Genesis GHG1500A Heat Gun Review

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Genesis GHG1500A

Reviewed by: Sean Masri

Last modified: Jul 24, 2023 @ 7:05 am

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Genesis GHG1500A Review Summary:

At a remarkably low price point — the Genesis GHG1500A is one of the most cost-effective dual temperature heat guns currently on the market.

Easy to operate and with a 1500-watt output — this machine would suit the homeowner looking to add a hot air machine to their household toolkit, but who doesn’t anticipate extensive use.

There are two temperature settings of 572 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. These should provide sufficient heat

for casual DIYers looking for a unit to strip paint, defrost freezers, and light outdoor grills

Arriving complete with four additional nozzles, the Genesis gun gives you the freedom to alter hot air delivery, depending on your working material.

As an entry-level machine, this unit will not stand up to heavy-duty use — and has a tendency to overheat when used for extended periods. However, for light and infrequent hot air work, it’s ideal.

This machine comes from the Genesis stable, a brand that offers a diverse range of items, from electric drills through to water coolers. Many of its products, including this heat gun, are made by a third party and branded with the Genesis logo. As such, this particular gun also exists under other marques.


Includes four additional nozzles.
Temperature range of 572 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.
Simple to use.
Low price point.
Integrated stand for safe cool down.


Nozzles can be easily damaged.
It may overheat when used for elongated periods.
Lacks temperature versatility for serious DIYers.

Features and Benefits of the Genesis 1500W Heat Gun

While welcomingly affordable — the GHG1500A Genesis heat gun still possesses numerous beneficial features for the casual home user. Allow me to reveal the advantageous characteristics of this machine.

Dual Temperature

The Genesis gun has two heat levels — at a lower price than many single temperature machines on the market.

This adds to the machine’s flexibility, allowing you to tackle a wider range of household projects. For example, if you’re a hobbyist looking to make soap or melt embossing powder — use the LOW (572 degrees Fahrenheit) setting. Alternatively, if you need to strip paint or loosen rusted screws — crank up the unit to HIGH (1000 degrees Fahrenheit).

Unfortunately, you cannot select temperatures between these two levels — which may make it unsuitable for the tradesperson or committed DIYer who demands precise heat control.

However, adjustment of the power level is straightforward. Simply click the handle-mounted rocker switch into the up position for HIGH, and down position for LOW. This ease of use could make the gun appealing to the hot air newbie.

Textured Handle

While lacking the rubberized grip that’s seen in many higher-end units, the GHG1500A does feature significant texturing on the handle. This should increase the traction in the hand — delivering increased safety and preventing slippage.

Furthermore, the base of the handle includes a backstop buffer — ensuring the unit doesn’t slip through the palm of your hand, even when perspiring.

Six-Foot Power Cord

The GHG1500A Genesis incorporates an industry-standard, six-foot power cord. This should allow for sufficient freedom for the majority of your hot air projects.

However, there are some exceptions, such as working on automobiles that require a longer cable length. In these circumstances, you can use an extension cable — just ensure that it’s rated for at least 12.5 amps.

Should you overstretch the cable during your DIY jobs, you can have peace of mind in the knowledge that this heat gun includes a cord protector. This innovative plastic reinforcer will prevent the lead from ripping out of the heat gun when pulled.

Additional Nozzles

The Genesis 1500-watt heat gun comes complete with four additional nozzles — fantail, deflector, reflector, and concentrator.

This enables you to alter the hot air delivery intensity — either spreading the heat over a larger area, or concentrating it into a narrow plume.

As this machine doesn’t come with a carry case — you’ll need to take care when storing the nozzles. As they aren’t very substantial, they can become easily dented, impairing their efficiency.

Additional Nozzles

It’s pleasing to see that this unit comes complete with four additional nozzles — allowing you to deliver the correct heat distribution on your working material.

  • Reducer — for concentrating direct hot air.
  • Wide — to evenly distribute heat over a larger area.
  • Glass protector — to safely strip paint or remove putty from around windows.
  • Reflector — to effectively ‘wrap’ the heat around copper or plastic piping.

However, due to the budget nature of this product, the nozzles aren’t that durable — care must be taken to ensure they don’t become misshapen or dented.

Cool-Down Stand Feature

When you’ve finished your work for the day — you can stand this heat gun on its flat rear end, with the nozzle pointing upwards.

The end nozzle can remain hot for a few minutes after switching off. This feature allows you to safely leave the machine to cool down before you pack it away. It saves you having to place the gun flat on your workbench or table — an action that could lead to unwanted scorching and burns.

However, the manufacturer indicates this upright feature should not be used during operation — for example, to enable hands-free use.

Ventilation Outlets

On the rear of the Genesis 1500W heat gun, there are six ventilation holes.

These elevate airflow through the unit while in operation — which should prevent the handle and casing from becoming dangerously hot. Furthermore, with more air passing over the crucial heating coil — it’s longevity should be increased.

Although — on a gun that reaches 1000 degrees Fahrenheit — I would have welcomed a few more air inlets. It’s perhaps this insufficient number of ventilation outlets that lead to overheating during excessive use.

