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Fluke 179/EDA2

Reviewed by: Glen Fisher
Published on: May 24, 2018
Last modified: September 28, 2022

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Fluke 179 Review Summary:

Noted for its unmatched accuracy and extra functions, the Fluke 179 is one of the company’s best multimeters yet. This is a True RMS model and as such a perfect choice for troubleshooting both in the industry and around the house. In the following paragraphs, we’ll take a closer look at the features of this gadget and try to find out its value for the money. We’ll check out its features, such as accuracy and build quality, and also try to determine which group of users it is targeting. Read on!

The Fluke 179 True Rms Multimeter Basics

The central star of this kit, Fluke 179, is a well-built digital multimeter that looks and works just as advertised. It sports all the ranges one needs to perform measurements and runs admirably no matter the circumstances. As we said, this is a True RMS model, and that’s not vague claim – it’s accurate enough to be used in an industrial environment. Furthermore, the device sports a premium build quality, automatic and manual ranging, input protection, and a display with backlighting. All of its measurement functions and clearly labeled, so it’s very easy to use it – one doesn’t need extensive technical knowledge to figure out how Fluke 179 works.

Fluke 179 Features

The Display

This model has received very good feedback for its screen, and we can easily see why. Even though it’s not the best one we’ve ever seen, the display of Fluke 179 is quite sharp and has excellent backlighting. It clearly shows the range you’re currently in, as well all of the useful icons, like the over-voltage or low battery. Furthermore, the screen also shows a convenient analog-like 33-segment bar graph, which is very quick and can update the info 40 times per second.

The Accessories

The multimeter is just one part of this kit – along with it, you’ll also get a pre-installed 9V battery, the test leads, a thermocouple (Type-K), as well as the user manual.

True RMS

The Fluke 179 is a True RMS DMM, and as such allows it users to successfully and accurately measure even the most obscure waveforms (like those produced by inverters). Doing this with cheap knock-offs is simply impossible, as they leave you with a discrepancy of 10% and inaccurate measurements.

In fact, the model is well-suited for working with drives and motors, as it features a smoothing mode that easily takes care of noisy signals. Its auto-ranging is fast and provides rapid results, with the user being able to switch to manual ranging whenever he wants. The model allows measuring voltage range, current range, frequency, capacitance, temperature, milliamps, and millivolts.

The Design

This device is one of Fluke’s most well-built models, as it’s capable of withstanding a lot of abuse and works without problems in even the harshest conditions. It has an integrated rubber holster that protects the internal components from damage in case of an accidental drop. The device also has a look that’s quite pleasing to the eye – narrow lower part, slight necking in the middle, and the combination of Fluke’s signature colors turn it into a truly gorgeous piece of measuring equipment.

The Safety

When it comes to safety, this DMM is rated CAT III up to 1000V and CAT IV up to 600V. In other words, the unit is more than capable of withstanding 8000V transients, like the lightning strikes and surges from motors. Unlike the cheap knock-offs, the Fluke 179 won’t explode into hundreds of pieces when faced with a massive surge. The model is also protected with fuses on its current inputs, and it also sports a probe lead alert system that warns the user in case he plugs into the wrong input.

Features of Fluke 179 multimiter

Who Can Use The Fluke 179?

In our opinion, this model is a suitable choice for HVAC technicians. It possesses all the necessary functions that an experienced commercial electrician needs in order to perform his job successfully. Due to the fact that it’s very easy to operate, the unit can also be used by electronics hobbyists. All of its functions are clearly labeled, and the dial has only eight positions, so it’s pretty easy to figure out how everything works.






Highly accurate


Durable design


Easy to operate


Comes with handy accessories



Not the best display


A bit expensive

What We Didn’t Like

While it’s undoubtedly one of the best devices of this type on the market, the Fluke 179 comes with a couple of downsides. In our opinion, the biggest one is the display, which, although it works great, certainly isn’t the best one we’ve seen so far. When looked upon from certain angles, the screen loses contrast and becomes very hard to read. This is something we’re used to when it comes to Fluke measuring devices, and we think that the manufacturer really needs to fix this in future iterations. Our only other complaint is the price – some users might find the cost of this kit a bit too steep.


What Users Say About The Fluke 179?

The users are quite pleased with this kit, praising the Fluke 179’s accuracy and durability. They’re claiming that the unit is the most reliable digital multimeter they have owned so far and that it’s an integral part of their workshops. Those who used cheaper DMM’s before say that there is a world of difference between them and Fluke 179, since the model is very intuitive to use and provides precise measurements no matter the working conditions. They’re particularly pleased with the model’s ability to measure voltage range up to 1000V.


Various measuring devices come with their own sets of features and at different prices, but the reality is that this model is one of the best – it’s loved by electronics hobbyists and professional technicians alike. The reasons are obvious – it’s a product of incredible quality, sporting a design that withstands any kind of abuse and accuracy that allows troubleshooting a wide array of electronics components.

The Fluke 179/EDA2 combo kit is one of the best digital multimeters that money can buy today.

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