3M Accuspray Paint Gun Review

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3M Accuspray Paint Gun

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3M Accuspray Review Summary:

Aiming to simplify spray gun operation — the 3M Accuspray Paint Gun System is suitable for both DIYers and professionals. It includes everything you need to get started — apart from a compressor and the paint. With this gun, you can complete tasks such as painting cars, trucks, marine craft, commercial vehicles, cabinetry, furniture, and more.

Suitable for water and solvent-based paints, it delivers a high-quality finish. You’re supplied with five disposable nozzles, all varying in size — the more viscous the painting medium, the larger the nozzle you use. Each paint tip has a lifespan of five to ten applications — the theory being, ordering replacements, and you have a new gun ready to go.

The paint cup features a lid with a filter and disposable liners. It’s improved design ensures a reliable seal and reduces cross-threading — so you don’t experience leaks and drips. You can also paint at any angle through 360 degrees, which allows versatility for all those hard to reach places.

3M is a Fortune 500 company that has been in existence for more than a century. They pride themselves on creating innovative products that are distributed worldwide.


Molded, one-piece, composite, HVLP spray gun.
5 different replaceable atomizing heads — 1.2 mm, 1.3 mm, 1.4 mm, 1.8 mm, and 2.0 mm.
Patented (PPS 2.0) paint cups with printed universal mix ratios.
Disposable lids, liners, and nozzles.
Lightweight for prolonged use.
Cuts down on prep time and post-use cleaning by half.
Quick and simple spray width control.
Sprays at any angle.


Premium price point.
Continual expense on replaceable parts.

Features and Benefits of the 3M Accuspray Paint System

The Accuspray is portrayed as one of the easiest spray guns to use with consistently professional results. Does it live up to the hype? Let’s delve deeper into this 3M Accuspray System review and see what it offers us.

Patented Paint Preparation System (PPS)

3M’s proprietary PPS System has been utilized in this spray gun. This system consists of a plastic cup that incorporates liners, with a built-in filter housed in the lid and an easy thread to secure the cup on the gun. Pop a liner in the cup, fill it with your chosen fluid, attach the filter lid and retainer ring, and then twist and lock it onto the spray gun.

The seal and vacuum created from the collapsible liner enable you to paint in any direction. As the mix ratios and measures are indicated on the container, you know exactly how much medium to prepare for your project — slashing paint wastage. When you’re finished you can dispose of the liner and lid — as per your regional regulations — and use replacements on your spray guns next outing.

This model includes the PPS Series 2.0 — an upgraded version of the technology. Five liners and lids are included in the package.

Innovative Replaceable Spray Tips

Although it adds to the expense of this gun, the unique spray tip design allows you to simply click it off and change it out for a new one. Each tip can be used between five and ten times before you need to replace it — and they’re fuss-free to rinse out with water or a compatible solvent.

The tips are all color-coded by size — 1.2 mm (blue), 1.3 mm (green), 1.4 mm (orange), 1.8 mm (clear), and 2.0 mm (red). This makes it a breeze to select the size you want according to the viscosity of the paint you intend on spraying. Use the smaller sizes for basecoats, topcoats, and sealers, and the larger nozzles for gel coats, undercoats, adhesives, or industrial coatings.

The appeal of this interchangeable system is you essentially get a brand new spray gun every time you replace the head.

Durable, Lightweight Spray Gun

The main body of this spray gun is engineered as a molded one-piece unit. This not only adds to its strength but makes it very lightweight, which is an absolute bonus if you intend to use it for long periods.

An ergonomically designed handle and its ease of use might appeal to professionals who point and shoot a paint gun all day. Your fingers and hands won’t get tired as you apply medium to cars, boats, furniture, woodwork, cabinetry, and more.

Easy to Adjust

All the functions on this spray gun are adjustable. You can choose from a vertical or horizontal fan pattern up to 12 inches in width. This is great for detailed intricate work or covering large areas.

The fluid and air pressure can also be tweaked so you can customize the atomization and spray according to the job in hand.

What Users Say About The 3M Paint Gun

Investigating 3M Accuspray Paint Gun reviews is one way of finding out how it actually performs in the real world. Let’s summarize what users think of this spray gun.

