DeWalt DCD708C2

Dewalt DCD708C2
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DeWalt DCD708C2

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

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DeWalt DCD708C2 Review Summary:

DeWalt DCD708C2 is for any DIY enthusiast that likes to do their own projects using great tools.
This cordless drill is built by one of the most popular brands in the tool industry. It is, in my opinion, a suitable solution to the problem of large drills that are difficult to maneuver, especially in tight spaces. Many users have been thrilled by its compact, lightweight form that houses a brushless motor.

What’s more, boasting variable speed, adjustable clutch settings and remarkable power capabilities — it can accommodate a diverse range of tasks. And, arriving with a soft carrying case, complete with two 20V MAX rechargeable batteries, plus the charging unit — the essentials are included.

Dewalt DCD708C2 comes from the Dewalt brand, one of the most popular names in the industry. Dewalt is an American company that specializes in making quality power and hand tools. Although bought by Black & Decker in 1960, the aim of producing tools that are job site ready hasn’t changed.

DeWalt DCD708C2 Specs

  • Voltage – 20 Volts
  • Power – 340 UWO
  • Chuck size – 0.5 inches
  • Dimensions – 7.9 x 6.3 x 3.86 inches


  • Variable speed trigger.
  • DeWalt brushless motor.
  • Superior gripping strength.


Lightweight — only 2.4 pounds.
Portable and compact design.
Variable speed control.
Quick charge time — 30 minutes.
Efficient brushless motor.


Trigger speed design could be better.
Lacks a bit attachment clip.
Chuck sometimes loosens.

Features and Benefits of the DeWalt DCD708C2 20V Max

When it comes to DIY tools and equipment, few brands on the market can challenge DeWalt. For me, this brand stands out in the pack. You’ll find a DeWalt tool for almost any application, and it will work well. Since you’re here, you obviously want to find out whether this cordless drill is the right choice for you. What makes this drill stand out despite the intensely competitive market?

Let’s find out what this drill has to offer:


For most cordless drills, power is measured in voltage. The higher the voltage, the more powerful the machine’s torque, which in turn will help it overcome resistance easily. Over the past ten years, the voltage in cordless drills has increased from 9.6V to 18V. While that’s impressive, the DCD708C2 knocks it further into the park with a battery voltage of 20V!

With this much grunt behind it, you have a cordless drill that’s capable of doing almost whatever you want. From boring large holes in lumber to drilling through the flooring, there is almost no limit to what you can do with this machine around the home or in your workshop.


Have you ever stripped a screw or overdriven it even after it’s snugly fitted into a hole? It’s frustrating, right? Well, thanks to the clutch found in this model, you don’t have to experience that ever again.

An adjustable clutch separates the electric drill from the cordless drills. The clutch of the DeWalt DCD708C2 lies at the back of the chuck. It works to disengage the drive shaft of the machine immediately after a specified resistance level is achieved.

What this does for you, is that once engaged, the motor still turns, but the screwdriver part remains immobile.

The number of clutch settings on the drill depends on the model, but it’s generally accepted that the more of them, the better. Fortunately, our reviewed drill is built with 15 clutch settings, which offer versatility and prevent frustrating drilling. While it will not drive the largest screws you’ll find, the average number of settings hits a sweet spot and will work with most sizes on the market.

Interestingly, this model also sports a drill setting in the clutch, a feature that allows you to drive the machine at full power.


Another feature that I found beneficial here is the variable speed settings. Many standard drills incorporate a single speed, but it’s preferable to have more.

This model can be switched between 0 RPM to 1650 RPM using the trigger. Thus, it’s a great fit for both light-duty and medium-duty applications.

The speed trigger offers you a higher level of control and precision — two parameters that are essential if you’re working on a delicate surface.


The primary advantage of being battery-powered is that you’re not restricted by a cord. What this means in practical terms, is that you can use the DeWalt almost anywhere you want. This comes in handy if you’re working in tight spaces. The ability to take the tool to the work instead of the other way around is underrated.

Additionally, the DeWalt DCD708C2 is powered by Lithium-ion batteries. These are the latest types of batteries found in cordless drills and are vast improvements over the batteries found in older drills. For one, these cells don’t possess the memory effect — meaning they will recharge to their intended capacity. They’re also lighter than older versions, and that translates into the overall weight of the cordless drill.

New batteries can be a costly affair, which is why I was thrilled to discover that the DeWalt DCD708C2 kit includes an extra pack.

Weight and Balance

When choosing a drill, especially as a DIY enthusiast, one of the features that you ought to consider is the weight and balance of the tool. Well, this tool is pretty lightweight. It weighs just 2.4 pounds when empty and 5.6 pounds when the batteries and other accessories are inserted.

You will thus enjoy an easier time using this tool, especially if you’re working for extended periods.

Additionally, DeWalt has tweaked the design of the tool to ensure a better balance. The handle is ergonomically designed, which makes for a better grip. This means, you don’t have to struggle to keep the tool from tilting upwards or downwards.

LED Light

Dark, small spaces can be pretty tedious to work in. If you’ve ever wished you could attach torchlight to your tool for better visibility, then you’ll fall in love with the Dewalt DCD708C2’s LED function.

The LED light is designed with the tool and helps to shine a light on your work — aiding your precision and confidence.

