Wagner Furno HT400 Heat Gun Review

Wagner Funo HT400

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Wagner Furno HT400

Reviewed by: Sean Masri

Last modified: Jul 24, 2023 @ 7:56 am

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Wagner Furno HT400 Review Summary:

The ultra-compact Wagner HT400 is an immensely versatile heat gun for the DIYer, crafting hobbyist, and general homeowner.

Its unique angled design allows you to wield this unit in a pencil or pistol grip — whichever is most appropriate for your current project. Furthermore, it permits you to reach areas that a standard heat gun can’t access.

Delivering a choice of two temperatures, 450 and 680 degrees Fahrenheit, this heat gun is suitable for jobs such as melting glue, powder embossing, and softening putty.

An inbuilt stand gives you the option of hands-free use, while its small concentrator nozzle makes this machine perfect for work where precision is key.

And, this is a heat gun with a pedigree.

Coming from the Wagner Spraytech stable — you have the backing of a serious industry player, with over 70 years’ experience in paint application and removal.


Original pistol and pen pencil grip options.
A dual temperature of 450 and 680 degrees Fahrenheit.
Compact size.
Integrated stand.
Accesses hard to reach areas.


No choice of additional nozzles.
Unsuitable for covering large areas.
Lacking in top-end temperature.

Features and Benefits of Wagner Furno HT400

Time to get down to business and see in detail exactly what the Wagner HT 400 650 degree heat gun has to offer.

Unique Design

Perhaps what separates the Wagner HT 400 from the majority of heat guns on the market is its uniquely-angled aesthetic.

For intricate work, such as warming up embossing powder, you can utilize the pencil grip — allowing you the ultimate in precise control. However, if you’re more DIY-centric, manipulating this machine in the pistol grip position allows you to tackle more heavy-duty projects, such as paint stripping.

Furthermore, the slightly bent design and its compact nature allow you to reach areas that are inaccessible to full-size units.

Dual Temperature

Purpose-built crafting guns are phenomenally useful tools — but their application is limited.

Sure, they’ll warm up embossing powder to the perfect temperature — but with just one heat setting — that’s all they can do.

Hence — by Wagner incorporating a dual temp level into the HT400 — it’s made a power tool suitable for both the crafting enthusiast and keen DIYer.

Select the heat setting via a rear-mounted rocker switch. You can use your thumb to click between the two options while holding the gun in the pistol grip position — allowing for one-handed use.

The LOW (450 degrees Fahrenheit) is ideal for crafting work — such as embossing or gluing. The HIGH (680 degrees Fahrenheit) enables the homeowner or DIY enthusiast to shrink wire cables, form foam, and strip paint.

However, bear in mind that — for paint or lacquer removal — this unit is only suitable for addressing small areas. It’s narrow concentrator nozzle — while ideal for precise artwork — doesn’t have a wide enough delivery to tackle vast swathes of paintwork.

Integrated Stand

Whether a committed crafter or dedicated DIYer — you know there are occasions where you need two hands free.

Hence, this is why it’s pleasing to see that the Wagner HT 400 650-degree heat gun possesses an integrated stand. This two-legged metal support allows you to aim the unit upwards — delivering a vertical stream of hot air. Thus, it permits you to two-handedly manipulate your artwork or material above this plume.

When not in use, this stand folds away onto the unit casing.

Compact Size

If you’re a crafter, you know that space on your desk or table is a precious commodity. Equally, if you’re a DIYer, you have a similar issue on your workbench.

Cluttered areas restrict your ability to complete precise work — and can lead to safety hazards.

The small dimensions of this heat gun maximize your working space — and allow the gun to fit snugly into drawers, toolboxes, or even the car’s glove box, when not in use.


Weighing just 0.7 pounds, wielding this machine for extended periods shouldn’t induce hand fatigue. This should permit you to crack on with your crafting or DIY and get the project finished in a timely manner.

Mains Cable

With six feet of power cord, I suggest that the HT400 Wagner heat gun delivers sufficient freedom for you to complete your repairs or artwork comfortably. It possesses a US-style, two-pronged, 120-volt plug.

Cool-Touch Side Bars

When using the machine in the pencil grip position, your fingers are positioned precariously close to the hot air nozzle.

To avoid any risk of burns or discomfort — Wagner has included its proprietary Cool-Touch sidebars into this unit. Vented and insulated, they ensure that your hands aren’t exposed to hot temperatures during operation — elevating both safety and comfort.

Furthermore, these sidebars are heavily textured — improving your grip and avoiding accidental slippage.

Rear Vents

The back of the Wagner heat gun HT400 boasts eight ventilation holes. These elevate airflow through the machine. This ensures that the outer shell remains cool and prevents the heating coil from reaching too high a temperature. Thus, it increases the longevity of this crucial component — and allows you to enjoy years of happy crafting and DIYing.

