Poulan Pro Chainsaw (967061501) with Carrying Case Review

Poulan Pro

Editor Rating: 3.9/5

Great Product

Poulan Pro

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: November 21, 2017

Last modified: Jan 25, 2023 @ 5:01 am

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Poulan Pro Review Summary:

There are hundreds of gas-powered chainsaws on the market. You can find anything from a 1.5HP one to over 4HP, it all depends on your requirements. However, power is not the only thing you should think about when purchasing a unit. In fact, even though it’s one of the crucial elements, it’s not the fundamental one, to say the least. If you aren’t sure about what to look for in a gas-powered model, take a look at our reviews.

We are here to simplify your research and save you both some time and money. Instead of circling the Internet looking for relevant information, you can find everything you want to know in one place – here. You can rest assured that all our reviews are objective and as unbiased as possible. Here are some of the features of Poulan Pro Chainsaw:


  • Cylinder displacement – 50cc
  • Weight – 15.4 pounds
  • Filter – Mesh filter
  • Handle – Rear handle
  • Carrying case included

Poulan Pro Chainsaw – The Basics

This is a chainsaw for homeowners. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect it to cope well with massive projects. On the other hand, when it comes to pruning, trimming, and cutting thinner trees – it does its job quite well. In fact, it’s one of our top-recommended models for people who are on a tight budget. It’s not a cheap power tool per se, but it’s significantly more affordable than some other models we have covered. However, it does lack some of the premium features such as anti-vibration mechanisms and so on.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use tool at a reasonable price, don’t hesitate to check this particular one out, it might seem interesting to you, depending on your requirements. It features a 50cc motor which does well with almost anything you put in front of it within reasonable limits.

The Features

The design

As far as the design goes, it’s pretty conventional. There are no special features, but it also doesn’t lack anything that would affect the overall functionality. In simpler words, it’s a pretty straightforward chassis with a couple of neat additions such as the oil gauge, air filter system, combi tool, and so on. Even though it’s not a tool-less design, the included combi tool is all you’ll need in order to fine-tune the machine according to your own preferences.

The thing that makes this model different from the others is the OxyPower engine technology. It significantly increases the engine efficiency, fuel consumption, and power output. In other words, it’s a system that allows you to use the full potential of your new machine without any limits. The rear handle is okay, but they could have designed it a bit better, especially when it comes to cushioning and anti-vibration measures. Also, the ignition module is prone to malfunctions. It’s not a frequent occurrence, but it’s a noteworthy one.


Low-kickback makes this unit quite safe. On top of that, the plastic shroud in front of the front handle prevents large debris from hitting your hands or chest. Make sure you wear all the necessary safety equipment before use in order to minimize the chances of something going wrong. Also, read the user manual regardless of your previous expertise. The choke/stop control allows you to start the unit faster and stop it in an instant.

Poulan Pro Chainsaw
Back of Poulan Pro





OxyPower system


Good quality



Ignition module tends to malfunction after a while


What we liked about it

Even though many people don’t expect much quality out of this model, you can rest assured that it is well-built and foreseen to last for quite a while as long as you stick to the regular maintenance schedule. On top of that, it’s a pretty straightforward machine meaning you don’t need years of experience in order to use it. Instead, all you have to do is read the user manual.

The other thing we liked is the ignition mechanism. While it may not be the best one on the market, it’s among the most effective. It’s also easy to pull the mechanism without getting exhausted after a few times. Some people don’t like the integration of the combi tool, but it’s a great addition to an already versatile power tool as far as we are concerned.


What we didn’t like

The level of noise is something that could have been a bit better. Even though a certain level of loudness is expected of gas-powered chainsaws, there are some mechanisms that decrease the noise. This particular model doesn’t feature any of those and is consequently pretty loud. However, a pair of earplugs will solve the issue in an instant.

Some people complained about the starting mechanism not working after a while. Whether it’s due to improper fuel mixture or it’s actually a general problem – we don’t know. However, we feel like you should know that there is a chance of getting a faulty magneto. Needless to say, return the product instead of trying to fix it.

What Users Say About The Poulan Pro

While hobbyists love this unit, the professionals aren’t too excited, and it’s for a good reason. As we said, the Poulan Pro does fulfill a set of basic requirements but don’t expect a miraculous performance, especially when it comes to demanding tasks. Therefore, if you’re looking for sheer power-to-weight performance, you might want to check some other models out. On the other hand, if you’re an occasional user, this unit will take care of your backyard without breaking a sweat.

Cutting tree with Poulan Pro


This unit is far from being the best we’ve reviewed, but it’s definitely a worthy investment for people that want a good tool for a decent price. Speaking of the price, it’s one of the main reasons we decided to cover this model. In other words, the price-to-quality ratio is great meaning you’re going to get a high-quality model at an affordable price.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that features sheer power and high torque, this one might not be the ideal solution. Take a moment and check out our other reviews, you might find something of interest.

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