Brushless Motor

Older models of cordless drills came with brushed motors. However, I’m pleased to find that this model has a brushless version. While this type of motor used to be found in top-of-the-range, contractor-type tools, you can now find them in DIYer-based models, like our DCD708C2.

The advantage of having a brushless motor in this machine is that it makes work more efficient. Brushed motors run at a constant rate — regardless of what you’re drilling into. But the brushless version in the DCD708C2 adjusts to the level of resistance it meets — thus reducing energy consumption.

Apart from lower energy costs, a decreased level of friction in these motors also minimizes the frequency of changing parts.

Thus, you don’t have to worry too much about constant maintenance or repairs.

DeWalt DCD708C2 Specifications

DeWalt DCD708C2
Chuck Size0.5 inches
Clutch Settings15
Maximum Power340 UWO
Tool Length6.3 inches
Tool Height7.9 inches
Tool Weight2.4 pounds
Charge Time30 Minutes
Chuck DesignKeyless
Maximum RPM0-450 / 0-1650 RPM
Voltage20 Volts
Batteries Included2

What Users Say About The DeWalt DCD708C2

When deciding whether a tool or product is right for you or not, one of the best proofs is from what other users have to say. In creating this DeWalt DCD708C2 review, I scoured the internet for feedback from others. And, it appears I’m not the only one that rates the features of this tool.

Users praised a number of things about this machine. One of the most popular advantages touted by DIY enthusiasts is the compact, lightweight design. Others compliment the improved ergonomics, in that it’s better in comparison to what they’re used to and very straightforward to handle.

And, the addition of an LED light is another popular feature — allowing them to drill even in low-light conditions.

Alternatives To The DCD708C2

While the DeWalt DCD708C2 is one of the highest-rated cordless drills among users, it isn’t the best tool in its category for everyone. And that’s fine.

Thus, if this model isn’t suited to your tastes or you have different needs, I’ve provided some alternatives that offer some of the things this model could be lacking for you.

DeWalt DCD777C2

Dewalt CFC777C2

The DCD777C2 and the DCD708C2 are relatively similar drills. They both lie in a comparable price bracket, come with brushless motor technology, 0.5-inch maximum chuck, and 20V battery voltage.

However, in terms of drilling and ability to drive, the DCD777C2 offers you better overall performance. It’s a slightly stronger tool — in that it gives you a maximum RPM of 1750 compared to the maximum 1650 RPM of the DCD708C2. Hence, it has the edge for those that need more ‘oomph’ from their cordless drill.

  • Similar price point.
  • Both models include the same brushless motor.
  • More power than DCD708C2 — maximum of 1750 RPM, compared to 1650 RPM.

DeWalt DCD709C2

Dewalt DCD709C2
As with many of the DeWalt drills in this category, these two cordless drills offer much the same functions in most respects. The major difference between the two is that the DCD709C2 comes with a unique hammer drill feature. Therefore, it does a better job at drilling into hard surfaces like brick or concrete.

If your projects involve a considerable amount of masonry work — this model could be better suited for your needs.

  • Chuck size (0.5-inch) and clutch settings (15) are the same.
  • Maximum RPM of 1650 — equal to the DCD708C2.
  • Includes a hammer function — something that the DCD708C2 lacks.

DeWalt DCD791D2

Dewalt DCD791D2
Another alternative is this model, that for the most part has identical features — such as, two rechargeable cells, belt hook and ergonomic handle.

However, the DCD791D2 is more powerful and will deliver more lighting in dark conditions. It incorporates speed settings of up to 2000 RPM, and its LED light is more comprehensive, arriving with three modes. Plus, the hardshell toolkit box offers a greater level of protection for the drill.

  • Touch harder on the wallet compared to the DCD708C2.
  • 3-Mode LED — better than the DCD708C2.
  • More brawn — with up to 2000 RPM.


So there you have it — an in-depth review of one of what I believe to be one of the best cordless drills by DeWalt.

Although cordless drills offer incredible portability and convenience, many worry about the battery life. Well, from this review, you can see that the DeWalt DCD708C2 solves that dilemma for you. Not only is it lightweight and portable, but it also features an impressive battery.

What’s more, with its adjustable speed and variable clutch settings, this power tool should be able to tackle multiple tasks. Plus, the LED function is a handy feature when you’re working in your shadow.

Hence, if you’re looking for a compact cordless drill that offers noteworthy battery life for a wide range of projects, I suggest you check out the DeWalt DCD708C2.

DeWalt DCD708C2 Cordless Drill FAQs

Q: Can You Use a 240V Power Supply to Charge the DCD708C2?

No. The manufacturer stipulates that you only use the charger with 110V-120V current.

Q: Is this DeWalt DCD708C2 a Drill and Hammer Drill?

No. The DCD708C2 is not a drill and hammer drill tool. It only comes as a drill driver.

Q: Is the DeWalt Atomic Series Good?

Yes. This series of drills is one of the best series in DeWalt’s line of tools. The line consists of 20V Max compact brushless cordless power tools that help you get a lot of work done in a short space of time.

Q: Is DeWalt a Good Brand?

The DeWalt brand is popular in the tool industry. It makes tools that are durable, efficient, and very reliable. No wonder that DeWalt tools are found in workshops and job sites around the globe.

Q: What Does DeWalt Atomic Mean?

This is a new line-up of products from DeWalt that features compact tools that are more powerful and possess better impact drivers than predecessors.

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