Titan 22400 Heat Gun Review

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Titan 22400

Reviewed by: Sean Masri

Last modified: Jul 24, 2023 @ 7:38 am

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Titan 22400 Review Summary:

Affordable and simple to operate — the Titan heat gun is a back-to-basics machine, suitable for the householder wanting to complete small and occasional hot-air projects.

Twin temperature settings enable you to select the appropriate heat level for your particular project — whether that’s stripping paint or welding plastics. A durable ABS body with double insulation promotes longevity and safety — while a rocker switch makes operation straightforward.

Furthermore, with a textured-grip handle, over six feet of cord, and dual blower speeds, you’ve got a machine that’s fitting for the casual home DIYer.

This machine hails from Titan, a branch of Star Asia USA LLC, which was founded in the USA in 2001.


750-1500 watts.
Temperature range of 572-932 degrees Fahrenheit.
Twin blowing speeds.
Longer than average cord.


Low upper-heat limit.
Restricted temperature choice.
No additional nozzles.

Features and Benefits of Titan 22400

While lacking many of the frills witnessed on higher-end machines — this heat gun still possesses enough features to satisfy the low-frequency user.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Dual Temperature

This machine possesses heat settings of both 572 and 932 degrees Fahrenheit — enabling you to select the optimum temperature level for your current project. Should you be removing paint or lacquers — crank it up to the higher setting. For those jobs that require a little less heavy-handed approach — such as bending plastic piping — keep it on the lower level.

Simple Operation

As this heat gun is primarily aimed at the novice and intermittent user — there are no manual choices of blow settings, LCD screens, or multi-function buttons to increase complexity.

Instead, you operate all the features via a simple rocker switch mounted in the unit’s handle. The center position is OFF, click up for LOW heat and down for HIGH temperature. That’s all you have to worry about — well, apart from when to take a coffee break.

Twin Blower Speed

The Titan heat gun 22400 has two blow speeds. If you love tech details, these are:

  • 10 cubic feet per minute on low.
  • 17 cubic feet per minute on high.

While it’s pleasing to see that this machine has the ability to provide variable heat-blowing intensity — it’s a shame that it’s not user selectable — which would deliver additional flexibility.


Although a budget-end product — this machine is robustly constructed and should withstand all the knocks and bumps of home DIY work.

The outer body is ABS plastic — providing a protective shield of armor to the crucial components beneath. Furthermore, the double insulation protects against heat transference into the hand and also reduces the likelihood of electrical shocks.

Six-Foot Cord

With a 72-inch mains cable — this heat gun should deliver enough freedom to complete your household jobs without overstretching. If even more cord length is required, attach the unit to an extension cable — although you need to ensure that it’s sufficiently rated to meet the 12.5 amps of this machine.

Textured Handle

One feature I particularly welcome is the ergonomically designed and textured handle. This should increase stability in the hand and provide additional comfort, even during extended use.

If you push yourself hard on your DIY projects, perspiration can become an issue. The contours of the handle, in addition to its traction-promoting surface, will provide a sure grip — even with moist hands.


Weighing just 1.5 pounds, the Titan 22400 is easy for people of all ages to wield. This should prevent the onset of hand fatigue during longer projects. Furthermore, I’d suggest — due to being lightweight — it may be extremely appealing to seniors or those with little hand or arm strength.

What Users Say About The Titan 22400

In my opinion, the Titan 22400 heat gun will appeal to the householder who doesn’t anticipate completing a plethora of hot air projects — but wants one of these versatile machines as an addition to their tool collection.

Yet, are users of this unit happy with its performance?

To gain a feel for this machine’s practicality — I researched both industry expert opinion and the views of owners. Overall, the feedback was positive.

Many people remarked upon its ease of use, solid build, and pocket-friendly price point. Admittedly, there were some criticisms — namely the restricted heat choice and lack of additional nozzles. But, overall, the feedback exemplified the practical and efficient working of this heat gun.

Alternatives to Titan 22400

If this unpretentious machine is a little too much on the basic side for your heat needs — consider one of these alternatives.

