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Makita 5377MG

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: October 6, 2017

Last modified: Nov 19, 2022 @ 6:39 am

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Makita 5377MG Review Summary:

The Makita 5377MG is a light weight hypoid circular saw with a great ergonomic design and large cutting capacity. This makes the 5377MG a great choice for DIY projects.

5377MG Specifications:

  • Weight – 13 pounds
  • Dimensions – 21.8 x 11.8 x 12.5 inches
  • Power source – Corded
  • Voltage – 120 Volts

Makita 5377M – The Basics

As you may know, magnesium components are the way to go if you’re looking for durability and light weight. Truth be told, the power does suffer a bit when magnesium gears are in question, but it’s only a minor difference which is not even noticeable in real time. However, some models do tend to suffer from low torque after continuous use.

Ergonomics are great, the build quality is excellent, and most importantly – it’s accurate and precise. If you have any tough jobs planned ahead, the 5377MG is the perfect candidate for tackling those projects. It’s good both for DIY-ers and professionals meaning it’s easy to use and yet powerful enough to cut through anything without too many issues along the way.

Makita 5377MG Features

The design

All Makita models in this particular category have pretty similar designs. Even though the colors and aesthetics are more of a personal preference, we cannot skip mentioning how great it looks. Both hand grips are cushioned with a rubberized coating meaning you don’t have to worry about vibrations and fatigue. Speaking of fatigue, the 13 pounds of weight shouldn’t be a burden to carry around, especially if you have a convenient case for the unit.

The 15-amp motor delivers 4500 RPM. As you can tell, that’s more than enough power to cut through anything within a few seconds. The cutting capacity is pretty large; it’s 2-3/8 inches at 90 degrees with positive stops at 22.5, 45, and 51.5 degrees. The blade is quite easy to change; all you need is a wrench which comes included with the unit. Therefore, it’s virtually a tool-free operation.


Sadly, there is no electric brake for the blade. While many people think it’s not a crucial shortcoming, we beg to differ. Truth be told, a large percentage of users know that it’s not recommended to have your hands near the blade even if the machine is turned off. However, absolute beginners might not realize the danger of it and consequently get injured because there’s no electric brake integrated. It’s not an expensive feature, and we would like to see it in most of these high-end machines.

The retractable hook comes in handy because it allows you to remain close to the blade but never in the way.


Things that make this machine convenient are ease of use, light weight, and its ergonomics. You can rest assured that there won’t be any issues with this particular machine as long as you use it properly. In fact, we strongly recommend reading the user manual in order to get familiar with the mechanics involved.

Working with Makita 5377mg

5377MG Pros:




Good quality


Great ergonomics



No electric brake


Oil tends to leak


Things we liked about it

The versatility of this unit is what caught our eye. While it’s a good machine for flooring and roofing, it’s also great for plenty of other applications such as cutting bevels.

The smoothness of operation is also pretty great. Thanks to the innovative Oil bath technology, the gears within the unit are always 100% lubed and sealed. Therefore, the wearing of gears is at a bare minimum.


Things we didn’t like

As we said, the thing that struck us the most is the lack of electric brake. No matter how affordable and accessible a unit is, we think it should feature an electric brake. It’s an easy thing to do, and it definitely saves lives. The rubberized levers are okay, but some people think they are too large. It may or may not be a problem for you personally, but the levers could have been designed a bit better. Some people complained about oil leaks, but those were pretty isolated cases and probably faulty units.

What Users Say About The Makita 5377MG

People seem to like the 5377Mg. The 5377Mg is a reliable basic hypoid saw with a couple of good features. It’s a great solution for most DIY-ers. Professionals might find it useful for some projects, but it’s not foreseen for 24/7 use. We do recommend this unit to those who are on a tight budget but want a decent power tool in their garage.

Makita 5377mg cutting wood


If you’re looking for a good hypoid saw with great ergonomics, the Makita 5377mg might be a good fit. As far as the budget goes the 5377mg is a pretty affordable hypoid saw. You can rest assured that this model performs as advertised and is a worthy investment.

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