Brownells Aluma-Hyde II Review

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Brownells Aluma-Hyde II Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson
Published on: June 4, 2018
Last modified: June 4, 2018 @ 01:30 pm

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Brownells Aluma-Hyde II Review Summary:

At one point or another, we all want to have a gun of a different color. So, what we need is a simple, affordable and faster solution in DIY format. Brownells Aluma-Hyde II gives you the durable DIY home option for protecting and customizing your weapon.

We have found to be an excellent solution for this kind of project. It remains unaffected by any cleaning chemicals and resists fingernail scratches. And the best part is that you can get it for a very reasonable price.

Brownells Aluma-Hyde II – The Basics

The Aluma Hyde is a fantastic product for every user who wants to paint their weapons. The reason why this firearm paint is so good, lies in its incredible durable formula. It contains increased resistance to almost every cleaning chemicals, such as bore cleaners, solvents, and even trichloroethylene. These harsh cleaning solution for your guns can easily damage their paint.

Needless to say, that it is also formulated with a hard-curing epoxy base which contains high-density, extra pigment for a durable coating. This finish will stick to plastic and steel, all adequately prepared alloy and aluminum surfaces, and it also does a fantastic job on synthetic stocks.

The great thing about this set is that it comes with a variety of colors. Excellent feature for anyone who likes to camouflage its weapon. Another fantastic benefit that goes with this product is the fact that no primer cover is required for an abrasion-resistant, durable, rustproof and tough finish that compliments all weapon coating applications, and blends nicely.

Using the included manual, we had no problems whatsoever during the painting process. There are more instructional videos online, for less experienced users. So, now that we covered this product’s basics let’s take a look at its features.

The Features

Epoxy based paint

Epoxy spray paint was originally made for use in marine environments. However, it works excellent on the things that need durable and tightly sealed coating. As we mentioned earlier, this paint is formulated with the hard-curing epoxy base which contains high-density, extra pigment for a permanent covering. This finish will stick to plastic and steel, all adequately prepared alloy and aluminum surfaces, and it even works fantastic on synthetic stocks.

Variety of Colors

Aluma Hide II comes in a variety of colors which will give you the opportunity to choose the best one for your gun. Matte covering are available in Matte Black, Coyote (light, gray-brown), Desert Tan (light, desert-tan sand), O.D. Green for creating camo pattern stocks, Matte Clear, Earth Brown, Stainless Steel Gray (light), Dark Parkerizing Gray (medium dark), and Parkerizing Gray (medium gray).

Gloss Ruger Gray and Semi-Gloss Black closely match the industry shine and color.  We like the Matte Black for covering those used handguards and AR-15 buttstocks you pick up building anodized parts, knock-around truck guns, and parts guns.

Curing Time

This product will reach its full cure in about a week and will dry to the touch in only a few minutes. It is important to follow the instructions and apply it properly to the weapons. First, warm the paint and part to about 90 degrees F. Shake well the paint and apply coat for a nice finish. Wait a few minutes to dry and then apply the second coat.

Bear in mind not to wait more than 30 minutes for the second finish. Once this product begins to cure, it is essential to wait to pass the recommended curing time to recoat. However, you can use warm air (90 degrees F), and reduce the amount of time that is needed for full curing to about two days, no more.

Who Can Use Brownells Aluma-Hyde II


We have concluded that this Brownells Aluma-Hyde II is perfect for anyone. Beginner and hobbyists will find this paint very easy to use. Likewise, professionals will appreciate its durability and reasonable price.

spray-on gun finish product image



Powerful four-pole high-speed motor


Lightweight and easy-to-operate


Outstanding battery life


Protection technology



No extra battery


Noisy on occasions


Things we liked about it

The thing we like the most about this firearm spray paint is its hard-curing epoxy base. It contains an excellent formula which will provide durable covering. Another great thing about it is that it will stick to different surfaces such as plastic and steel, alloy and aluminum surfaces, and it even works fantastic on synthetic stocks. It might take a while for the paint to cure completely, but the result is excellent.

And, because it comes in a variety of colors, you will be able to choose the best one for your weapon or any other item you want to re-paint. So, if you are looking for a durable paint which you can get for a reasonable price, then this product is perfect for you.


Things we didn’t like

There is one thing we didn’t like about this spray paint that you should be aware of. Bear in mind that the product goes thicker than other competitive spray paints. Because of that, it will mess with tolerances such as setting up pivot pins and takedown.

That means that you need to pay more attention to some things during the painting process. So, before you start spraying your gun, watch out for any openings such as selector switch, before mentioned pins. They will need more attention so you can adequately address the paint.

What Uses Say About Brownells Aluma-Hyde II Gun Paint

Although this product has a few bad reviews, we think that it is worth checking out. This especially goes to users who want to paint their rifle or gun, because this paint is perfect for that. Just pay attention to the manuals and follow the painting process instructions. You won’t regret if you decide to purchase it.


The Brownells Aluma-Hyde II, all in all, is a great paint option. In fact, we would say if you take your time and adequately coat your weapon, it is every bit as good as most competitive paints we have used on guns. Does this sound like the product you need? Don’t wait any longer, buy yours today!

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