Delta 28-400 Bandsaw Review

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Delta 28-400 Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: February 13, 2018

Last modified: Aug 20, 2022 @ 1:29 am

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Delta 28-400 Review Summary:

While most bandsaws on the market look quite similar to each other, there are some crucial factors that determine whether or not a model is worth investing in. That’s more or less how things work with a vast variety of other products, but you would be surprised by the number of people who simply don’t know or care about those things. Consequently, a worrying number of newcomers end up purchasing something that turns out to be a bad investment due to the lack of quality, research, and etcetera.

Our goal is to bring these units closer to people who don’t have enough of their own time to devote and spend on research or don’t want to read through countless reviews and opinions. We offer enough insight for anyone, regardless of their level of expertise. If you’re looking for a high-end machine with an envious amount of additional features, take a moment and check this model out.


  • Power – 1HP 115V/230V motor
  • Blade speed – 1620, 3340 FPM
  • Weight – 165 pounds
  • Blade width – 1/8 in. Min. up to 3/4 in. max
  • Base dimensions – 23 x 16 inches
  • Cutting capacity – 13 5/8 x 6 inches

Delta 28-400 – The Basics

When it comes to stability and reliability, this particular model is one of our top-recommended ones. It can be used both for professional and DIY purposes, and it offers more than enough power to cut through wood and metal.

The multi-speed feature allows you to choose between lower and higher FPM, depending on what are you planning to cut. In case you’re planning on cutting nonferrous metals, the lower setting is the one you should select.

Delta is an established brand and they are well-known for manufacturing high-quality machines. Therefore, even though it’s slightly more expensive in comparison to similar models, it’s definitely a worthy investment.

The Features

The Design

The design is probably one of the main selling points of this machine. Its sturdiness and stability ensure smooth operation and precise cuts at all times. On top of that, the steel base is well-made and isn’t as wobbly as one would expect. Contrary to popular belief, the seemingly thin base isn’t as unstable. The two-speed pulley features an easy-to-use tensioning system which comes in handy whenever you stumble upon some blade issues.

The biggest complaint people have about the design is the absence of both miter gauge and fence. It can be an issue for a lot of people, especially if you’re looking to cut peculiar shapes and angles. While the enthusiasts shouldn’t be affected too much by the non-existence of these features, it can be a deal-breaker for professionals. The cast iron table can tilt 3 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right, with a positive stop at the 90-degree angle.

If you’re planning on cutting larger pieces, the oversized worktable will come in handy. It may not be able to support cutting in bulk, but it all depends on the material you want to cut.


As we mentioned, this machine is foreseen for woodworking. It can be used for cutting metal, but one has to use a proper blade as well as proper blade speed.

However, the overall efficiency tends to drop a bit when different metals are in question, due to variable densities and thickness. Overall, if you’re looking to cut metal frequently, you might want to look at some other models that are more specifically designed for those applications.

What is in the box of Delta 28-400



High quality


Not complex


Good power



No miter gauge


No rip fence


Things we liked about it

There are plenty of things we liked about this product. The one that stands out the most is the ease of use. While this particular machine seems quite complex and hard to handle to an average Joe, you can rest assured that it’s not the case at all. In fact, if you read the user manual and follow the instructions, there shouldn’t be any issues whatsoever, regardless of what you’re trying to accomplish.

The other thing that stands out is the overall quality of this machine. It’s made of reliable and durable materials which ensure great stability and longevity. In other words, this unit is designed to last for a long time as long as you utilize it properly and perform regular maintenance.


Things we didn’t like

The absence of both fence and miter gauge is an unpleasant surprise; there is no question about that. As we already mentioned, the DIYers might not see it as a disadvantage, but avid professionals certainly do. Therefore, even though the price is great considering the quality of the machine, it might not be worth it for the devoted professionals. On the other hand, one can buy these components additionally, but that significantly increases the overall investment.

Some people didn’t like the fact that it requires assembly. Also, the lack of video instructions on the Internet may cause some confusion if you have no experience with vertical bandsaws. However, the user manual is comprehensive and it should solve most of the problems one can stumble upon during assembly and operation.

What Users Say About The Delta 28-400

Most people seem to like this model. It does come with a few shortcomings, but most of them are minor and can be solved easily. On the other hand, some other models offer similar features for a slightly lower price. However, most of those are manufactured by lesser known brands which means there is a certain level of risk and hassle involved.


As far as we are concerned, you won’t make a mistake if you end up choosing this particular model. It does yield good results and it comes in handy for many applications. It can withstand the intensity of a massive project, but it might not cope with it well, especially if you’re planning to cut in bulk.

The overall versatility is at a satisfactory level, although we would have liked seeing more versatility when it comes to blade speed and measuring instruments. The price is acceptable even though it’s far from a cheap piece of equipment. However, it’s well worth the price if you’re in dire need of a high-quality power tool.

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