Cartman 1500W Heat Gun Review

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Cartman 1500W

Reviewed by: Sean Masri

Last modified: Jul 24, 2023 @ 6:55 am

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Cartman 1500W Review Summary:

The Cartman 1500W is a budget-friendly introduction to digital heat guns — suitable for the casual DIYer looking to take those first tentative steps in multi-temperature hot air work.

Delivering a heat spectrum of 122 to 932 degrees Fahrenheit — this unit is equally at home whether you’re thawing gutters or rapid drying epoxy resin. A rear-mounted LCD screen enables you to control the heat delivery in 50-degree increments — while a six-speed fan gives you the versatility of hot air intensity.

Arriving complete with four nozzles, you can customize your machine for your particular project — while two-handed operation should help to reduce hand fatigue on longer jobs.

In use, this heat gun feels like a cost-saving machine. Not possessing the durability of higher-end units, I believe it wouldn’t suit professional or intense use.

This heat gun is a third-party branded item — with the same model being retailed under other marques — such as Teccpo, Powerbuilt, and ProTect. As such, you are not gaining the industry experience and back-up that you would receive from, say, a Wagner or DeWalt unit.


Competitively priced for a digital heat gun.
Two-handed operation.
Complete with four additional nozzles.
Integrated hanging ring.
Temperature range of 122 to 932 degrees Fahrenheit.


Third-party branded unit.
Lacks the robustness of higher-end models.
Additional nozzles lack durability and often don’t remain in-situ.

Features and Benefits of the Cartman HG12D Heat Gun 1500W

Relatively light on the wallet and promising to satisfy all your hot air requirements — the Cartman 1500-watt machine may tempt those looking for their first digital heat gun.

Let’s delve into the detail to see what it has to offer.

Temperature Range

Providing heat from 122 to 932 degrees Fahrenheit, this gun should cope with the majority of household hot-air projects — from removing adhesive labels through to loosening nuts and bolts.

Admittedly, it lacks somewhat in the upper temperature range — with many of the higher-end examples reaching 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, it may struggle with stripping multiple layers of paint that have accrued over the years.

Fan Speed

Perhaps one of the most welcome features of the Cartman heat gun 1500-watt is the choice of six fan speeds. Few units currently on the market offer this number of blower rates.

This gives you the flexibility to adjust not only the temperature of the heat gun — but also the intensity at which this hot air is delivered.

LCD Screen

The rear-mounted digital display indicates your current temperature setting and fan speed. This console is remarkably simple to operate — making it suitable for the LCD heat gun newbie.

There are just four buttons — a plus and minus to adjust the temperature, a repetitive-press fan button to change blower rate, and a Celsius/Fahrenheit key.

My only criticism of this digital display is the size of the screen — it’s quite small compared to its competitors. Hence — if you have less than perfect eyesight — viewing your current settings may be challenging.

Two-Handed Operation

If you’re working on time-intensive projects, holding a heat gun for lengthy periods can be tiring on the hands.

Therefore, it’s nice to see that this unit has a two-handed facility — allowing you to effectively ‘spread the load’ and finish your project in a timely manner. That said, many users indicate that the integrated handles are located too close to one another — meaning if you have larger hands you may struggle to hold the unit comfortably.

Additional Nozzles

It’s pleasing to see that this unit comes complete with four additional nozzles — allowing you to deliver the correct heat distribution on your working material.

  • Reducer — for concentrating direct hot air.
  • Wide — to evenly distribute heat over a larger area.
  • Glass protector — to safely strip paint or remove putty from around windows.
  • Reflector — to effectively ‘wrap’ the heat around copper or plastic piping.

However, due to the budget nature of this product, the nozzles aren’t that durable — care must be taken to ensure they don’t become misshapen or dented.

Integrated Hanging Loop

As the machine doesn’t come with a carry case, it’s reassuring to see the inclusion of a hanging loop. This allows you to safely store your tool on a hook or pegboard — and reduces the temptation to drop into the bottom of your toolbox or cupboard, where it could suffer knocks and scrapes.

Mains Cord With Protector

The Cartman 1500 heat gun incorporates a 5.9-foot power cable — which should give sufficient freedom to work safely on your projects. Additionally — where the cord meets the unit — it has a tension protector. Meaning that — should you overstretch the cable — it will remain securely attached.

What Users Say About The Cartman 1500W

While I feel that this unit isn’t suitable for the tradesperson or a more demanding DIY-fanatic, the Cartman HG12D should make for a price-friendly introduction to digital hot-air work.

But, does it function in the field?

To ensure a completely unbiased review of this machine — I sourced the opinions and feedback of owners of this heat gun. Overall, it seems that this unit has been positively received.