Wagner Furno 300

Even lighter on the wallet than the Titan 22400, the Wagner Furno provides higher dual temperatures (750 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit), and has a more modern aesthetic.

Furthermore, it hails from a brand leader in paint spraying and removal and comes complete with Wagner’s respected warranty.

  • Incorporates a hanging hook for easy storage — not found on the Titan.
  • Unlike the Titan, this machine features sidebars, allowing you to lay the gun flat on its side while hot.
  • Numerous additional accessories are available to increase the Furno’s versatility.

Porter Cable PC1500HG

For just a few dollars more — you can own the Porter Cable heat gun. This unit provides variable temperatures, ranging between 120 and 1150 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, you’re not restricted to just two heat settings, unlike the Titan 22400 gun.

Additionally, the two-speed fan levels are independent of temperature — allowing you to select the optimum heat and blower combo for your project.

  • Hanging loop, not found on the Titan.
  • Dial temperature control as opposed to a rocker switch on the Titan.
  • Longer established manufacturer than Titan.

Wagner HT4500

If you’re looking for a true 21st-century heat gun — this could be the unit for you. It boasts an easy-to-read LCD screen — indicating your current temperature setting and fan velocity.

Not just a heat gun — this unit also arrives complete with a carry case, four nozzles, and a multifunction scraper.

  • Huge range of 120-1200 degrees Fahrenheit, adjustable in 20-degree increments.
  • Five selectable blower settings, compared to just two in the Titan.
  • Suitable for a wider range of applications than the Titan 22400.


This is a no-frills, entry-level machine that will appeal to homeowners who know they need a heat gun — but also understand it will not be the most frequently used tool in their household.

Delivering two heat settings — it will be more than adequate for common DIY projects, such as stripping paint and removing adhesives.

While lacking the temperature versatility to cope with desoldering, waxing, or bending plexiglass — it’s a robust and solid machine that should provide years of trouble-free use.

Hence, while the Titan heat gun is ideal for the casual DIYer — it may leave the serious home-improvement fanatic a little lukewarm.

Titan 22400 FAQs

Q: Titan 22400 Uses?

Delivering a dual temperature feature, this heat gun is suitable for a wide range of uses, including:

  • Paint stripping.
  • Removing varnish and lacquer.
  • Drying paint.
  • Molding plastic pipes.
  • Shrink wrapping.
  • Unsticking adhesives.
  • Defrosting freezers, fridges, and pipes.
  • Removing car decals.
Q: What Is the Wattage of the Titan 22400?

The wattage is 750/1500 watts, depending on the temperature selection.

Q: Can the Titan Heat 224400 Gun Be Used Overseas?

This machine is rated for 120 volts. Hence, if you are using it in a country with 220 volts mains electric, you will need to use a voltage adaptor.

Q: What Is the Temperature of the Titan Heat Gun?

This unit has two temperature settings — 572 and 932 degrees Fahrenheit. You cannot select a heat within this range.

Q: Can I Use the Titan 22400 for Wrapping Vinyls on Cars?

You can — but let me offer a word of caution here. First, try the heat gun on the vinyl to see how it responds. Some thinner materials require a lower heat setting than the Titan can provide.

Q: Will the Titan Heat Gun Unsolder Parts From a Circuit Board?

I wouldn’t recommend it — as that use requires precise control of the temperature — which this unit cannot provide. Furthermore, you need a concentrator nozzle which is not included with this machine.

Q: Can I Pop Out Dents With the Titan Heat Gun?

No. The upper temperature of the Titan 22400 is insufficient to remove dents from metal.

Q: Does the Titan 22400 Have a Two or Three-Pronged Plug?

This machine comes complete with a two-pronged plug.

Q: Does the Titan Hot Air Machine Come With a Case?

No. This heat gun arrives in a cardboard box. I recommend for storage that you hang this machine on your wall or peg board, to prevent damage when not in use.

Q: Will the Titan Heat 22400 Melt Ice?

Yes. This feature makes the Titan heat gun suitable for projects as unfreezing pipes or defrosting freezers.