Best Portable Table Saws in 2023 – information and Reviews

A low-cost solution for DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists, you’ll find these portable tools a suitable alternative to their big brothers. Although less stable or powerful than larger units, they are more accurate than a handheld saw. They’re great for garages and workshops with limited space, with foldaway or wheeled stands, or a benchtop design. Reading the best portable table saw reviews, together with our advice, will help you decide if one of these is for you.

  • Blade: 10 inch
  • Motor: 1850 watts
  • Speed: 3850 rpm
  • Weight: 48.5 pounds


  • Steel roll cage.
  • Telescopic table.
  • Overload protection.

Product Rating: 4.7/5

Check Price At AmazonDEWALT DW745 Review DEWALT DW745 Review
  • Blade: 10 inches
  • Motor: 1700 watts
  • Speed: 5000 rpm
  • Weight: 52 pounds


  • Reinforced steel base.
  • Unique Smart Guard system.
  • On-board tool storage.

Product Rating: 4.0/5

Check Price At AmazonBosch GTS1031 Review Bosch GTS1031 Review
  • Blade: 10 inches
  • Motor: 4 horsepower
  • Speed: 3650 rpm
  • Weight: 124.2 pounds


  • Collapsible/wheeled table.
  • Soft-start circuitry.
  • One-handed operation.

Product Rating: 4.5/5

Check Price At AmazonBosch 4100-09 Review Bosch 4100-09 Review
  • Blade: 10 inches
  • Motor: 1750 watts
  • Speed: 5000 rpm
  • Weight: 66.7 pounds


  • Includes folding stand.
  • Self-aligning rip fence.
  • Complete with two blade wrenches.

Product Rating: 3.8/5

Check Price At AmazonSKIL 3410-02 Review SKIL 3410-02 Review

Things to consider before buying a Portable Table Saw



Good For

Obviously, the first thing people look for in these tools is mobility. As a DIY enthusiast with limited working space, moving the saw from place to place will be one of your main concerns. The light weight of a benchtop table saw allows you to move it virtually anywhere. Alternatively, heavier units are equipped with wheels, making them easy to maneuver.

Cost is another reason people opt for these units. If you’re on a tight budget, they are significantly cheaper in comparison to some other types, however, they are less versatile. But, if you’re not planning on undertaking heavy-duty tasks, a portable table saw will suffice. The precision of portable saws is reasonable, although not always highly accurate. 


Not Recommended For

Due to their light weight, some units tend to vibrate a lot. It may not seem like a big deal, but it becomes quite annoying after a while. Apart from this, you’ll also begin to feel physical consequences on a long project. Furthermore, the motor tends to be loud and of limited power. Speaking of limitations, the small surface of the table top doesn’t help much when working with large pieces of wood.

Changing the settings on a mobile table saw on the go isn’t something you can expect. The majority of these units require tools in order to make adjustments. While it isn’t a major issue, it does mean you may be unable to finish a project as quickly as you would like. The fence also tends to be quite light duty, which further limits your options.

Top Rated Portable Table Saws

In our opinion, the best portable table saw is the Bosch 4100-09, due to its precision and bigger tabletop.

Our Rating: 4.7

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Dewalt is a well-known company in the world of high-quality tools, and this particular unit is no different. It’s useful, efficient, and affordable. If you’re a hobbyist who’s looking for their next high-end tool, don’t hesitate to check this model out, it may be just what you’re looking for.

As far as design goes, it’s pretty conventional. One of the best factors of the DW745 is its weight. At around 48 pounds, it is relatively easy to move from one place to another. It has a hefty 1850W motor, which delivers more than enough power to cut through most densities of wood. Also, it can be plugged into a regular household socket, and will work fine on any electrical grid of 110V or 220V.

The rip capacity of this unit is 24 inches, impressive for something so small. You can cut large pieces of wood without any major concerns. The DW745 has several safety features, including overload protection, quick bevel lock, and a push stick.

The durability is not bad. The roll cage ensures stable and smooth operation and it can withstand a certain level of stress, hits, and drops. The price is acceptable, especially considering that it could even be used for professional projects.

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Our Rating: 4.0

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Our Rating: 4.0

When compactness and innovative design are in question, Bosch is a company you should consider. The company has been developing tools for decades now and is renowned for quality of production. You’ll very rarely stumble upon a defective unit.

As far as this particular model goes, it offers everything you need for a small to mid-sized DIY project. It features a single, one-handed carry handle, which makes the GTS1031 a model of ultimate portability. 

The all-steel base is designed to withstand quite a beating and still retain its integrity, smooth operation, and accuracy. Speaking of accuracy, this model is precise, thanks to the well-designed rip fence. However, you can’t expect a miraculous performance, despite it being made by Bosch. This benchtop table saw simply isn’t designed to handle difficult and large projects.

