DeWalt DW745 Review

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DeWalt DW745 Review

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DeWalt DW745 Review Summary:

Compact, relatively lightweight, yet surprisingly powerful — the DeWalt DW745 was an ideal garage saw for home DIYers and an excellent portable tool for trade contractors.

But, it’s no longer available.

With a ten-inch blade driven by an 1850-watt motor, this unit effortlessly dealt with larger timber — providing 2.25-inch cuts at 45 degrees and 3.125-inch cuts at 90 degrees. And, boasting telescoping rails, this table saw provided smooth and accurate wood presentation while being retractable for transportation.

Built with a focus on durability, the DW 745 incorporated a steel roll cage — shielding the power tool from accidental drops and impacts. Furthermore, with a zero to 45-degree bevel facility, this unit was an ideal tool for cabinet makers and joiners.

An internal overload protector guarded the machine against motor stress — useful when dealing with wet and frozen timber. And, a substantial push bar kept wandering fingers away from the spinning blade — elevating safety.

Although immensely popular with both hardcore home-users and pro-specialists — after four years on the market, the US-based DeWalt discontinued the table saw. It was replaced by the more rapid — and equally impressive — DWE7485. For more info on this upgraded version, head over to my DeWalt DW E7485 review.

However, for those contractors and DIYers who originally purchased the machine — the DW785 remains a reliable and trustworthy wood tool.

DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job Site

Features and Benefits of the Dewalt Table Saw DW745

Although the respected DW745 DeWalt is no longer available — here are some of the features that made it popular with amateur and pro users alike.

The Basics

The DW745 was a great solution for people who demanded an affordable piece of equipment with a significant number of features — with everything you needed for mid-sized DIY and trade projects. Many professionals praised its accuracy, durability, and most importantly — portability.

The main advantage of the DW745 was the fact that you could carry it anywhere and effortlessly move it from place to place. Straightforward operation and low on working space requirements — it was an ideal entry-level table saw for home-users who lacked the workshop room for a full-sized unit.

Telescoping Rails

Despite the DeWalt DW 745 being a small saw — it could handle large wood.

Like the upgraded DWE7485, it featured rack and pinion telescoping rails, turning this compact unit into a substantially sized machine — allowing you to tackle joists, fence posts, and drywall slats.

Impressive Rip Capacity

The telescoping rails — in combination with the 24-tooth carbide blade — promised a mighty 20-inch rip capacity. It permitted you to cut through full material sheets, delivering a maximum sawing depth of 3.125 inches at 90 degrees, and 2.25 inches at 45 degrees.


Powerful Motorn

What appealed to many trade users was the grunty motor — despite being a transportable machine.

Knocking out 3850 rpm from its 15-amp powerhouse, it effortlessly sliced through pressure-treated timber, wet lumber, and hardwoods.

Bevelling Option

For intricate finishing, the DW745 from DeWalt included a zero to 45 degree bevelling facility. Featuring a large, easy-to-read scale, selecting the correct direction of attack was fuss-free — while a quick-bevel lock permitted time-saving selection of the chosen angle.


The DW745’s attention to safety was one of the major reasons it gained a large DIY following — making it low on hazards for even the most inexperienced table saw users.

A substantial push bar kept delicate digits away from the spinning blade, while a friction-reducing table surface guaranteed smooth timber propulsion — preventing over-pushing and slipping risks.


The DW745 DeWalt table saw incorporated a 2.5-inch dust collection port. Vacuum compatible, it allowed you to attach a shop or home suction unit to the tool — keeping dust volumes to a minimum. Therefore ensuring a mess-free working environment and shielding you from the hazards of airborne timber particles.

DeWalt Compact Table Saw DW745 Specifications

Although no longer on the market, here are the specs that guaranteed the popularity of the DW745.

DeWalt DW745
Weight45 pounds
Blade10-inch carbide tipped
Speed3850 rpm
Motor15 amps
Arbor size0.625 inches
Depth of cut at 45 degrees2.25 inches
Depth of cut at 90 degrees3.125 inches
WarrantyThree years

What Users Say About The DW745

Although no longer in production, the DW745 from DeWalt still has a remarkably faithful following amongst existing users — illustrating its reliability, power, and ease of use.

