Ridgid R4516 Table Saw Review

Ridgid R4516

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Ridgid R4516 Table Saw

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Nov 27, 2022 @ 12:08 pm

  • Design
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  • Price

Ridgid R4516 Review Summary:

While knocking out 5000 rpm, featuring an incorporated carry handle, and boasting a self-aligning rip fence — the straightforward operation of the Ridgid R4516 makes this table saw an ideal premium DIY unit.

Specifications: R4516 Ridgid Table Saw

  • Weight – 63 pounds
  • Dimensions – 30.5 x 25.5 x 15 inches
  • Power source – Ac/Dc
  • Power – 15 amps

Ridgid R4516 – The Basics

When it comes to this particular model, it offers more than enough power to cut through any wood with ease. Therefore, you don’t have to think about whether it’s going to be viable for a particular project – you can rest assured that it will. The compact design allows you to use it wherever you want and move it whenever you want without any issues. It comes with a wheeled base meaning you don’t have to carry it around in your hands. Instead, you can roll it on its wheels and save some time and avoid fatigue.

Safety is quite good, the price is more than acceptable, and most importantly – it’s a high-quality, heavy-duty tool. Instead of opting for the first cheap model you stumble upon, take a moment and check the available features of this unit, it might be of interest to you.

The Features

The design

Compactness and easy transport are two main advantages of its design. If you’re working on a busy construction site, there is a high possibility that you’ll have to move from place to place frequently. It can be quite a burden if your table saw doesn’t have any wheels or convenient hand grips. Luckily, the R4516 does come with a wheeled base which mitigates the transport.

Durability is great because the base is quite sturdy thanks to the steel frame. Many models are made of other cheaper metals, and that can be a nuisance as time goes by. You have to find a model that’s able to withstand drops and hits, especially if you’re a frequent visitor of busy construction sites.

Dust collecting

People are usually used to seeing poor dust-collecting capabilities in affordable tools. However, this model has a pretty good dust-collecting port, and it works fine. On the other hand, because the unit isn’t completely enclosed, you cannot expect a miraculous dust-collecting performance. But, that being said, it is at a satisfactory level.


The safety mechanisms on this table saw are surprisingly good in comparison to some other models from the same category and price range. The anti-kickback system is one of the most important safety features in any table saw. Luckily, this particular model has an effective anti-kickback mechanism which ensures top levels of safety.

Apart from the much-needed preventive mechanisms, it also features a large On/Off button. While it may seem quite irrelevant, the size of the switch is extremely important and can sometimes make a difference between life and death. The key is in reacting quickly, and having a large switch allows you to react quicker than usual.










Dust-collecting could have been designed better

Ridgid R4516 details
Ridgid R4516 details

Things we liked about it

The versatility and precision are two main things we liked about this particular product. It offers an accurate miter gauge which isn’t as wobbly as some other ones. Also, the engraved numbers are comprehensive and clean meaning you won’t have to worry about losing the desired angle in the middle of a project.

Apart from those two elements, the price is also an advantage that’s worth mentioning. One would expect it to be more expensive considering the vast array of features. However, it comes with a decent price, and it’s actually slightly cheaper than some models with fewer features. If you’re looking for a decent table saw with a ton of auxiliary stuff, this one is a perfect candidate.


Things we didn’t like

Truth be told, we didn’t find many disadvantages when it comes to the R4516. Some people reported receiving damaged packages, but it doesn’t have anything to do with sheer performance. Instead, it’s probably a matter of bad shipping companies.

The only thing they could have done better is the dust-collecting aspect. However, it’s not as bad as it sounds, it still works well.

What Users Say About The Ridgid R4516 

Devoted hobbyists love this particular model due to its ease of use and versatility. Also, professionals appreciate its precision and the accuracy of the miter gauge. As we already said, there are no major drawbacks to this model; therefore, a vast majority of customers are quite happy with it. It works well, doesn’t make a lot of noise, and requires minimal maintenance. Although, make sure you read the user manual before starting it for the first time and making necessary adjustments.

Ridgid R4516 impressions


There’s not much to think about when it comes to this particular model. If you’re looking for a top-quality mobile table saw for mid-sized projects, this unit should be a pretty good candidate. The price is surprisingly affordable meaning that even people on a tight budget can think about investing in a good heavy-duty tool.

You can rest assured that it performs as advertised. There are no hidden flaws or unspoken defects. While many people find it hard to believe, it might be a perfect table saw for a vast variety of applications. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something different, take a moment and check our other reviews.

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