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Tacklife PID01A

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Tacklife PID01A Review

Knocking out 2800 rpm from its six-amp motor — yet at a price point within reach of the home user — the Tacklife PID01A is an impressively multifaceted hammer drill for the serious DIYer.

Its variable speed trigger permits effortless control of the output velocity, while a 12-stage dial allows you to choose the maximum rpm delivery. And, with its top-mounted rocker switch, you can change between either rotary or rotary and hammer action to suit your target material.

Boasting a 0.5-inch keyed chuck, this corded unit enables the use of wide diameter bits. Furthermore, a hefty secondary handle — rotatable through 360 degrees — adds to drilling accuracy while allowing you to get some serious muscle behind the tool.

Relatively lightweight at 5.5 pounds, and incorporating soft-touch handles, the unit should stave off fatigue on longer projects. What’s more, with a lock-on trigger feature, you can shield your digits from cramps and strains.

Catering for the DIYer and newbie user, this machine arrives complete with everything you need to crack on with your drilling jobs. The box not only contains the tool itself, but also a chuck key, depth gauge, and a set of eight drill bits — suitable for wood, plastics, and masonry.

This machine comes from the Tacklife stable, a China-based brand that was founded back in 2015. The PID01A is the entry-level unit in its corded hammer drill line-up.


Incorporated hanging hook.
DIY grade.
Reliable metal 0.5-inch keyed chuck.
One-year warranty.
Easy-pull trigger.


Low on torque — not suitable for reinforced concrete.
Doesn’t include a carry case.

Features and Benefits of the Tacklife 0.5-Inch Hammer Drill PID01A

Affordable, yet impressively versatile, the PID01A from Tacklife is an excellent home-use drill for the ardent DIYer.

Here’s what makes this unit suitable for the non-trade user:

Two Drill Settings

A top-mounted rocker switch permits you to effortlessly change between the drill’s two driving alternatives— even when wearing thick protective gloves.

You can opt for either the standard rotary drilling action for plasters, drywalls and woods — or for hardcore work when attacking stubborn concrete and masonry, go for the rotary plus hammer setting.

Powerful Motor

Driven by a six-amp powerhouse, the Tacklife PID 01A knocks out a satisfying 2800 rpm — permitting speedy completion of repetitive drilling or driving projects. Furthermore, the pure copper build of the motor offers reassuring reliability and speed consistency.

Variable Speed Trigger

While it’s pleasing to know that the Tacklife PID0 1A can deliver 2800 rpm — you don’t always want to be rapidly drilling away like Lewis Hamilton on a flying lap.

For work where a little more precision is required — such as cabinet construction or when driving screws — you can step down the grunt anywhere between zero to 2800 rpm.

Operated by a variable speed trigger, you can change the output rapidity one-handed. Furthermore, a lock-on feature allows you to rest your precious digits — elevating stamina on time-heavy projects.

And, as a nice additional safety and accuracy feature — the machine includes a 12-stage rotary dial that permits you to select the maximum speed, no matter how hard you squeeze the trigger.

0.5-Inch Chuck

If you’re a DIYer with semi-pro aspirations — you want an affordable machine that allows you to tackle projects like the big boys. That’s why I applaud the inclusion of an 0.5-inch keyed chuck with the Tacklife Hammer Drill PIDO 1A.

Many home-grade drills incorporate a 0.375-inch head — insufficient for seriously wide diameter bits. However, the 0.5-inch of the Tacklife allows you to utilize these hardcore project driving heads, while also permitting the use of stirrer accessories. Although, while suitable for addressing paint, it lacks the torque for plaster mixing.

What’s more, the keyed feature (key included) offers reassuring bit stability — and the reversible chuck makes the unit suitable for screw removal.

Auxiliary Handle

To misquote George Orwell in Animal Farm (1945) — one handle good, two handles better.

Extreme dense material drilling — such as attacking bricks, cements, and mortars — can require more than just a machine with hammer action. Sometimes, you need to put in a little of your own physical brawn.

Hence, it’s pleasing to see that the Tacklife Corded PID01A incorporates a secondary handle. Fully rotatable through 360 degrees, it means you can apply some serious pushing power to tackle stubborn walls — while positioning the auxiliary grip in the most convenient position.

Depth Gauge

With your drill set to eleventy-stupid, and with the feeling of a brawny tool in your hand, sometimes you can get a little carried away.

That’s why I welcome the inclusion of a top-mounted depth gauge with the Tacklife 0.5-Inch PID01A. Preventing you from over drilling, this handy accessory ensures your rawl plugs aren’t lost into the newly created hole, or that you don’t drive completely through cabinet doors or sides.

However, should you consider this restricting component to be the work of the dictatorial power tool overlords — after all, it’s your drill, you should be allowed to drive as deep as you want — it’s easily removable in a matter of seconds.

User-Friendly Design

Weighing just 5.5 pounds — the PID 01A Tacklife should permit fatigue-free drilling even on those longer construction or demolition tasks.

Robust and textured handles promote a comfortable and stable grip, while a convenient hanging hook allows you to safely store the unit when not in use.

Additional Accessories

With the Tacklife Hammer Drill PID01A — you get more than just the base tool.

In addition to the chuck key, auxiliary handle, and depth gauge, this machine arrives complete with an eight-piece bit set — making it an ideal kit for drilling newbies.