Overall, it seems this unit lives up to its promises.

It lays down a high-quality finish for primer, sealer, clear and solid or pearlized color. With a little time spent adjusting the fan, air and fluid controls you could get a professional result every time.

The overriding factor that comes into play is how easy this spray gun is to clean. With most of the parts being disposable, you only need a small amount of thinner to clean the gun itself.

While the downside is that you have the extra ongoing expense of replacement parts, as well as the environmental factor of the disposables — many find the convenience of this unit the trade-off.

You can check out the 3M Accuspray reviews for yourself by clicking on the link below.

Alternatives to 3M Accuspray Paint Gun

If you’re thinking that the 3M Accuspray Paint Gun isn’t a match made in paint sprayer heaven for you. Here are some alternatives that may appeal.

3M 16580 Accuspray Spray Gun System

If you’re not interested in using heavy-duty mediums, then the 16580 Accuspray could fit the bill.

It includes the features of the 26580 spray system, yet the 16580 model is compatible with both the 2.0 series replacement parts as well as the original version. In contrast, the 26580 can only be used with the improved 2.0 series accessories.

The package includes four spray tips, as opposed to five in the 26580. The rest of the kit remains the same and it also attracts a slightly lower initial outlay.

  • Includes four replaceable tips (up to 1.8 mm) instead of five.
  • Lower price point.
  • The 16580 works with both versions of PPS — unlike the 26580, which only operates using the upgraded 2.0 Series.

Astro LVLP Spray Gun

Astro Tools bring us the EVOT14 LVLP spray gun with a lightweight, forged anodized body. Its internal passages are protected from corrosion with a special coating — reinforcing the durability element.

Proprietary “air curtain” technology helps to minimize overspray and saves money on paint. It features a 1.4 mm stainless steel nozzle, which produces a spray width of 7 inches — lower than the 3M offers.

  • Lightweight — weighing less (11.5 ounces) than the Accuspray (1.4 pounds) — the Astro has the edge for reducing fatigue.
  • Includes a stainless steel spray tip, as opposed to the plastic disposables of the 3M.
  • The Astro produces a smaller fan pattern (7 inches) than the 3M 26580 (max 12 inches).

Neiko HVLP Gravity Feed 31215A Air Spray Gun

Neiko offers a spray gun which has an all-steel body, stainless steel spray tip and needle, plus an aluminum paint cup. The package includes a metal air regulator complete with gauge, a cleaning brush and a multi-size wrench.

Operational features are similar to the 3M gun — this unit can be adjusted for paint delivery, spray pattern and airflow.

Furthermore, you have the option to select the size of spray tip you require — from 2 mm down to 1 mm — but only one is included — unlike the five with the 3M Accuspray.

  • Only one nozzle, as opposed to five with the Accuspray.
  • Includes an aluminum paint cup — instead of plastic, like the 3M gun.
  • Kinder on your bank balance than the Accuspray.


With it’s PPS Series 2.00 technology, the 3M Accuspray Paint Gun System has a heavy emphasis on the convenience of post-paint after-care.

The design offers exceptionally rapid clean up, and the patented paint cups with liners and filters also help save money on materials. Replacement of the atomizing heads provides you with the performance of a new gun whenever you change them out.

Granted, you will have the continual expenditure of the disposable parts — but if you’re prepared to compromise for the simplistic performance this gun offers, then check out the 3M Accuspray paint gun.

3M Accuspray FAQs

How Easy is it to Adjust the 3M Accuspray Paint Gun?

The adjustments for air, fluid and spray pattern can all be made quickly and easily. This video from the manufacturer shows you how it can be done.

Is the 3M Accuspray 26580 Paint System Suitable for Beginners?
This system is suitable for beginners, experienced DIYers and professionals alike. It’s set up is straightforward, and the adjustments can be made easily to achieve the atomization you require.
How Easy is it to Clean the 3M Accuspray?

One of the major appeals of this paint system is how effortless it is to clean. Yes, the replacement parts are disposable, but the spray tips are good for between five and ten uses. You can access the cleaning instructions in the 3M Accuspray manual here.

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