What Users Say About The Genesis GHG1500A

Looking at the features and price point of the Genesis machine, I consider this machine perfectly suited to the casual user. It’s ideal for those looking for an affordable heat gun that won’t be used for heavy-duty projects.

But, it would be unfair to make a blanket statement without considering the opinions of others.

Hence, I delved into the views and feedback of owners of this heat gun — guys who have much more experience of this unit than myself. And, the opinions expressed were generally positive.

Overall, it appears that these Genesis owners were impressed by its low price point, ease of use, and the fact it includes four interchangeable nozzles. Admittedly, some users explained that using the heat gun on the high setting for long periods can lead to overheating. But, to be fair, this isn’t a machine designed for industrial-intensity use.

Alternatives to Genesis GHG1500A

If this heat gun hasn’t ignited your enthusiasm, worry not — all isn’t lost. Here are some praiseworthy alternatives to the GHG1500A model.

Wagner HT1000

If you have your heart set on an affordable dual temperature heat gun but are concerned by the relatively unknown Genesis name — this may be a solid option.

Hailing from the Wagner SprayTech stable, a company with over 70 years of history in paint removal tools — the HT1000 delivers two heat settings, like the Genesis, but with the experience and backing of this industry specialist.

  • A comparable price point to the GHG1500A Genesis.
  • Includes a hanging loop for storage, not a feature of the GHG1500A.
  • Unlike the Genesis heat gun, the HT1000 does not include additional nozzles.

Porter Cable PC1500HG

Should you consider the dual heat settings of the GHG1500A too restrictive for your DIY needs — consider this variable temperature unit alternative.

The Porter Cable boasts a side-mounted dial, giving you the freedom to choose your ideal temperature, from 120 to 1150 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Twin fan speeds, not a feature of the GHG1500A.
  • Achieves a lower temperature than the Genesis, allowing for more delicate work.
  • Unlike the GHG1500A, the Porter Cable has no additional accessories.

Wagner HT400

Short on space and seeking a more compact unit? This example from Wagner SprayTech is a unique solution.

This dual temperature heat gun has a novel design — allowing you to hold in either a pencil or pistol grip. Compact and slimline, you can easily slip this machine into a drawer or toolbox.

  • Lower temperature settings than the Genesis — 450 and 680 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Slightly harder on the wallet than the GHG1500A.
  • Incorporates a two-legged stand for hands-free use — not a characteristic of the Genesis heat gun.


The GHG1500A Genesis heat gun is a simple to operate machine that’s incredibly easy on your bank balance.

With its twin temperature settings, four additional nozzles, and the six-foot power cord, it should be perfectly adequate for the majority of low-intensity household hot air projects.

Admittedly, it lacks the heat choice of higher-end models that may deter the serious DIYer. And, its unsuitability for extended use means it’s not ideal for the tradesperson.

However, as an affordable tool for a growing toolbox — the Genesis GHG1500A is a satisfactory solution.

Genesis GHG1500A FAQs

Q: What Are the Uses of the Genesis Heat Gun GHG1500A?

With six feet of power cord and boasting a dual temperature feature, the Genesis 1500-watt heat gun is suitable for a broad spectrum of applications, including:

  • Making candles.
  • Paint stripping.
  • Loosening floor tiles.
  • Raising linoleum.
  • Drying paint.
  • Bending plastic pipes.
  • Forming plexiglass.
  • Heat shrinking plastic film.
  • Removing rusted bolts.
  • Thawing frozen outdoor pipes.
  • Removing stickers.
  • Lighting grills without fuel.
  • Tinting car windows.
  • Desoldering.
Q: Can The Genesis Heat Gun Remove Cracked iPhone Screens?

Yes. The Genesis 1500W will loosen the adhesive, allowing you to remove the screen. Ensure that you use the heat gun on the low setting to prevent damage to the phone’s internal components.

Q: What Is the Price of the Genesis Heat Gun GHG1500A?

For a dual temperature heat gun, the Genesis 1500 watt has a relatively low price point. To check out the current cost of the Genesis GHG1500A

Q: Can the Genesis 1500W Shrink Wrap?

Yes. With the heat gun on the LOW setting, seal the product with the shrink wrap, and create a small hole in the film to ensure trapped air can escape. Move the heat gun in a left and right fashion across all the wrap, until it has become taut.

Q: What Is the Voltage of the GHG1500A?

The Genesis 1500-watt runs off 120 volts.

Q: Can I Remove Caulk from Tubs With the Genesis 1500 Heat Gun?

Yes. This heat gun will soften caulk allowing you to remove it with a scraper. However, if your tub is made from fiberglass, ensure you have the machine on the LOW heat setting.

Q: What Is the Temperature of the GHG1500A Heat Gun?

This machine has two temperature settings, 572 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: Can the Genesis Heat Gun Melt Paint?

The GHG1500A Genesis heat gun will warm up paint, allowing you to remove it with a scraper. Use the machine on the HIGH setting.