Many comments referred to its rapid heat up, easy to use digital console, and competitive price point. The only negative responses referred to its lack of durability and unsuitability for extensive use. But — bear in mind — this is a budget heat gun, not a high-end workhorse.

Alternatives to Cartman 1500W

The Cartman heat gun 1500W may not be the machine to get you hot and excited. If that’s the case — consider one of these solid alternatives.

Makita HG6530VK

Should the Cartman lack the durability, reliability, and kudos that you’re chasing in a heat gun — then this unit may be the solution.

Like the Cartman, the Makita machine incorporates a digital display and comes with four additional nozzles. Yet, it differs in that it hails from a brand with over 100 years’ experience in power tools, has its own hard carry case, and boasts a hands-free feature.

  • Greater temperature range than the Cartman, 122-1202 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • More suited to the tradesperson or serious DIYer than the Cartman.
  • A considerably higher price point than the Cartman 1500-watt.

Wagner HT4500

Coming from Wagner, a company specializing in paint removal and spray power tools, the HT4500 is a digital heat gun that’s focused on practicality and durability.

It incorporates a cool-down feature to protect the life of the precious heating coil, five additional accessories, and a hard carry case to allow for safe transportation of your tool.

  • A similar price point to the Cartman.
  • larger temperature spectrum — 120-1200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It has five fan speeds, while the Cartman HG12D has six.

Wagner Furno 300

If multiple fan speeds and LCD screens seem excessive — and all you want is a user-friendly, back-to-basics unit — take a look at this heat gun.

Offering a choice of just two temperatures, 750 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, the Wagner 300 is ideal for the casual household user who is looking for basic applications, such as stripping paint and loosening adhesives.

  • Unlike the Cartman, the Wagner Furno offers hands-free use.
  • Easier on the pocket than the Cartman 1500-watt.
  • Includes no additional accessories.


Undoubtedly, the Cartman HG12D is a versatile machine that will tackle the majority of home hot air requirements.

An impressive temperature range, six blower speeds, and a simple to operate LCD display should make this unit ideal for the digital heat gun newbie who demands flexibility.

Furthermore, four additional nozzles, the facility for two-handed operation, and a lengthy mains cable elevate the unit’s practicality and enhance project results.

I do, however, believe that lacking robustness, and the backup and reputation of top-end brands, means this machine isn’t suitable for the professional tradesperson or dedicated DIYer.

But, for a home user who wants a cost-effective step-up in the heat gun world — the Cartman 1500W may be the solution.

Cartman HG12D 1500W Heat Gun FAQ

Q: Can the Cartman HG12D Bend Plexiglass?

Yes, but be careful to monitor the temperature. Start on a mid-range heat setting and gently begin to warm the plexiglass. If it doesn’t become malleable, gently raise the power until the material begins to ‘give’ a little.

Q: How Much Does the Cartman HG12D 1500W Cost?

With a large temperature spectrum and six blower speeds — the Cartman 1500-watt is a budget-friendly introduction to the digital heat gun world. To check out the current cost of the Cartman HG12D.

Q: Can the Cartman Heat Gun Solder Metal Pipes?

Yes. Use the included reflector nozzle to ensure even heat distribution around your copper pipes.

Q: Does the Cartman 1500-Watt Heat Gun Use Celsius or Fahrenheit?

The digital screen of the Cartman heat gun can display temperature settings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. A push button on the console allows you to toggle between these two heat metrics.

Q: Cartman 1500 Watt HG12D Heat Gun Uses?

A temperature spectrum of 122 to 932 degrees Fahrenheit and a choice of six fan speeds make the Cartman heat gun a highly flexible power tool. While not an exhaustive list, you can use this machine for:

  • Forming plexiglass.
  • Stripping paint.
  • Removing varnish.
  • Softening caulk.
  • Breaking down putty.
  • Melting the glue on adhesive labels.
  • Thawing pipes and gutters.
  • Defrosting freezers.
  • Loosening stubborn bolts, screws, and nuts.
  • Rapid drying of epoxy.
  • Thawing radiators.
  • Drying damp surfaces.
  • Curing cement.
  • Molding pipes.
Q: Is the Cartman Heat Gun Made in the USA?

No. This unit is made in China.

Q: Can the Heat Gun from Cartman Heat EVA Foam for Cosplay?

Yes. On a mid-heat setting, the Cartman 1500-watt is ideal for shaping and forming foam.

Q: Can the Cartman HG12D 1500W Shrink Plastic Around Soap?

Yes, but with care. The Cartman heat gun is ideal for shrink wrapping in general. However, if enclosing soap, you will need to achieve a balance between sufficient temperature to seal the plastic, but not enough to melt the soap.