Greenworks 20672 G-Max Cordless Pole Saw Review

Greenworks 20672 Gmax

Editor Rating: 4.4/5


Greenworks 20672 G-Max

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: December 12, 2017

Last modified: Aug 16, 2022 @ 6:04 am

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Greenworks 20672 G-Max Review Summary:

Cordless saws are one of the most convenient to use of them all. Truth be told, they do come with certain limitations, but they also offer a slightly different experience in comparison to some other types. Now, finding the one that’s worth investing in isn’t something everyone can do. There are some things you need to think about and pay attention to before opting to purchase a particular model. If you’re not experienced and are just looking for an optimal purchase, take a moment and check our reviews out.

We do the hard work for you. Instead of having to conduct research and spend hours or even days in front of your monitor in order to find a decent chainsaw, you can do that in a matter of minutes by reading our reviews. We write comprehensive and most importantly – unbiased reviews so that you know exactly what to expect from a particular model.


  • Battery – G-MAX 40V Li-Ion
  • Bar length – 8 inches
  • Pole length – 8 feet (3-piece aluminum pole)
  • Weight – 8.3 pounds
  • Automatic Oiler

Greenworks 20672 G-MAX – The Basics

If you’re looking for a lightweight, less noisy, and efficient machine, this one might be the right deal for you. The pole can be extended up to 8 feet, which means you can easily reach branches that are 12-13 feet above ground level. However, even though this model features a 40V battery, you shouldn’t expect a heavy-duty performance at all. Being battery powered makes its capabilities quite limited to certain applications.

If you’re a homeowner, this is one of the best cordless units you could go with. It does come with a couple of disadvantages, but it’s nothing you can’t overcome and get used to. In fact, it offers more advantages than shortcomings meaning it’s a worthy investment for people who know what they are looking for.

The Features

The design

The best thing about this design is the lack of weight. In other words, you won’t have any issues with holding this machine for longer periods. It may take a toll on your muscles after some time, but the battery will probably need a recharge by the time you get tired. The 40V one offers plenty of power for an average homeowner. The thing that makes it even better is the fact that it can be used with other cordless GreenWork’s products such as blowers, trimmers, and so on.

The tool-less chain tensioning is a great addition to an already decent power tool. It allows you to adjust and fine-tune the machine without using any additional tools whatsoever. All you have to do is turn the knob in the desired position. You can expect around 50 cuts on a single charge. While it’s not a lot by any means, it’s certainly enough to make it as efficient as possible. Also, the recharge cycle for the battery lasts only around an hour for the 2Ah one, and two hours for the 4Ah one. Because this model comes with a 2Ah battery, it needs approximately an hour to recharge completely.


While there are no special safety features, the included ones are sufficient for safe operation. If you aren’t aware of the risks involved, please read the user manual and make sure you follow the instructions. Even though it’s a cordless unit, you can rest assured that it can cause some serious injuries if not handled correctly.

Greenworks 20672



Battery compatibility with other GreenWorks products


Convenient aluminum shaft


Decent price



Lack of power


Things we liked about it

This is a very versatile machine, and it offers a couple of useful options. First of all, the battery compatibility with other units from the same manufacturer is an excellent idea. It can help you a lot because you can use multiple batteries for one product. In other words, once one gets empty, instead of waiting for the recharge, you can use another battery from another unit. This way, you’ll significantly cut downtime.

Furthermore, the price is one of the most favorable ones on our list. While it’s not a particularly cheap model, it’s definitely affordable and worth investing in if you use its full potential. The 3-piece aluminum shaft is lightweight yet reliable enough. Also, the extension mechanism has three points meaning you can adjust the length of the pole according to your own preferences instead of using the full length at all times.


Things we didn’t like

Like most other cordless units, this one lacks power. The aforementioned 50 cuts seem like a lot, but it’s a bit different in practice. You will almost never get the full 50 cuts due to the thickness of the branches you’re cutting. Everything thicker than 4×4 is going to draw more battery power thus reducing the overall number of cuts. On the other hand, if you have a spare battery, there shouldn’t be any significant downtime at all.

Also, while the product weight is about 8 pounds, it’s measured without the battery. Therefore, it’s closer to around 10-11 pounds when you include the battery. While it doesn’t seem as much of a difference, it can have an impact on your muscles.

What Users Say About The Greenworks 20672 G-Max

People who are loyal to this brand love this particular unit. However, the ones that don’t own other power tools made by the same brand have a couple of issues they are struggling with. The biggest issue of them all is definitely the lack of power.

Greenworks 20672 8inches


This model is designed for people who know what they are looking for. If you’re an absolute beginner, you might want to keep looking. That doesn’t mean this unit isn’t good for you, but there are some options you can think about before opting to purchase the Greenworks 20672 model.

As far as we are concerned, you won’t make a mistake if you ever decide to buy this chainsaw. It does come with a few downsides, but it also comes with quite a few benefits as well. It all comes down to your requirements and needs. If you think that this model is capable of fulfilling your requirements, don’t hesitate to check it out.

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