Owners praise its lightweight and portable design, applaud its extensive telescoping rails, and welcome the bevelling facility.

Sure, it wasn’t a perfect unit. Many users indicate that the lowering and raising pivot needs frequent oiling — while others complain that vibration levels are high, with no easy anchoring points to prevent ‘walking.’

That said, for a home use or easily transportable trade machine, the DW745 remains a powerful — albeit discontinued — table saw.

Alternatives To The Dw745

Since the DeWalt Table Saw DW745 is no longer purchasable — unless you get your hands on a pre-loved unit — I’ve put together three impressive alternatives.
Wagner Spray 250

The successor to the DW745 — and a worthwhile heir to the portable table saw throne.

Weighing virtually the same as the original unit, the DWE7485 offers a higher speed, the same 15 amp motor, and similar telescoping rack and pinion rails. The major difference is that this successor features an 8.25-inch blade — as opposed to the 10-inch of the DW 745. For an in-depth examination of this machine, check out my DWE 7485 review.

  • 5800 rpm in comparison to the 3850 rpm of the DeWalt 745.
  • Three-year warranty — identical to the DW745.
  • Shallower cuts to both the left and right sides, due to the smaller blade.
Tacklife SGP15AC
If the compact design of the discontinued DeWalt DW 745 appealed — but you lack enough workbench space for it anyway — this machine might interest you.

Similar to the defunct DeWalt machine, the Tacklife boasts a 10-inch cutting blade, 15 amp motor, and extending rails. However, what makes the MTS01A different, is that it arrives complete with a small footprint and removable quad-leg stand — meaning you can keep your bench free for other projects

  • Faster speed — 4800 rpm in contrast with the 3850 rpm of the DeWalt.
  • Like the DW 745, it possesses a 45-degree bevel feature.
  • Includes a safety push bar — like the DeWalt saw.

Portable Cable PCC620LB

Should you fancy a table saw that’s somewhat more hardcore than the obsolete DeWalt DW 745 — this unit from Bosch may get your cutting juices flowing.

A true contractor-grade table saw, the 4100XC-10 delivers a mighty 4.0 horsepower, anti-kickback protection, and an enormous 30-inch rip capacity — 10 inches greater than the DW745.

  • Wheeled stand — not a feature of the DeWalt.
  • Hefty — 109 pounds as opposed to the 45 pounds of the DW745.
  • Restart protector to prevent accidental operation — not seen in the DeWalt unit.


With its lightweight build, versatile telescoping rails, and powerful 15-amp motor — the now discontinued DW 745 DeWalt was an excellent portable table saw for home and trade users.

Boasting a 45-degree bevelling option, it was ideal for cornices and dados — while the vacuum port promoted dust-free operation. And, with a heavy focus on safety features, its push bar and frictionless table surface provided reassuring peace of mind — even for novice users.

Alas, it is no more.

So, if you’re seeking a compact machine that’s equal, if not better than, the DeWalt DW745 — I heartily recommend taking a look at its successor, the DeWalt DWE7485.

DeWalt DW 745 Compact Table Saw FAQs

Q: Where Can I Buy the DW745 DeWalt?

Unfortunately, the DW 745 from DeWalt has now been discontinued. If you’re looking for a machine that’s similarly specced — I suggest you check out the DWE7485.

Q: Is the DW745 Cordless?

No. The obsolete DW 745 ran off a 120-volt mains supply. If you’re seeking a cordless compact table saw, I recommend you take a look at the DeWalt DCS7485T1.

Q: Where Can I Find the DeWalt Saw DW745 Manual?

For rapid access to the DW745 Manual.

Q: Can I Buy Parts for the DW745 DeWalt Circular Compact Table Saw?

Yes. Although the machine is no longer in production, you can still obtain replacement parts from the official DeWalt website.

To help you identify the correct component, here’s an exploded diagram.

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