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Kaiweets HT118A

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Kaiweets Digital Multimeter

Reviewed by: Sean Masri

Last modified: Apr 2, 2023 @ 10:35 pm

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Kaiweets Multimeter Review Summary:

Versatile, perfect for novices, yet packed with pro-level features — the Kaiweets Digital Multimeter is an ideal unit for the user who demands a comprehensive machine, but at an affordable price point.

Safety rated for CAT III 1000 volts and CAT IV 600 volts, it’s as suitable for contractor-grade HVAC applications as it is for home battery testing and automotive applications.

A large 2.9-inch backlit LCD screen, incorporating a bar graph, provides clear data feedback, while audible and visual cues alert you to live wires — adding a reassuring level of safety.

This multimeter can check voltage, continuity, resistance, frequency, capacitance, and temperature — unusual on a budget machine. Furthermore, a data hold feature that stores minimum, maximum, and average readings means you don’t need a pen and paper to note down your diagnostics.

The auto-ranging system makes the unit ideal for the novice — no pre-knowledge of resistance or capacitance is required. Additionally, a robust silicone casing, double ceramic fuse, and an anti-burn system provide reassuring protection to both the machine and, most importantly, you.

This unit hails from Kaiweets — a China-based brand that specializes in electrical testing and measuring equipment. This HT118A model is the flagship tool in its multimeter line-up — comparable in function to the impressive Craftsman 82141 — but at a more competitive price.


Large 2.9-inch display.
Measures both AC and DC.
Incorporates a rear flashlight.
Rated to 1000 volts.
Anti-burn safety feature.
Silicone casing to shield against knocks.
Data hold.
Minimum, maximum, and average readings.


Relatively short probes.
Fails to remember whether you last used AC or DC.
Replacing the batteries is challenging.
Cannot turn off the ‘beep’ feature.
Dim flashlight.

Features and Benefits of the Kaiweets Digital Multimeter

The manufacturer indicates that this machine is designed for both electricians and home-users alike. Time to check out the details and discover whether it’s a real live wire, or a disappointing short circuit.


An invaluable feature for the novice user, this intuitive function takes the hassle out of multimeter setup.

The auto-ranging system self detects the correct range for voltage, capacitance, and resistance without the headache of manual control (but if you’re a pro, you can switch this feature off).

For example, unless you understand the color bandings on resistors— you’ll have no idea whether to set your multimeter to 0 to 200, 200 to 2k, or 2k-20k ohms. Thankfully, the auto-range calculates this for you — basically, electronics for dummies.

Temperature Facility

Unusual on a budget-end machine, the temperature measuring facility of the Kaiweets is as useful for the pro as it is for the casual home electrical enthusiast.

Able to assess heat levels from -4 through to 1832 degrees Fahrenheit, this feature is useful for applications such as:

  • Checking the running temperature of automotive engines.
  • Ensuring PCB’s aren’t too hot — extending the longevity of internal chips.
  • Exploring the efficiency of HVAC machines.
  • Confirming the safe function of lithium-ion cells.

Short circuits, incorrectly-rated capacitors, or inadequate resistors can all lead to overheating — damaging equipment and being a possible safety hazard. A quick temperature measurement can reveal issues — without having to check every component.

Multitude of Applications

Although pocket-friendly — the Kaiweets Multimeter Digital doesn’t scrimp on applications.

Safety-rated for CAT III 1000 volts and CAT IV 600 volts, this machine can be used for HVAC projects. However, if you’re not a professional air-con engineer, this unit is equally as happy in the home detailing battery charge levels, locating short circuits, and troubleshooting automotive wiring issues.

It can test:

  • Resistance.
  • Continuity.
  • Frequency.
  • Capacitance.
  • Diode function.
  • Current.
  • Temperature.

Data Hold

The Multimeter Kaiweets boasts a data hold feature — allowing you to store your test-readings at the touch of a button — including maximum, minimum, and average information. This means you’re not left searching around for a pen and paper while in your garage — or having to remember the data in your head.
It is perfect to use in low voltage environments and designed for testing on the primary supply source. I find this to be true and have never had any problems using it around my house. Its CAT III rating allows me to use it on the lighting system in my store. However, it probably won’t suit someone looking to measure higher voltages.

Safety and Durability

The Kaiweets machine incorporates a double-insulated silicone casing — meaning that should you accidentally drop the multimeter (and that will happen at some time), it’s shielded from damaging impacts.

A double ceramic fuse, anti-burn system, and a thermistor circuit ensure that any unintentional overloads don’t harm your machine — or more importantly — you. And, if your testing tips come into contact with a live wire — the unit delivers both audible and visual warnings.

What’s more, should your work involve being in dimly lit areas — such as inside a car engine bay, in the basement, or inside a cupboard — you’ll appreciate that the Kaiweets incorporates a rear flashlight.

Easy-to-Read Display

Misreading your multimeter can be a costly error — mistaking 35 volts as 3.5 volts can lead to damaged equipment and a nasty shock for you (ok, depending on the current).

Hence, it’s pleasing to see that the Kaiweets Digital Electrical Tester boasts a substantial 6000-count LCD screen. This 2.9-inch display provides clear data feedback — including backlighting for poorly lit conditions.