While it does offer a broad range of applications, the price of this model isn’t its strongest point — there are cheaper models with similar features. However, as it’s made by Bosch, quality is guaranteed. Therefore, if high-quality parts are important to you, Bosch is one of your safest bets.

One of the notable things about this model is the available storage. While many manufacturers avoid integrating any storage to keep the saw light, the GTS1031 offers a small amount of free space, more than enough for a few additional tools

Our Rating: 4.5

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

High precision is this model’s middle name. Bosch never ceases to surprise, with innovative designs and efficient units. This unit is similar to others, feature-wise, but has an unusual design that makes it different. There is an innovative, gravity-rise stand, backed up with a pair of wheels. Hence, when you want to move the unit from one place to another, all you have to do is roll it along.

The blade makes 3650 rounds per minute, which shows how precise and accurate it is. Whether you want to make small cuts or cut off a massive piece of wood, the 4100-09 will handle it without any issues.

The 29 x 21½-inch square table top has a 25-inch rip capacity, which provides an extended width of around 40 inches. The 4HP motor will have no issues cutting through any wood. Therefore, the cutting capacity is quite impressive.

The thing many people don’t like about this model is the dust management. While you can mount a bag under the unit, it probably won’t help much. Users complain that they have to deal with a lot of sawdust flying around when using this unit. 

The price is okay, but other models offer similar features for less money. However, we’re talking about Bosch here, and we all know that well-known brands tend to be a bit more costly — quality and reliability don’t come cheap.

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Our Rating: 4.9

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Our Rating: 4.9

A simplistic yet efficient design is what makes this particular model worth mentioning. It features a 15-amp motor which delivers enough power to cut any wood with ease. Also, it can work on a household electrical grid, so you don’t need any additional power sources in order to operate this unit.

When it comes to portability, the R4516 features a set of wheels, which mitigate the moving process. However, don’t expect too much from the wheels — they aren’t exactly top quality. 

The rip capacity is 24 inches which is sufficient if you’re planning to tackle a small to a mid-sized DIY project. This model has a dual-locking fence which clamps on both front and rear sides of the table, and a stable fence means higher precision. 

As far as safety goes, there are plenty of mechanisms which ensure your protection during operation. The split blade guard features a modular barrier system. Even though it’s considered quite safe, don’t let your guard down, that’s when mistakes happen.

Something users don’t like about this model is the dust collecting port, which is somewhat redundant because the unit isn’t enclosed. You’ll be lucky if you collect 50% of residue. 

The price is reasonable, although it’s in the same price range as some Bosch models, but is a lesser-known brand. Professionals may not like this model so much, but DIY-ers that reviewed liked its simplicity and ease of use.


Our Rating: 3.8

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Our Rating: 3.8

The Skil 3410-02 is probably the most durable and stable model on our list. It also features an extendable table if you’re planning to process large pieces of wood. The 15-amp motor is ideal for cutting through all varieties of wood. The heavy-duty stand can be easily adjusted to your own preferences, without any additional tools.

One thing that makes this particular model worth mentioning is its accuracy. The self-aligning fence ensures top precision. Also, it features an EZ measuring system which eliminates the need for additional measuring tools. Therefore, you can cut a piece of wood to any size in the blink of an eye, without having to find a ruler or  measuring tape. The rip capacity is around 24 inches with the table extended, and 12 inches without.

The main disadvantage is the absence of a dust-collecting port. However, because it’s not an enclosed unit, it’s recommended for outside use only. Reviewers have pointed out how annoying it can be, but you can’t expect a ton of auxiliary features in this price range.

The price is what most people notice first when they stumble upon this unit. It’s significantly cheaper than its competitors, but it does offer fewer features. Although even with less accessories, it’s still a worthy investment nonetheless.

If you decide to purchase this particular model, remember that you cannot expect a flawless performance. It does work well, but it’s far from perfect. However, considering the affordable price, it offers a satisfactory level of operation.

If you’re working with wood from time to time, the Skil 3410-02 should meet your expectations. It will cut any wood with ease, but it’s not recommended for large projects. However, small to mid-sized ones aren’t an issue.

Quick Product Comparison



Corded/Electric120V53 pounds$Check Price
Bosch GTS1031

Bosch GTS1031

Corded/Electric127V64.8 pounds$$Check Price
Bosch 4100-09

Bosch 4100-09

Corded/Electric120V125 pounds$$$Check Price
Ridgid R4516

Ridgid R4516

Ac/Dc120V63 pounds$Check Price
SKIL 3410-02

SKIL 3410-02

Corded/Electric120V67 pounds$Check Price

Before You Buy: How Does a Portable Table Saw Work?

