Sprayit SP-33000 LVLP Paint Gun Review

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Sprayit SP-33000 LVLP Paint Gun

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

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Sprayit SP-33000 Review Summary:

Have you ever fancied trying your hand at spray painting? Now you can, with the Sprayit SP 33000 paint gun. All you need to add is a small, portable compressor and the paint of your choice, and away you go, Lightweight and functional, you can use it to paint cars, boats, large surfaces — such as fences and walls — or small detailed items, like chairs and intricate metalwork.

The low volume, low pressure (LVLP) feature means you don’t need an all-singing, all-dancing powerful compressor — a small one will work and deliver enough air for the gun to function. It also allows for less overspray, meaning less paint wastage.

The aluminum construction means it’s not heavy, so you can paint large areas without your arms getting fatigued. It’s also great for nooks and crannies, where you don’t want the paint splashing onto other areas.

The fluid needle and nozzles are stainless steel, making them corrosion resistant as well as durable. You can adjust the fan pattern, paint delivery, and airflow via separate controls, to give you a precise spray for just where you need it. The kit comes with all the accessories you need for cleaning, together with a handy plastic case for storage and transportation.

The Sprayit brand has been operating in the paint spraying industry since 1928, so has years of manufacturing experience. The company is one of the oldest and most well-known suppliers of spray guns.


Lightweight aluminum construction.
All-metal needles and nozzles.
Air regulator.
Fully adjustable for paint, air, and fan pattern.
Can be used with a small, portable air compressor.
Ergonomic handle design.
20-ounce paint cup.
Air pressure range 28.8-51psi, max air pressure 120.5 psi.
Consumption of 3.5 to 3.9 cfm.
Cleaning tools included.
1.3 mm,1.5 mm, and 1.7 mm spray tips.


Paint cup is plastic and not as durable as metal counterparts.
Can be tricky to fine tune for specific spray requirements.

FFeatures and Benefits of the Sprayit SP 33000

It’s marketed as being a paint spray gun suitable for beginners or professionals, but does the Sprayit SP-33000k live up to expectations? Let’s look at its features and find out.

Low Volume, Low Pressure Technology

Low volume, low pressure — or LVLP — technology allows paint to be dispersed from a dedicated gun, with minimal overspray. It allows for fast application of atomized paint, to give a high-quality finish with low paint wastage.

You can regulate the flow of both the air and the product, to achieve the perfect ratio for the spray pattern you want. These devices can be used with most modern coatings, such as stains, varnishes, and latex paints, without the need for thinning. It’s accurate and efficient enough for both the casual DIYer and the professional painter alike.

On the downside, you do need an air compressor, albeit a small one will suffice, which adds to your initial outlay if you don’t already own one.

Metal Gun and Accessories

The Sprayit 33000 features an aluminum spray gun, plus stainless steel nozzles and needles. This makes them durable and less likely to corrode than the plastic ones found on some spray guns.

The nozzle sizes are 1.3 mm,1.5 mm, and 1.7mm. The smaller the nozzle, the finer the spray. For more detail, check out my guide to choosing spray gun tips.

Adjustable for Versatility

There are three adjustments you can take advantage of when using the Sprayit SP 33000. The air volume can be turned down with the clockwise twist of a knob, or up with a counter-clockwise rotation. This will affect the pressure the paint is delivered at.

A second adjustment can be made to the paint flow, to either increase or decrease the fluid output. This is good for when you want to apply a thin or thick coat of stain, varnish, or paint.

Thirdly, you can also change the pattern of the spray — a turn fully to the right will give a circular fan pattern, and to the left an oval or ellipse pattern. You choose which one suits you best for the project you are working on.

Cleaning Kit Included

Part of ensuring your paint spray gun is always ready when you need it is proper cleaning and maintenance. Putting a gun away without getting all the paint out of it can quickly lead to clogging and deterioration of the unit.

All you need to keep your paint gun clean is included in the kit. You get brushes and needles to help remove paint residue after spraying, although you will need to buy a solvent to loosen the paint first.

Storage and Carry Case

I am sure that you, like me, have one of those drawers in your garage where you pop odds and ends from various tools, to keep them in a “safe place!” Then, when you come to look for them, you’re either rooting around for ages or simply can’t find them.

