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Editor Rating: 4.4/5



Reviewed by: Glen Fisher
Last modifiedMay 25, 2020 @ 8:08 am

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Review Summary:

Lvlp spray guns come in various shapes and sizes and more importantly, not all of them are of same quality. In fact, this particular market is quite saturated with all kinds of different spray guns which consequently leads to a massive drop in both quality and price. In simpler words, it’s quite hard to find a decent spray gun nowadays, especially if you don’t know what to look for.

The Sprayit SP-31000 model is a good opportunity for people who need a tool like this but aren’t sure whether or not it’s worth investing in. That’s why we went into details and reviewed every aspect of it so that you don’t have to. On top of that, this popular model is well-known for its reliability, quality, and most importantly – affordability. In case you’re planning on painting carpentry, walls, or even cars, this spray gun might be a good choice.


  • One-piece aluminum body
  • 1000cc aluminum cup
  • 5 to 3.9 CFM at 30PSI air consumption
  • Working pressure 28-45PSI, maximum pressure 60PSI
  • 7” to 10.9” fan pattern
  • Tip size 1.5mm

The Basics

This particular model is somewhere in the middle between a pro-level one and a DIY unit. It is capable of coping with somewhat large professional projects, but it’s definitely better for DIY endeavors. It’s a great unit for home and automotive applications. It will do well with lacquers, urethane, stains, enamel, and other low-viscosity paints. When it comes to paints with higher viscosity, it’s not the best option out there. Paint thinning is an essential part of working with this gun or else you are risking malfunction and damage.

The good thing about this model is the air control for precise application as well as materials used for nozzle production which is resistant to corrosion. Needless to say, this gun does require some maintenance, but it’s nothing you can’t get used to within a few uses.

The Features

The Design

The design is pretty straightforward and conventional. There are no peculiar or impressive things about it. The trigger control is excellent, which may seem irrelevant, but it actually has quite an effect on one’s experience. The ergonomic aspect of this unit is okay, but it could have been designed a bit better. Not that it’s unbearable or bad, but some aspects of the gun itself could have been designed much better. The air pressure valves perform fine although some people found them hard to adjust and fine-tune. While it’s not a universal predicament meaning not every unit struggles with valve control, it’s still worth pointing these concerns out so that you know what to expect if you opt to purchase the SPRAYIT SP-31000.


As far as the maintenance goes, it’s not as easy as one would expect, but it’s also not something you should worry about that much. The unit comes with a spanner and a brush which are designed to help you clean the gun better and faster. However, make sure you read the instructions and user manual before taking the unit apart and cleaning it, regardless of your previous experience because not all spray guns work on the same principle. They are usually very similar to each other, but there are always some minor conceptual differences.

Air pressure requirements

As you can tell, this model operates at 28-45 PSI with a maximum pressure of 60 PSI. Therefore, we can conclude that it doesn’t require a pro-level air compressor but can work with any that are capable of pushing up to 60 PSI. However, you shouldn’t take it lightly and more importantly – you shouldn’t buy the first compressor you stumble upon. Make sure it’s a high-quality one because it’s one of the essential factors for both user’s experience and end results.

What we liked about it

The simplicity of the design coupled with the overall good performance of this gun is probably the most positive thing about this model. It isn’t the best one on the market by any means, but it does offer more than enough features for DIY enthusiasts who are planning on tackling different painting projects.

One thing that made this model worth listing is its price, or rather, the price-to-quality ratio. In other words, because it’s an affordable piece of equipment doesn’t necessarily mean it’s poorly designed or manufactured. In fact, it’s a sturdy and ergonomic spray gun with good trigger control and low air compressor requirements.

The ease of use is also one of the good things about this unit. Most other spray guns tend to have a bit of complexity tied to them, but this particular one is as simple as they can get. All you have to do is hook up a hose, fill up the cup, and you’re ready to paint!





Ergonomic design


Suitable for inexperienced users



Nozzle tends to cause issues occasionally

What We Didn’t Like

There are some concerns we would like to point out, even though they are far from being game-breaking. While the nozzle is fully adjustable, it’s sometimes difficult to fine-tune the pattern to your own preferences. That can lead to predicaments such as uneven coating and overspray. Furthermore, it’s important to remember that this unit does not work well with particularly thick paint. Even after excessive thinning, it might give you some issues along the way. The maintenance process is fairly simple, but it can be tedious especially because of the fact that everything has to be aligned perfectly in order for this gun to perform optimally.


This is a decent product with a great price and durable design. As we mentioned, it’s definitely not the best possible thing on the market, but it’s quite favorable for DIY enthusiasts who don’t want to spend a ton of money on a tool that’s not going to be used more than a few times per year.

That doesn’t mean this model isn’t capable of withstanding constant use, but if you’re looking to handle things professionally, some other models should offer much better features. However, this tool is a nice and affordable addition to your inventory nonetheless.

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