If you aren’t familiar with the working principles of portable table saws, you should educate yourself before purchasing one. Most models usually need some minor adjustments before you can start cutting wood. Also, people who are not aware of the main aspects could expose themselves to safety hazards.


These units usually have a 1 to 5-horsepower motor, with around 15 amps of max current. One of the main advantages of this is the fact that they can be plugged into a household socket, using the standard electrical grid without any consequences.

However, the motor is not as quiet and durable as brushless AC types. But, it does offer more power relative to its weight and size.

Various adjustments

Modern table saws feature a great variety of settings and fine-tuning options. One of the main elements for fine adjustments is the rotary wheel, located under the work surface. It allows you to adjust the height of the blade when you’re looking to make some deeper cuts.

Also, you change the angle of the blade. It’s a relatively new feature — older models probably won’t have this option. However, if you want to adjust angles, make sure you do it properly — even the slightest error may have severe consequences.

Safety mechanisms

Luckily, modern technology has bestowed great wonders upon us. Serious injuries were a daily occurrence not so long ago when using these products. However, nowadays, models are packed with a ton of safety features, responsible for keeping you as safe as possible. Apart from the mandatory panic button, many new models have sensors that react and cause the tool to come to a total stop if the blade comes in contact with your skin.

Finding The Best Portable Table Saw – Buying Guide

Luckily, modern technology has bestowed great wonders upon us. Serious injuries were a daily occurrence not so long ago when using these products. However, nowadays, models are packed with a ton of safety features, responsible for keeping you as safe as possible. Apart from the mandatory panic button, many new models have sensors that react and cause the tool to come to a total stop if the blade comes in contact with your skin.


Mobile table saws usually feature a blade that’s around 10 to 12 inches in diameter. First of all, the diameter you want to use is completely arbitrary. Therefore, there is no “best” size — it all depends on what you want to do with it.

The number of teeth is usually between 24 up to 80. Just like the diameter, there is no ideal figure. However, in general, the more teeth the blade has, the smoother the cut will be.

portable dewalt


The fence is the most important element for supreme accuracy and precision. If you purchase a model with a subpar fence, the other features are more or less irrelevant. If you’re not able to cut a piece of wood precisely, the motor power and the overall durability of the unit don’t play a significant role at all.

Therefore, you should always look for a high-quality fence system. The things you should avoid are plastic miter gauges and fences. Even though many manufacturers point out that they use super-durable plastic during production, these aren’t ideal, especially if you’re a frequent user. 

Hits and drops are a common occurrence on the construction sites or DIY projects, and they can seriously damage the fence system. Once it gets damaged, you’ll be lucky to fix it. However, if you opt for a metal fence, the chance of it being wrecked by hits is significantly lower.

Safety Features – The More, the Merrier

Safety is essential when it comes to heavy-duty tools. The slightest misuse can lead to dire consequences in a matter of seconds. Here are some of the most important safety elements you should look for in every model.

carrying dewalt saw

The Motor

Electricity saving is not something you should think about when buying a portable table saw. Many people make the mistake of choosing a lower powered model, and end up with weak motors that can’t cut through denser timber. Instead, you should look for efficiency between amperage and horsepower.

These units usually feature a 1 to 5-HP motor, with around 15 amps of power — anything lower than that may be underpowered, depending on your needs. Overall, we don’t recommend that you spare money on the motor as it’s one of the crucial parts.

The Blade Guard

This element is the most noticeable feature — it’s a huge piece of plastic that covers the blade. It’s very effective at keeping your hands and fingers away from the razor-sharp blade. A devastating fact is that many people decide to unscrew this part and work without it. It does limit your capabilities to a certain extent, but nothing should be more valuable than the ten fingers you have.

Therefore, no matter what you read online, DO NOT remove the blade guard, it’s there for a reason. It’s always better to extend your project for a day or two, rather than rushing it and risking severe injuries.

Anti-Kickback Pawls

One of the main causes of injuries with these tools is the kickback. It’s a commonplace occurrence, which doesn’t happen due to operator error but a series of unfortunate events. However, modern units have a convenient splitter that’s responsible for eliminating any kickback. As with the blade guard, some users decide to take it off as it can slow down the cutting process. Needless to say, you should leave it in place.

The conclusion

If you’re a devoted enthusiast, looking for the right tool for your needs, take a few minutes to read our buyer’s guide, which is full of useful information. If you’re a professional, you might find something of interest, but you’re probably looking for something with more cutting power and accuracy.

If you’re an absolute beginner, don’t hesitate to read some of our safety articles so that you avoid any unpleasant surprises. For those on a tight budget, these models are generally more affordable than their heavy-duty counterparts.

Instead of picking up pieces of information as you go along, our advice and suggestions are all here in one place. We offer plenty of valuable insight and the best portable table saw reviews, helping you find a product that suits your needs

Find a product that suits your needs.

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