The Sprayit SP 33000 comes in a plastic case with a carry handle so you can keep everything you need together. That way, you will always know that everything is to hand when you start on your painting project.

What Users Say About The Sprayit SP-33000?

Reading Titan ControlMax 1700 reviews gives us a feel for what users think of this paint sprayer. Let’s see what they have to say.

Many Titan 1700 owners love their machines so much, they look for excuses to use it. It seems it’s a breeze for painting a whole house, inside or outside. Then there’s decking, fencing, garages, pergolas, sheds, and much more.

The enclosed instructions are easy to follow so you can be up and running in no time, and cleaning is made easier by the reduced overspray.

It’s not all plain sailing though, and there a few hitches you may come across. Some paints might clog up the nozzle if you don’t pass them through a fine filter first — the unit doesn’t have a filter built in. Also, if you are using thinner paints or stains, you are likely to need to invest in a different spray tip to the one provided.

Alternatives to Sprayit SP-33000 LVLP Paint Gun

If you aren’t convinced that the Sprayit 33000 paint gun is for you, here are some alternatives you might want to consider.

Neiko 31215A HVLP Air Spray Gun

Similar in the way it operates, an HVLP spray gun might need an air compressor that’s a little more powerful than one required for the Sprayit.

This model from Neiko has an all-steel body, stainless steel nozzle, and a brass paint cup. A metal air regulator with a gauge, a multi-size wrench for taking apart for cleaning and maintenance, and a cleaning brush complete the package.

Unlike the Sprayit, it comes with one nozzle, although you can choose the size from 1 mm up to 2mm depending on which you would prefer. This unit can also be adjusted for spray pattern, paint delivery, and airflow.

  • Only one nozzle as opposed to Sprayit’s three.
  • Sturdy brass paint cup, unlike the plastic one on the SP 33000.
  • Needs a more powerful compressor.
  • More budget friendly than the Sprayit 33000.

Sprayit SP-33500K Spray Gun Kit

Dropping even further down the price range, you will find the Rexbeti Ultimate 750. This is an HVLP paint sprayer, offering 500 watts of power, dispensing 750ml (0.20 gallons) of paint per minute. A long 6.6-foot lead makes it versatile for moving around or getting into nooks and crannies.A 34-ounce paint tank, three spray nozzles, three spray patterns, and cleaning tools complete the package.

  • Small spray gun included for hard to reach places.
  • Fan pattern is smaller.
  • Smaller needle size included.
  • More expensive, but you do get two guns

Astro EVOT14 LVLP Spray Gun

Our final alternative is in a higher price bracket than the Titan 1700. This is the next model up in the range, the Titan 1900. Many features are similar to its cheaper counterpart, but the 1900 boasts 1600 psi, 0.70 horsepower, and sprays 0.40 gallons per minute. This means faster spraying from a more powerful unit.

  • Higher price bracket than the Sprayit 33000 or Neiko, but cheaper than the Sprayit 35000.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Patented “air curtain” for less overspray.
  • Air regulator not included.


The Sprayit SP-33000 paint spray gun kit is a solid, mid-price range LVLP paint sprayer, offering all you need, apart from the paint and compressor, in the package. It delivers a consistent flow of varnish, paint, or stain and is lightweight enough for extended use. The finish it offers is of a high enough quality for amateur painters and professionals alike.

It’s fully adjustable for airflow, paint delivery, and spray pattern, making it very versatile, and has minimal overspray. Suitable for use on automobiles, marine craft, homes, furniture, and more, you can be painting up a storm with this paint gun in no time.

Sprayit SP-33000 FAQs

How Easy Is the Sprayit Sp-33000 to Use?

Lightweight and durable, once you have your paint loaded and you are hooked up to an air compressor, this unit is a breeze to use. You can see it in action in this manufacturer’s video. It also highlights both intricate work on a narrow spray, and a wider reach once opened up.

Is the Sprayit 33000 Easy to Adjust?

Yes, this paint gun has three separate adjustments, all made at the turn of a knob. You can change the paint flow, airflow, and spray pattern, to achieve the perfect finish for your needs. This video shows you the gun in use, and how the adjustments are made.

How Often Should I Clean My Paint Gun?
Your SP 33000 paint gun should be cleaned after every use. Doing this removes clogged paint and prevents blockages from dried paint. The kit comes complete with the tools to dismantle the gun and brushes to clean it after use.

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