Additional Features

The unit comes complete with two AA batteries — meaning once out of the box, you can crack on immediately with your electrical work. And, as for the first couple of days, you’ll be so excited that you’ll be testing anything with a wire — you may appreciate the unit comes with a low-battery indicator and auto shut-off feature.

The rear of the device incorporates a kickstand — allowing you to position the unit on your workbench, leaving you two hands free to manipulate the testing leads. That said, the ergonomic shape of the casing permits one-handed use. Furthermore, this multimeter arrives with a thermocouple, rods, and user manual.

What Users Say About The Kaiweets Multimeter

For me, this machine offers impressive flexibility at a pleasing price point. Straightforward operation and a thorough instruction manual make the unit ideal for the novice or casual user.

But, are others as impressed with this machine as me?

In order to deliver an unbiased opinion, I checked out genuine Kaiweets Multimeter reviews — to unearth what owners of this unit thought about its performance.

Reassuringly, these testimonials match my views — being overwhelmingly positive. Guys praised its temperature measuring feature, lauded the large display, and welcomed the data hold system.

Admittedly, a few owners were less than enthusiastic — criticizing the somewhat short metal probes and bemoaning the unit’s inability to recall your last AC or DC setting.

However, the vast majority were impressed by the pro-grade operation and a plethora of applications in what is a budget machine.

Alternatives to Kaiweets Digital Multimeter

If the Kaiweets HT118A multimeter isn’t sparking your electrical interest — stick with me.

Here are some alternatives that may crank up your voltage.

Klein Tools MM600

Klein MM600
Impressed by the multitude of functions provided by the Kaiweets, but want more robustness? If your electrical testing is more on the extreme side, consider this machine.

Like the HT118A, the Klein MM600 has a 1000-volt rating, data hold feature, and temperature measuring system. However, including a padded carry pouch and the ability to withstand drops from 6.6 feet — it possesses a greater level of durability than the Kaiweets.

  • Harder on the pocket than the Kaiweets.
  • USA-based brand, as opposed to the Chinese Kaiweets.
  • Smaller temp range — measures to 1000 Fahrenheit in comparison to the 1832
  • Fahrenheit of the HT118A.

Extech MN35

Extech MN35

If you find the budget Kaiweets still a little too hard on the wallet — this multimeter could be the solution.

The MN35 from Extech is ideal for the low-frequency user. While, like the Kaiweets, it can check capacity, continuity, and resistance — it has a lower voltage rating, 600 volts, as opposed to the Kaiweet’s 1000 volts — and lacks an auto-range feature. That said, it comes in at a lower price point than the HT118A.

  • Unlike the Kaiweets, it includes a carry case.
  • Doesn’t offer a backlit display, a feature of the HT118A.
  • Upper 1400 degrees Fahrenheit limit is lower than the 1832 degrees Fahrenheit of the Kaiweets.

Fluke 116

Fluke 116

Appreciate the HVAC compatibility of the Kaiweets, but you’d prefer a specialized machine? The 116 Fluke is designed for heating and air-con pros who demand the ultimate in accuracy.

This unit, unlike the Kaiweets model, provides microamps — allowing you to test flame
sensors, the most crucial (and dangerous) part of a gas heating system. Admittedly, it has lower temperature readings (752 opposed to 1832 degrees Fahrenheit) and maximum voltage (600 volts against 1000 volts) of the Kaiweets — but these specifications are more than adequate for the HVAC contractor.

  • Hails from Fluke, the multimeter specialist, compared to the relatively unknown Kaiweets.
  • Significantly harder on the pocket than the HT118A
  • Includes a carry case, the Kaiweets has no storage pouch.


If you want a contractor-grade machine but don’t want to obliterate your bank balance — this unit could be the answer.

While delivering high-end features such as temperature measuring, data hold, auto-ranging, and a 1000-volt rating — it isn’t at the premium price point concomitant to the major multimeter brands.

Furthermore, boasting a double ceramic fuse, anti-burn system, and audible warnings of live wires — it provides peace of mind. And, with an impact-resistant silicone casing, it’s shielded from the knocks and bumps that feature in frequent use.

Admittedly, there are some flaws. Surprisingly short metal probes, an inability to remember your most-used settings, and an unrelenting beep every time you turn the dial may be a downer for multimeter purists. Additionally, hailing from a relatively unknown manufacturer, customer service may be somewhat lacking.

However, if you want a remarkably versatile machine that’s cheaper than a decent night out with your buddies — I recommend checking out the Kaiweets Digital Multimeter.

Kaiweets Multimeter HT118A FAQs

Q: How Much Is the Kaiweets Multimeter?

The Kaiweets HT118A is a budget-priced machine yet with pro-grade functionality. To check out the current cost of the Kaiweets HT118A.

Q: Is the Kaiweets Multimeter Suitable for HVAC?

While the Kaiweets Digital Tester has a suitable current and voltage rating for HVAC — it lacks a microamps feature essential for flame sensors. If this application is crucial for you — check out the Fluke 116.

Q: Can the Kaiweets Digital Machine Measure Temperature?

Yes. The Kaiweets multimeter can test heat levels from -4 through to 1832 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: Is the Kaiweets HT118A Multimeter Made in the USA?

No, the Kaiweets digital tester is manufactured in China. If you’re looking for a US-made multimeter, check out the Fluke line-up.

Q: Where Can I Find the Kaiweets HT118A Multimeter Manual?

For rapid access to the Kaiweets HT118A manual.

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