Multi-sized, these boring heads can tackle metals, plastics, woods, masonry, and concrete.

Tacklife Corded Hammer Drill PID01A Specifications

Tacklife PID01A
Weight5.5 pounds
Chuck0.5-inch keyed
Speed2800 rpm
Power Input6 amps
Frequency60 Hz
Voltage120 volts
Included accessories0.5-inch
WarrantyOne year

What Do Users Say About Tacklife PID01A

In my opinion, the Tacklife Corded PID01A Hammer Drill is a creditable machine for casual-to-medium use home applications.

Yet, am I alone in holding this view?

To ensure an unbiased perspective on this unit, I sought the owners’ views of this hammer drill — to unearth how this machine copes in real DIY situations.

Happily, users of the PI D01A from Tacklife proffered positive judgments — remarkably similar to my own.

These guys welcomed its variable speed trigger function, applauded the 2800 rpm output, and praised the inclusion of chuck key, depth gauge, and drill bits.

To be fair, not everyone was overcome with joy.

A couple of DIYers criticized the lack of a hammer-only function — making the drill unsuitable for pure demolition work. Furthermore, one doom-monger felt that the torque was insufficient to address wet lumber and thick metal sheeting.

However, all owners of the Tacklife Corded PID01A agreed that it was a suitably versatile and price-friendly machine for the amateur user.

Alternatives To Tacklife PID01A

If this Tacklife PID01A review has left you a little underwhelmed — fear not.

I understand that this machine will not be suitable for all enthusiastic DIYers, and have therefore put together below some impressive alternatives that may get your driving juices flowing.

Wagner Spray 250
If you’re looking for a reliable corded hammer drill, yet feel that the Tacklife is a little lacking in the brawn department — consider this offering from industry behemoths DeWalt.

Powered by a 7.8 amp motor — 1.8 amps greater than the PID01A — the DW511 knocks out a grunty 46000 bpm on its hammer function. Thus making this unit more suited to hardcore concrete applications than the Tacklife.

  • Slightly tougher on the bank balance than the PID01A.
  • Weighs 4.3 pounds — 1.2 pounds lighter than the Tacklife.
  • Unlike the PID01A, the DeWalt doesn’t arrive with a multi-bit set.
Tacklife SGP15AC
Should you consider your drilling expertise to be more pro than the DIY-grade Tacklife — you want a tool to match your prowess. If this sounds like you, consider this unit from the US-based Milwaukee.

Cranking out a massive 3500 rpm — as opposed to the 2800 rpm of the Tacklife — this is a true contractor machine. Its monster nine amp powerhouse — three amps more than the PID01A — permits an eye-watering and masonry crushing 56000 bpm on the hammer function.

  • Significantly harder on the wallet than the Tacklife.
  • Comes with a hard carry case — not included with the PID01A.
  • Five-year warranty, as opposed to the one year of the Tacklife.

Need a hammer drill but don’t want to be constrained by mains tethering? If that’s the case, this cordless unit from Porter-Cable may be the answer to your prayers.

Like the Tacklife, the PCC620LB offers a 0.5-inch chuck, hammer or rotary action, and a reversible chuck feature. However, driven by a 20-volt 2.0 Ah lithium-power cell instead of a cord — it makes the machine inherently more portable than the PID01A.

  • Slower than the Tacklife — 1600 rpm in contrast with the PID10A’s 2800 rpm.
  • Higher price point than the Tacklife.
  • Features an LED lamp — not included with the PID01A.


Feature-packed, affordable, and complete with an eight-piece set of drill bits — the PID01A is an excellent corded hammer drill for the keen DIYer.

Its pleasingly speedy 0-2800 rpm output makes the unit ideal for the majority of home-use wood, metal, and masonry applications. Its 0.5-inch keyed chuck permits the use of wide diameter bits, and its substantial auxiliary handle allows for precision and power on dense masonry.

Agreed, it’s a little underwhelming for trade pros — lacking the torque for stubborn materials.

However, for an entry-level hammer drill that arrives with everything you need straight-outta-the box — I recommend checking out the Tacklife PID01A.

Tacklife Corded Hammer Drill PID01A

Q: Where Can I Buy the Tacklife Corded PID01A?

The PID01A from Tacklife is a corded hammer drill that knocks out 2800 rpm from its six amp motor. To get your hands on this machine, click here.

Q: Is the Tacklife Hammer Drill PID01A Made In the USA?

No. The PID 01A from Tacklife is manufactured in China.

Q: Where Can I Find the PID01A Manual?

You can obtain the instruction guide for the Tacklife Corded Hammer Drill PID01A by clicking here.

Q: Can I Drill Concrete With the PIDO1A Tacklife?

Yes, with its 2800 rpm and hammer action, the PID 01A Tacklife is suitable for addressing masonry, brickwork, and concrete.

Furthermore, with its included eight-piece drill bit set, you can also tackle plywoods, solid timber, metals, and plastics.

Q: Will the Tacklife Corded PID01A Mix Plaster?

While the 0.5-inch keyed chuck will accommodate mixing accessories, the unit lacks sufficient grunt to address plaster — although it is suitable for thinning paint.

Q: Is Tacklife a Good Brand?

Tacklife is renowned for manufacturing affordable and reliable power tools that possess features typically only seen in high-end machines.

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