DEWALT DW715 Single-Bevel Miter Saw Review


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DEWALT DW715 Single-Bevel Miter Saw

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: August 21, 2017

Last modified: Nov 25, 2022 @ 10:35 am

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Review Summary:

With a 12-inch blade and 4000 rpm output, the pro-focused DeWalt DW715 circular saw offers welcome portability for the site contractor — weighing just 36 pounds and featuring an in-built carry handle.


  • Weight – 47 pounds
  • Dimensions – 26.2 x 19.7 x 17.3 inches
  • Power source – Corded
  • Voltage – 120V
  • Motor – 15 amps

DEWALT DW715 – The Basics

If you’re familiar with the market, then you’ve probably heard of Dewalt. It’s a respected brand among both professionals and DIY-ers because a vast majority of models that are manufactured by Dewalt are high-end and high-quality pieces of equipment. This model isn’t an exception either. It offers everything you’ll ever need for accurate angle cuts.

The sheer amount of power is excellent. Even though many models share similar features, this one stands out a bit. The 12-inch blade is capable of going through the wood of any density or hardness. Safety is satisfactory, and the design is nothing short of innovative and compact.

The Features

The design

This model has one of the best designs we have seen. That doesn’t mean it has some particularly impressive features. Instead, it means that every component that’s included in the design has a purpose and is well-made. The engineers responsible for the design have done an excellent job, there’s no doubt about that.

The measuring components such as the miter base are calibrated well and quite straightforward. In other words, even if you don’t know how to utilize the machine and use the full potential of it, you’ll get a hold of it within an hour, especially if you refer to the user manual. In fact, it’s highly recommended that you check out the manual so that you know exactly how it works and how to use it properly.


As with all other models, the safety aspect doesn’t stand out much. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not a safe machine. The blade guard is made of hard plastic and is transparent, meaning you can follow the blade as it cuts through wood. Some people consider the blade transparency irrelevant, but we think it should be mentioned either way. The included saw is quite thin and extremely sharp. If you prefer using thicker blades, that won’t be a problem because changing blades is as easy as it can be.

Dust collecting

The DW715 comes with a dust bag, but you shouldn’t expect a miraculous outcome. It does store some dust, but a certain percentage still gets away and can be quite annoying. Also, the capacity of the bag is underwhelming, to say the least. Therefore, get ready for emptying the bag quite frequently.

Detail of DEWALT DW715
Detail of DEWALT DW715



High-quality machine







May seem heavy to some


Things we liked about it

There is a lot of stuff we liked about this unit. One can freely say it’s a complete piece of equipment for a vast array of different applications. If you decide to purchase it, no further investments are needed. It’s great news, because most models do require some additional stuff such as dust collecting bags. This one comes with everything included in the box meaning you can power it up as soon as you unpack it. Although, read the manual first.

Precision is this model’s middle name, thanks to the well-crafted miter base. It’s also quite durable and can withstand hits and bump without any issues. Overall, it’s a quality power tool and most importantly – it’s useful.


Things we didn’t like

Finding any downsides of this machine is hard. Some say they would appreciate a lighter unit, but considering it weighs only around 47 pounds, it’s not a big deal in the first place. As far as the portability goes, we think it’s portable and not a burden to carry from one place to another.

Furthermore, some people didn’t like the price of it. Although it may be a justified concern, you have to account the level of respect for this brand among consumers. You may find a cheaper model with very similar features, but the difference in quality and performance is colossal. In fact, you simply cannot compare a no-name unit with any of Dewalt’s products.

General user impressions

As we already said, people love this compound miter saw. It’s easy to use while it offers incredible accuracy and smooth performance. After all, what else can one ask for?

The only thing people complain about is the responsiveness of Dewalt’s customer support. You might end up waiting a couple of days for a response, but it’s an expected thing considering the size of this brand. In other words, you probably aren’t the only one asking questions, in fact, there are plenty of people in the queue. The solution is pretty simple – patience.

Adjusting DEWALT DW715


In the end, one question remains unanswered – Is it worth investing money in this model?

The short answer is – Yes, it is. A longer answer would be – Yes, it is, but only if you’re planning to use the full potential of it. If you’re not a frequent user, there might be some other interesting models for you that are a bit cheaper and simpler. On the other hand, it doesn’t get much simpler than this.

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