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DCS361M1 Review Summary:

Arriving complete with wrench, 7.25-inch blade, and 20-volt lithium cell — the 3750 rpm DeWalt DCS361M1 cordless miter saw is a complete cutting package ideal for the serious prosumer.

DCS361M1 Specifications:

  • Weight – 36 pounds
  • Dimensions – 25.2 x 19.9 x 15.7 inches
  • Power source – Battery
  • Voltage – 20 Volts

Dewalt DCS361M1 – The Basics

As you may know, when it comes to Dewalt, there’s not much that can go wrong. It’;s a well-respected brand by both DIY-ers and professionals. The enthusiasts like the ease of use, while the professionals appreciate the precision and build quality. This particular model is somewhere in between a professional and DIY unit feature-wise. However, one can safely say that the build quality, safety, and design are on a professional level.

The battery is okay. This 20V lithium ion battery can provide up to 183 cuts of 2×4 pine on average or around 275 cuts of 3 ¼-inch crown nested. As you can tell, it does perform quite well, charges back up relatively fast, and doesn’t require any expertise whatsoever. It does need some adjustments out of the box, but it’s all straightforward and pretty easy.

The DCS361M1 Features

The design

As far as the design goes, it’s conventional, well-made, and innovative. One of the things people love about this particular design is the positive stops on the miter scale. While a vast majority of other miter saws have these stops as well, the ones on the DCS361M1 are slightly different. They are easy to use, precise, and the lever moves smoothly. Many other models struggle with the miter gauge smoothness, but this one doesn’t.

The hand grip isn’t cushioned which is a problem for some people. Even though this model tends to vibrate under full load, it’s something you can overcome easily. In fact, the vibrations aren’t as intense as one would have thought. The model doesn’t weigh much, but it isn’t lightweight per se. Even though it’s a matter of personal preference, 36 pounds isn’t particularly lightweight to begin with.


Safety is expectedly good. Dewalt always designs safe and versatile machines; therefore, the high level of safety doesn’t come as much of a surprise. The blade guard is transparent and made of hard plastic. You can supervise the cut as it’s happening thanks to the transparency of the blade guard.

It’s very easy to remain safe, but it’s also extremely easy to get hurt. In order to avoid unpleasant scenarios, make sure you read the user manual and comprehend the safety precaution measures before turning the unit on for the first time.

Other notable features

Dust collecting isn’t really a strong point of this model. It does feature a dust port, but it’s not an impressive one, to say the least. An extractor can be hooked up to the machine, but the dust-collecting capabilities depend on the extractor’s sheer power and performance. Either way, if you’re expecting supreme dust-collecting within this price range, consider revisiting those thoughts.

Portable DEWALT DCS361M1
Detail of DEWALT DCS361M1





Easy to use


Quality measuring components



Poor runtime


Things we liked about the DCS361M1

One of the first things we’ve noticed about this unit is its cut accuracy and precision. Even though it’s not a high-end machine per se, it definitely packs a punch in the accuracy department. The ease of use is also a big advantage. Instead of hassling with a ton of electronics and complex operations, all you have to do is turn the power switch on, and that’s it.

The thing people love about this miter saw is its affordability. Many users think that cordless machines cost a fortune, but it’s not the case with Dewalt. Thanks to their innovative approach they managed to stay within the budget-friendly zone while designing a somewhat premium product.


Things we didn’t like

Truth be told, there aren’t many shortcomings when it comes to this particular model. One of the things people complained about is poor runtime. While it may be the case, it’s not a particularly big deal in comparison to some other units in the same category. A vast majority of them have almost identical runtimes.

Laser-guided adjustments would come in handy, but it’s something you can work without. Therefore, the only downside might be the battery life; everything else is well-designed.

General user impressions of the DCS361M1

People like this cordless miter saw. It’s affordable, accurate, and easy to use. While the professionals might want a few features more, the enthusiasts are quite pleased with the default ones. You cannot tackle a massive project with this unit without an extra battery though, keep that in mind.



As you can see, the DCS36M1 is a worthy investment as long as you use its full potential. You don’t have to worry about complexity too much because the user manual is comprehensive and well-written. Therefore, even if you run into some issues, the manual should have a solution written in it.

As far as the price goes, it’s one of the better deals out there. It’s a great thing for DIY-ers because they can now have a somewhat high-end machine for a fraction of their budget. If you’re looking for consistent cuts, accurate bevels, and convenience – take a moment and check this unit out. If you don’t like what you see, feel free to check out our other reviews, you’ll certainly find something of interest for your needs.

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