you determine if it’s worth considering for purchase. If you’re in a market for a cheap angle drill, read on!


  • Weight – 2.65lbs
  • Dimensions – 9.4″ x 4.7″ x 2″
  • Chuck Size – 3/8″
  • Max Speed – 1,800 RPM
  • Voltage – 12 volts

Central Pneumatic 3/8 – The Basics

Like all other angle drills we’ve reviewed so far, this one has also been designed for work in tight spots and confined areas. The thing that makes this possible is the model’s low-profile angled head, as well as the aluminum alloy housing that makes the device lightweight and easy to maneuver with.

As the name suggests, the model sports a 3/8″ keyed chuck (precision-ground), as well as the standard paddle switch and a planetary gear drive. With the maximum speed of 1,800 RPM, you’ll be able to use this drill on all kinds of surfaces – whether you’re a professional contractor or just a DIY enthusiast.

In the next part of the review, we’ll see everything about the unit’s design and power. Does it offer a good value for the money? Read on and find out!

The Features

The Design

Sporting a simple metallic color, this angle drill features a ball-bearing construction and the aluminum alloy housing. As you can already guess, this makes it incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver with – prolonged working sessions won’t leave you with painful cramps in hands. Reaching tight spaces is easy thanks to the unit’s low-profile angled head, which is similar to the ones on most other models we’ve reviewed so far and works just as advertised.

During our testing period, we’ve concluded that the drill’s housing is quite durable, although not as much as on the more expensive models. It’ll do the trick – just try not to drop it from a height or to use the model for heavy-duty jobs.


The CP 3/8″ uses an air-powered motor that’s capable of achieving the speed of 1,800 RPM. Its air consumption stands at 4 CFM (when used at 90 PSI), which is average for this type of angle drills. The fact that the drill is reversible will allow you to use it for driving screws and bolts, while its paddle switch lets one modulate the speed required for the workpiece at hand.

All of this will be more than enough when it comes to most drilling jobs at home, garage, or in the shop.

Warranty & Accessories

The warranty period for this unit is quite disappointing – the Central Pneumatic covered it with only 90-days of (limited) warranty. However, we were quite pleased to find leather work gloves inside the box – they’re one-size-fits-all and look quite durable.

Central Pneumatic Box Kit


Lightweight and easy to maneuver
Great for tight areas
Reasonable price
Work gloves included in the package


Short warranty period
Not for heavy-duty jobs

Things we liked about it

Even though it certainly isn’t the best drill of this type we’ve reviewed so far, the Central Pneumatic 3/8” surprised us with its affordability and ease of operation. One of the best things about it is its low weight (only 2.65 pounds) which will be of great help when it comes to getting to those hard-to-reach spots. The weight makes the unit very easy to operate with, and that’s always a big plus when it comes to angle drills.

The fact that it comes at an affordable price is yet another advantage. Its low cost makes it suitable for anyone’s budget and is precisely why we predict a bright future for it. Furthermore, we were pleased to find a pair of quality work gloves in the package – it’s a pretty nice gesture from Central Pneumatic and one that deserves praise.


Things we didn’t like

Unfortunately, the fact that CP 3/8″ falls into the category of affordable angle drills comes together with a couple of disadvantages. The first among them is that the unit is not suitable for the really heavy-duty jobs – avoid those if don’t want your drill to break at first use.

We were also quite displeased with the unit’s short warranty period. Ninety days of limited warranty is completely insufficient and guaranteed to cause people to question the drill’s durability. One can easily find angle drills with a 1-year warranty in the same price category (without the gloves, though).

What Users Say About The Central Pneumatic 3/8

Just like we expected, the thing that the users love the most about this drill is its price. It’s an affordable air-operated angle drill that’s suitable for anyone’s budget – you won’t have to spend hundreds of bucks to get something that works just as advertised.

However, this also brings a couple of disadvantages. A few consumers were displeased with the unit’s air consumption, a (very) short warranty, and its limitations when it comes to drilling through dense materials.


In conclusion, we think that the Central Pneumatic 3/8” Reversible Air Drill offers a pretty good value for the money. The combination of low weight and a low-profile angled head is sure to assist you with drilling at weird angles, while the paddle switch and the reversible motor make the unit quite flexible and versatile.

Even though it’s not the best choice for the heavy-duty jobs and it comes with a short warranty period, the CP 3/8″ is a nice little air-operated drill that’s definitely worth considering for purchase.

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