Chandler CTHG150D Heat Gun Review

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Chandler CTHG150D

Reviewed by: Sean Masri

Last modified: Dec 4, 2023 @ 8:12 am

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Chandler CTHG150D Review Summary:

Compact, incredibly easy to operate, and light on the bank balance — the Chandler CTHG150D is a versatile heat gun that’s suited to numerous crafting applications as well as some light DIY projects.

Unusually for a mini hot air machine, this unit incorporates dual heat/fan speed settings — knocking out either 392 or 572 degrees Fahrenheit of power. This enables the gun to address hobby work, such as melting embossing powder, forming foam, and making candles.

An integrated stand allows for safe storage on your desk while in use, and a six-foot cable should permit sufficient freedom for even the largest of art projects. Lightweight, this machine is effortless to wield, and its insulated body helps to keep the casing, and therefore your hands, cool during operation.

This heat gun comes from the Chandler Tool stable — and is the only hot air machine in its product line up. This California-based company is respected for its high-quality products, offering other tools, such as soldering irons, glue guns, and wood-burning kits.


Made in the USA.
Twin temperature/fan.
Lifetime warranty.
Substantial protector nozzle.
Insulated body.
392 and 572-degree Fahrenheit settings.
Incorporated stand.


Awkward to change the temperature while in use.
Loud for a compact heat gun.

Features and Benefits of the Chandler CTHG Heat Gun

Although a compact machine, the Chandler heat gun is a flexible tool — not only for light-duty DIY but especially for crafting work.

Let’s delve into the detail to see what makes this unit so adaptable.

Dual Temperature and Fan

Most miniature heat guns on the market permit only a single temperature and blower speed — restricting their spectrum of uses. However, the Chandler, with a choice of two settings, has the capability to tackle a wider range of applications.

A rocker switch on the rear of the unit allows you to select between low heat (392 degrees Fahrenheit) and minimal fan rate — or crank it up to the max with high heat (572 degrees Fahrenheit) and rapid blower speed.

Hence, for small, intricate projects, such as embossing, have it on low. Conversely, for larger jobs, such as drying acrylic paint, knock it up to high. By delivering a greater upper temperature than most mini guns — this also makes the hot air gun suitable for DIY projects, like wire sheath shrinking and defrosting pipes.

Integrated Stand

You may enjoy the feeling of a powerful tool in your hand — but at some point, you need to put it down.

When crafting, you will be adding embossing powder, applying glue, or simply rotating your base material — which can require two hands. Hence, I’m pleased to see that this heat gun incorporates a foldaway stand.

This allows you to safely lay the heat gun on the table — while still warm — without the risk of scorching your desk. It also eliminates the hassle of continually switching the unit on and off.

Nozzle Protector

General DIY heat guns have an exposed nozzle. To be fair, this typically isn’t an issue as they also incorporate pistol-grip handles — ensuring that your fingers are a safe distance away from this incredibly hot outlet.

However, miniature units, such as the Chandler CTHG, don’t have a separate handle — meaning that your digits can be incredibly close to the metal end of the gun. This danger is further exacerbated by the fact you wield them in a pencil grip — one slip and you’ve gained a couple of toasted fingertips.

Hence, it’s reassuring to see that the Chandler heat gun incorporates a nozzle protector — making it virtually impossible to touch the hottest part of the machine. Well, unless you intentionally stick your fingers down the end — in which case you probably deserve your BBQ’d fingers.

Furthermore, this safety feature, combined with the lightweight nature of the gun, means it’s suitable for younger members of the family (under supervision, naturally) to use.

Choice of Colors

Admittedly, for many users, the color scheme of their tools may not be a deal breaker. But if you’re one of those crafters where aesthetics are important — you may appreciate that this heat gun is available in a choice of either blue or pink hues.

Easy to Wield

Weighing just 13.6 ounces, this lightweight heat gun should be comfortable to wield and easy to control — even for those lacking wrist and hand strength. Conversely, standard DIY machines can have a mass of over two pounds — making them an effort to handle and delivering less than perfect precision.

Furthermore, the tapering shape of the Chandler heat gun’s body means that it’s ideally suited to pencil-grip manipulation — enhancing your accuracy.


You want your embossing powder or glue to become hot — not your hands.

So, it’s pleasing to see that this heat gun boasts 14 ventilation holes — improving airflow through the unit and helping to keep the casing cool. Additionally, the body of the machine incorporates extensive insulation — preventing thermal heat conduction and further reducing the shell temperature of the gun.

What Users Say About The Chandler CTHG150D

As you can see from the above, I consider the Chandler Heat Gun CTHG to be a worthwhile addition to the hobbyist’s crafting armory. However, admittedly, I’m not using it to make handmade birthday cards for my relatives on a weekly basis.

So, what do other guys and girls think about this heat gun?

For clarity, and to deliver a completely unbiased review, I examined the opinions of artwork aficionados who own this machine. And, I’m relieved to say, their views were both positive and — generally — in line with my own.

