Astro 4008 Spray Gun Review

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Astro 4008 Spray Gun

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

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Astro 4008 Review Summary:

If you find turbine-powered HVLP machines don’t offer the versatility your painting projects need, a compressor compatible unit might be best. The Astro 4008 spray gun could be that tool.

Coping with the most common spraying mediums — including primers, enamels, acrylics, and contact cement — this gun is as comfortable addressing fences and walls as it is car bodywork and cabinets.

Working from a three horsepower compressor (not included), this unit knocks out a mighty 50-60 psi, which is sufficient to propel even the densest liquids while providing rapid coverage.

Its 1.8-mm (0.07-inch) nozzle provides a consistent and even coat with a minimum of overspray, reducing wastage. Featuring a proprietary Anti-Spill Air Feed Line, you can access the most awkward and tight spraying locations without worrying about drips.

A one-quart aluminum cup keeps weight to a minimum, reducing fatigue during extended projects. And the red-coated, stainless steel pistol and trigger offer reassuring durability.

With an industry-standard one-quarter inch inlet thread, this unit is compatible with most air compressors and hoses. Furthermore, it can produce a spray width up to eleven inches, allowing for the speedy completion of larger spraying jobs.

The 4008 is Astro’s flagship siphon-fed spray gun. It’s equivalent in the gravity-fed market is the EVOT14. The family-owned Astro brand has over 40 years of experience in the pneumatic arena and is based in California, although the product itself is made in China.


Weighs just three pounds.
Adjustable fan width.
Bold design.
One-quart aluminum paint cup.
Anti-spill feature.
One-year warranty.
Air consumption of 7-12 CFM.
Comprehensive instructions for spraying newbies.


Red paintwork is liable to chipping.
The small trigger may be tough on the fingers.
Lacks a choice of tips.
Liable to splutter when tilted.

Features and Benefits of the Astro 4008 Spray Gun

The manufacturer claims that the Astro HVLP spray gun is a step above the standard hardware store machines.

Time to dive into the Astro paint gun’s features to see if it meets these claims.

Anti-Spill Air Feed Line

If you’re a seasoned sprayer, you know the challenges of inverted spraying, such as painting ceilings. Typically, turning the unit away from the horizontal plane can lead to leakage and seepage. And cover your hands and floor with paint.

This is a common issue with turbine HVLP machines unless you opt for a unit designed to cope with this particular problem, such as the Wagner Power Painter Plus. And, in compressor-compatible guns, this unwanted occurrence is just as expected.

So it’s reassuring to see that the 4008 Astro paint gun incorporates an anti-spill air feed line. Even when spraying vertically there should be no unwanted drips from the canister.

That said, many users indicate that when spraying in an inverted manner, the suction begins to fail, leading to splatters.

Adjustable Fan Spray

When tackling large scale jobs like a complete exterior home respray, you need rapid coverage. I’m pleased to see this unit provides a broad 11-inch spray pattern, which will allow you to complete your big projects promptly.

However, size isn’t everything.

While this generous delivery is ideal for more extensive work, it’s overkill on precise jobs such as painting railings or staining shelves. The 4008 model, as with all Astro spray guns, has adjustable spray-fan settings, allowing you to narrow the delivery for detailed projects.

Aluminum Paint Container

The 4008 from Astro comes complete with a one-quart paint cup. This should provide sufficient capacity to cover an area of around 120 square feet (dependent on the stain or paint viscosity and the pressure level used).

This container is constructed from aluminum to prevent rust corrosion and should prolong the cup’s longevity. Furthermore, as it’s made from this lightweight metal, fatigue and wrist strain should be kept at bay.

That said, this aluminum build isn’t the most durable on the market. Many 4008 users note that even a little knock and the container dents.

Comprehensive User Guide

If you’re a newcomer to compressor spraying, all the talk of adjustable fans, overspray, and splutter can be a little overwhelming.

Thankfully, the guys at Astro understand that not everyone has pro-level knowledge of air-powered painting and have included a user guide that’s ideal for paint spraying virgins.

This detailed manual deals with compressor coverage essentials, including first-time set-up, tailoring spray patterns, determining flow rate, and the correct application of different spraying mediums.

Ergonomic Handle and Trigger

The Astro 4008 incorporates a welcome textured handle. This adds valuable traction, a boon for perspiring, or paint-drenched hands. It also helps prevent accidental mishaps that could otherwise ruin your final finish.

A curved easy-pull trigger offers additional stability and means fewer finger slips. Although, unless you have unfeasibly small digits, it only allows for two-fingered operation. In comparison, many of its competitors allow you to use four fingers.

1.8-mm Spray Tip

The 1.8 mm spray tip supplied with the Astro 4008 is compatible with most commonly used coatings, including primers, glues, enamels, and chalk-based paints. Just note that more viscous liquids may need thinning.

