Klein MM600 Multimeter Review

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Klein MM600 Multimeter

Reviewed by: Sean Masri

Last modified: Jul 21, 2022 @ 3:09 pm

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Klein MM600 Review Summary:

Klein Tools proclaims its self-designed multimeter, the Klein Tools MM600 HVAC multimeter, is made “by electricians for electricians.” It’s a low-budget meter, equipped with innovative, time-saving features that can be used in light industrial locations, businesses, and at home. 

This automatic ranging digital handheld multimeter measures up to 10A AC/DC current, 1000V AC/DC voltage, and 40M resistance. It is also capable of measuring temperatures, frequency, capacitance, continuity. Need to measure test diodes and duty cycle as well? The Klein MM600 can do it.

Klein Tools is a US company that is well-known for their meters and other quality tools. The company has been designing premium quality handheld tools for six decades. It has made the list of the Best Multimeters Under $100, but how does the Klein Tools MM600 HVAC Multimeter hold up?

MM600 Pros:

Well-known brand.
Also measures temperature, frequency, and continuity.
Built tough enough to endure a drop of 6.6 feet (2m).
Backlit screen.


Magnetic strip not included.
Lower quality than a Fluke.
Slow reading when measuring continuity.

Features and Benefits of the Klein MM600

With years of extensive field research and input from electricians across America, this tool should have all the right features a multimeter needs to be equipped with. But does its full-featured design improve the quality and functionality?

Time to break it down and put each feature to the test.

Voltage & Current

The MM600 can measure up to 1000V AC/DC voltage. For current it can measure up to 10A AC/DC, which is perfect for an electronic hobbyist, such as myself, to use around the house and at my store. With that said, many meters have auto-sensing on the voltage setting. The MM600, on the other hand, automatically sets to AC and to switch over to DC you have to press the “SEL” button. It would be helpful if it had the option to set the default or to automatically detect between the two.


Along with its ability to read voltage, current, capacitance, frequency, continuity, diode testing, and continuity, it also reads the temperature. You can choose to display °F or °C by clicking the ‘SEL’ button to switch options.

Design & Durability

I was very impressed with the design of the Klein MM600. Everything is well built and doesn’t feel cheap at all. It is built with strong heavy plastic surrounded by a chunky rubber casing. I have dropped it a few times and it still works, and doesn’t show any damage. Durability? Check. 

The dial movement is crisp and doesn’t feel loose. It comes with a big display screen that is easy to read. There’s also a bright backlight that makes it convenient to work in areas that aren’t well lit. It’s supplied with quality probes and attachable alligator clips, making it easy to switch between clamping or probing something. 

It has a place on the back to hold the probes when they are not in use. The battery box compartment is easily accessible, making it convenient and simple to change the batteries and replace the fuses. There is also a low battery indicator which is a useful feature. A nylon bag is included, to store the meter and accessories away from dust.


The Klein multimeter MM600 has a CAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V safety rating. It is equipped with high rupturing capacity fuses, allowing it to control a short circuit and heavy current for some time.

It is perfect to use in low voltage environments and designed for testing on the primary supply source. I find this to be true and have never had any problems using it around my house. Its CAT III rating allows me to use it on the lighting system in my store. However, it probably won’t suit someone looking to measure higher voltages.

What Users Say About The Klein Mulitimeter MM600

I find the Klein MM600 the perfect fit for me and it lives up to everything that it is supposed to. This should be the choice multimeter if you are in the market for a meter under $100.

However, what are other users saying about it?

Before purchasing, I did extensive research and after reading numerous reviews, this is what I gathered. Although there were a handful of negative comments from users, I would say 95 percent of feedback was positive and almost all users were satisfied with their purchase.

Users raved about the quality of the build and the included accessories, such as the alligator clamp attachments.

There were a few complaints about it not being very user friendly and some compared it negatively with the Fluke.

Alternatives to Klein MM600 Multimeter

Perhaps you are curious about some other options that are available. Before you make up your mind — let’s take a look at a few.

Amprobe AM-530

Not far from the Klein MM600, the Amprobe offers great quality for a good price. It does incorporate features that the Klein lacks, which may be exactly what you are looking for.

  • Brighter LCD screen and bar graph display.
  • Data hold function helps store the last readings.
  • Auto-sensing allows the tool to identify the input and set up the correct mode.

Fluke 101

For those who would prefer a Fluke meter but are still on a tight budget, you’re in luck with this one. With a named brand and attractive price, the Fluke 101 delivers.

  • Lightweight and less bulky than the MM600.
  • Data hold function helps store the last readings.
  • Desired Fluke brand.

Mastech MS8209

This auto-ranging multimeter comes packed with a little more punch. It is equipped with additional functions that can carry out various current-related measurements.

  • Selectable auto/manual ranging
  • Bright LCD screen
  • Also measures sound, light, and humidity


The Klein MM600 is the ideal alternative to an expensive Fluke when your budget is tight. It has many great features and functionality, with a durable design. I give the Klein Tools MM600 HVAC Multimeter a high five, and it will remain one of my favorite go-to meters.

Klein Tools MM600 HVAC Multimeter FAQs

Q: What Kind of Warranty Comes With the MM600?

The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty.

Q: How Long Is the Recommended Recovery Time for the Klein MM600 After Measuring Amperage?

For currents greater than 6A, the manufacturer recommends a measurement time of 30 seconds, followed by 10 minutes of recovery time.

Q: Does the MM600 Measure AC Millivolts?

Yes, it goes down into the millivolts range.

Q: What Accessories are Included in the MM600 Purchase?

Including accessories are a soft nylon case, probes, alligator clamps, fuses, batteries, test leads, and thermocouple.

Q: What Temperature Range can the Klein MM600 Measure?

The temperature range is 0 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 to +538 degrees Celsius).

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The owner of ToolNerds.com, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn commission by advertising and linking ToolNerds.com reviews to Amazon products, but not limited to Amazon.com.

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