What Users Say About The Wagner Furno HT400

In my eyes, I consider that the seriously compact HT400 is an excellent tool for crafters looking for an embossing tool — and equally suited to householders or DIYers seeking a small yet powerful heat gun.

But, perhaps I’m wrong!

Hence, to ensure that you have all the possible information on this unit — I explored and researched the views of both handicraft experts and DIYers who own this power tool. Happily, I can report that their opinions were reassuringly positive.

These guys and girls lauded its two-grip options, loved its dual heat feature, and praised its integrated stand. To be fair, there was a little dissension in the ranks — with some committed DIYers saying it lacked the power for heavy-duty paint stripping. While true, you have to remember this unit is designed for precise and delicate projects — not industrial use.

Alternatives to Wagner Furno HT400

If the Wagner Gun HT400 isn’t making you hot and excited — then don’t fret. I’ve found some alternative options that should satisfy your needs.

Chandler CTHG150D

If you’re something of a crafting purist — and find that the HT400 concentrates too heavily on the DIY aspect — then the Chandler is the solution.

This purpose-made artisan heat gun is considered by many to be the ultimate embossing tool. Like the Wagner, it also possesses a dual temperature feature, but has the familiar, straight ‘pencil’ design.

  • A similar price point to the Wagner gun.
  • Like the HT400, it also has an integrated stand — but doesn’t allow for vertical use.
  • It’s angled purely at the crafting connoisseur — not the DIY fanatic.

Black and Decker HG1300

Should you be chasing a compact heat gun for DIY — but find that that the HT400 lacks the power you need — I may have found the answer.

The Black & Decker HG1300 is smaller than most DIY hot air machines — yet still delivers powerful dual temperature settings of 750 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • A comparable price to that of the HT400.
  • Purely angled at the DIYer — not hobbyist as the Wagner machine.
  • While relatively small for a DIY unit — it’s significantly more substantial than the HT400.

Crafter’s Companion

Perhaps you need a bespoke embossing heat gun — but find the majority of units on the market too small and difficult to control. If so, this could be your ideal machine.

The Crafter’s Companion is an artwork heat gun that incorporates a substantial foldaway handle. This may appeal to seniors, or those who lack the dexterity to hold a gun in the pencil grip position.

  • Easier on the pocket than the HT400.
  • Unlike the HT400 Wagner, this unit doesn’t have dual temperature settings.
  • Significantly larger than the HT400.


Whether you’re a crafter looking for an embossing gun — or a DIYer seeking an ultra-compact machine — this unit covers both bases.

Dual temperatures, a choice between pistol and pencil grips, and a foldaway stand — mean that this heat gun is perfectly suitable for precise and intricate work.

Admittedly, some art aficionados may consider it not to be a true embossing machine — and some homeowners may feel it lacks the grunt to tackle hardcore paint stripping.

But, for a drawer-friendly and powerful machine that isn’t going to leave a gaping hole in your bank balance — the Wagner HT400 is a unique heat gun.

Wagner Furno HT400 FAQs

Q: Is the HT400 Wagner V120 or V240?

The heat gun HT400 runs at 120 volts.

Q: Does the HT400 Wagner Work Outdoors to Heat Shrink Crimp?

Yes. First use the heat gun on the lowest setting, to ensure that you don’t melt the wires. However, if it’s a particularly cold day, you may need to crank the temperature up to the high setting.

Q: What Are the Wagner Heat Gun HT400 Uses?

Featuring dual temperatures, and a unique twin-grip function, the HT400 has a multitude of crafting and DIY applications, including:

  • Melting embossing powder.
  • Small-scale paint removal.
  • Making cookie decorations.
  • Forming candles.
  • Melting glue.
  • Making soap.
  • Drying spackle.
  • Shrinking film for wrapping.
  • Softening caulk and putty.
  • Creating greetings cards
  • Making jewelry.
  • Removing decals and stickers.
  • Repairing smartphones.
  • Heat shrinking electrical tubes.
Q: What Is the HT400 Wagner Heat Gun Price?

Boasting dual temperatures, and integrated stand, and unique design — the HT400 is a competitively-priced machine that’s feature packed. To check out the current cost of the Wagner HT400.

Q: Can I Use the Heat Gun HT400 Wagner for Forming Foam and Worbla?

Yes. The manufacturer states in the HT400 manual that this heat gun is ideally suited to forming foam and Worbla — whether for cosplay or other art applications.

Q: Will the HT400 Dry Spackle on Walls?

Yes. Once you have applied the Spackle, use the HT400 on the HIGH setting to enable rapid drying.

Q: Can the HT400 Melt Craft Powder?

Yes. The Wagner embossing heat gun is used by many crafters to warm up decorative powders. Use the lowest setting for the best results.

Q: How Heavy Is the Wagner Hot Air Gun HT400?

The manufacturer indicates that the Wagner HT400 heat gun weighs 0.7 pounds — making it relatively lightweight for a DIY gun, although a little heavy for a crafting machine.