While undoubtedly a versatile tip, it’s a shame that this model doesn’t come with any alternative tip sizes, which would permit you to tailor your spray-end to your chosen medium. Other machines, for example, the Sprayit SP-33000, come with a choice of nozzle ends.

What Users Say About The Astro 4008?

In my opinion, this unit is a perfectly capable machine for infrequent users or compressor spraying new kids on the block.

However, to provide a completely unbiased Astro pneumatic spray gun review, I sought owners’ views. Let’s discover how this machine functions in real-world situations.

Happily, the feedback was positive for the most part. Users of the 4008 welcomed its lightweight construction, praised its variable-width spray patterns, and lauded the reliable 1.8 mm tip.

Granted, there were some naysayers. A few guys felt dissatisfied with the splutter that can occur when the gun is inverted. Furthermore, others questioned why this Astro paint gun, a machine that promises the ultimate in versatility, only includes one tip.

But in general, the owners agreed that the 4008 Astro provided a satisfactory even finish at a price point that doesn’t break the bank.

If you fancy doing your own Bernstein and Woodward type investigation (without bringing down the presidency), check out the testimonials for yourself.

Alternatives to Astro 4008 Spray Gun

If this Astro spray gun review hasn’t whetted your spraying appetite, don’t give up yet.

I’ve sourced three viable alternatives that may suit your requirements better and could stimulate your urge to paint.

If, like me, you’re disappointed that the Astro 4008 doesn’t offer a choice of tips, this machine could be the solution.

The SP-33000K arrives complete with three nozzle ends (1.3, 1.5, and 1.7 mm), allowing you to use the right tip for your spraying medium. Furthermore, with the included hard carry case, you can safely store your gun, tips, tools, and cleaning materials.

  • LVLP as opposed to the Astro 4008’s HVLP.
  • Smaller paint cup than the Astro paint gun; 0.625 quarts as opposed to one quart.
  • Harder on the pocket than the Astro 4008.
If you’re not a fan of bottom-fed units and prefer the greater flexibility of gravity-fed guns, this unit may appeal.

Like the 4000, the EVOT14 hails from the US-based Astro manufacturer. This machine is the company’s top-end compressor sprayer and features a completely anodized body for unbeatable durability and a soft-pull trigger to ease finger fatigue.

  • Smaller cup than the 4008; 0.63 quarts as opposed to one quart.
  • Unlike the 4008, this unit has an air curtain to prevent pollution and overspray.
  • LSignificantly tougher on the bank balance than the Astro 4008.
Loving the anti-spill and inversion capabilities of the Astro 4008, but neither own nor have the intention of purchasing a compressor? If that sounds like you, check out this unit.

The Power Painter Plus is an HVLP machine, but instead of utilizing a separate air unit, it works from an internal hydraulic pump. A proprietary EZ-Tilt feature means the sprayer works upside down with no drips or spillage from the paint container.

  • Harder on the bank balance than the 4008 but doesn’t need a compressor.
  • Like the Astro 4008, it includes a one-quart container.
  • Choice of three spray patterns, not a feature of the 4008.


If you’re an infrequent sprayer or taking your first tentative steps in the world of compressor painting, the 4008 Astro paint gun may suit.

Its 1.8 mm-tip copes well with the most popular mediums, while its adjustable spray width means you can customize your delivery to suit the base material.

The generous one-quart paint cup provides sufficient capacity for larger projects, and its anti-spill air feed line allows for inverted use. Furthermore, the comprehensive manual is excellent for air spraying virgins.

Admittedly, the lack of additional tips, liability to splutter, and the fatigue-inducing trigger will deter both pro-users and hardcore DIYers.

That said, if you want an affordable unit for casual home use, take a minute to check out the Astro 4008 spray gun.

Astro 4008 FAQs

How Much Does the Astro 4008 Cost?

The 4008 Astro is an affordable unit targeting the infrequent or beginner compressor-powered sprayer. To check out the current cost of the Astro 4008.

Is the Astro 4008 an Airless Sprayer? or Rolling?
No, the Astro 4008 requires air to atomize the paint. You’ll need a three horsepower compressor, which is not included with the Astro paint gun.
Is the 4008 an Astro LVLP Spray Gun?
No, this isn’t an Astro LVLP (low-volume low pressure) unit. Instead, the 4008 is an HVLP (high volume low pressure) machine.
Is the Astro 4008 Easy to Use?
Yes. Online Astro paint gun reviews frequently mention this unit’s straightforward operation. In addition, the machine comes complete with a user guide that’s ideal for compressor-spraying newbies.
How Powerful Is the Turbine in the Astro 4008?

There is no turbine in this unit. The 4008 Astro runs from an external air compressor. If you need a turbine-powered machine, check those out here.

Is the Astro 4008 Painting Spray Gun Made in China?
Yes. While the Astro paint gun is designed by a US-based company, it is manufactured in China.

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