These crafters praised its novel dual temperature feature, welcomed the integrated stand, and lauded the substantial nozzle protector.

Make no mistake, there were some criticisms. Some users said that it was unsuitable for extensive paint stripping and lacked sufficient heat distribution to tint windows. But then, this heat gun wasn’t designed for such heavy-duty use.

Alternatives to Chandler CTHG150D

Despite being a highly practical miniature heat gun — it might be that this machine doesn’t get your juices flowing. If that’s the case, don’t despair!

I’ve sourced a few alternative products that may instead set your world alight.

Wagner HT400

If you’re seeking a mini heat gun — but want something angled a little more towards the DIYer and less to the crafter — this could be your ideal machine.

The HT400, like the Chandler, is a dual temperature gun. But, delivering higher heat settings (450 and 680 degrees Fahrenheit) and with a wider nozzle, it’s more suited to large home-improvement projects.

  • A similar price point to the Chandler.
  • While the CTHG 150D can only be used in a pencil grip, the Wagner offers both pencil and pistol grip options.
  • Hands-free capability, not a feature of the Chandler heat gun.

Homidic HJ7

If you only complete smaller projects, you may not have the need for two heat settings. That being the case, I propose that this may be a viable alternative.

The Homidic has just one temperature level of 392 degrees Fahrenheit — making it suitable for precise and intricate work, but not as useful for the DIYer.

  • Significantly lighter on the wallet than the Chandler.
  • Has a longer cable than the Chandler CTHG, at 6.56 feet.
  • Incorporates heavy texturing for grip, lacking in the Chandler.

Crafter’s Companion

Should you lack hand strength, or dexterity, you may consider that the Chandler CTHG150D could be difficult to wield. Hence, this heat gun may be a more comfortable and robust option.

Incorporating a foldaway handle, you can manipulate the Crafter’s Companion with a full pistol grip. This allows you to use your entire hand to control the machine, not just your fingertips.

  • A lower price point that the Chandler.
  • Single temperature as opposed to the dual settings of the CTHG150D.
  • Shorter cable (5.83 feet) than the Chandler heat gun.


In my opinion, for the serious hobbyist — this heat gun is one of the most user friendly and adaptable tools on the market.

Dual temperature settings deliver the flexibility to tackle both small and large arty projects, such as melting embossing powder, softening clay, or decorating cookies. A substantial nozzle protector keeps fingertips away from the business end of the unit — and an integrated stand allows you to lay the heat gun down while in use.

Admittedly, unless you only complete small DIY projects, it may not be suitable for the hardcore home improver.

Yet, for the committed crafter — the Chandler CTHG150D could turn your artwork into seriously hot property.

Chandler Heat Gun CTHG150D FAQs

Q: Will the Chandler Heat Gun Work on Solder Shrink Tube Connectors?

Yes. Using the CTHG150D on the LOW setting will allow you to heat-shrink tube connectors. Bear in mind, though — as this machine doesn’t have a concentrator nozzle — it’s imperative you don’t let the heat ‘stray’ onto any soldered components — as it may cause them to become loose.

Q: How Much Does the CTHG150D Chandler Heat Gun Cost?

Including twin heat settings and fan speeds, the CTHG 150D heat gun is a highly affordable unit for the consummate crafter. To check out the current cost of the Chandler CTHG150D.

Q: Can the Chandler Heat Gun Remove Paint?

Yes. Using the CTHG150D hot air gun on the HIGH setting will soften paint, allowing you to remove it with a scraper. However, due to its compact nature, this tool isn’t ideal for larger-scale projects, such as stripping banisters. If you are looking for a more heavy-duty machine — check out the best paint removal heat guns.

Q: Is the CTHG Chandler Heat Gun 120 Volts?

Yes. The CTHG150D is rated at 120 volts — and therefore suitable for connecting to a US mains supply.

Q: What Are the Uses of the Chandler Heat Gun?

With dual temperature/fan speeds, precise control and a lengthy mains cable — the CTHG150D hot air machine is suitable for a plethora of crafting applications and light DIY projects, including:

  • Applying embossing powder.
  • Removing unwanted glue.
  • Candle making.
  • Rapid drying of acrylic paint.
  • Forming foam.
  • Softening clay.
  • Making soap.
  • Decorating cookies.
  • Tube shrinking.
  • Thawing pipes.
  • Stripping small areas of paint.
  • Loosening bolts.
  • Desoldering.
Q: What Is the Temperature of the Chandler Heat Gun?

The heat gun from Chandler offers two heat settings, 392 and 572 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: How Heavy Is the CTHG150D Heat Gun?

The Chandler hot air gun weighs 13.6 ounces — making it significantly lighter than standard DIY machines, which often weigh in excess of two pounds.

Q: Can Children Use the Chandler Heat Gun?

Yes. The lightweight nature of the hot air gun and its nozzle protector make it suitable for use by older children.

However, as this is an electrical tool that emits high temperatures, ensure that you educate your youngsters on safe use — and make certain that they never use the machine unsupervised.