Meterk Paint Sprayer HVLP Electric Paint Gun Review

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Meterk Paint Sprayer HVLP Electric Paint Gun

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Meterk E4022 Review Summary:

With 400 watts of power and at an affordable price point — the Meterk Paint Sprayer HVLP Electric Paint Gun is a straightforward unit that may suit the casual or intermittent user.

Incorporating three differently-sized nozzles, this machine can utilize paints of varying viscosities — from stains through to latex-based mediums. Although, the relatively low power output and small 0.85-quart (800 ml) container mean that this unit only has the capacity for smaller projects.

With three spray patterns, this HVLP (high-volume low-pressure) sprayer permits you to tailor your paint application dependent upon your base material — while an adjustable flow control dial offers the flexibility to control the fluid medium delivery rate.

A one-touch unlock button separates the nozzle head and paint cup from the handheld turbine — allowing for rapid post-job cleaning. And, coming complete with a miniature wire brush — removing any residual paint from the unit should be effortless.

The rear of the sprayer houses a replaceable air filter — designed to protect the crucial turbine from dirt ingress and ensures your paint finish remains detritus-free.

This machine hails from Meterk — a China-based brand owned by its parent company, Shenzhen Tomtop Technology Co. Ltd. The E4022 is the only paint-sprayer in its power tool range.


Material flow rate dial.
Includes a viscosity cup and cleaning brush.
One-touch separation.
Ergonomically designed handle.
Replaceable air filter.
Three spray patterns.


Small container.
Not suitable for large projects.
Although it includes additional nozzles — paint may need thinning.

Features and Benefits of the Meterk E4022 Paint Sprayer

The manufacturer indicates that this machine is both ‘advanced’ and suitable for professional use. Time to examine this unit to discover whether it can meet these lofty claims.

0.85-Quart Container

A wide filling hole in the paint cup should allow you to effortlessly decant stains and sealers into the container — reducing the risk of spillage and paint over your floor or workbench.

However, with just a 0.85-quart capacity — this sprayer is only suited to small jobs — unless you want to be constantly refilling the cup. Hence, if you’re planning on staining shelves or revarnishing tired furniture — it’s perfectly adequate — but this isn’t a unit that’s comfortable on bigger projects such as walls, fences, or ceilings.

Therefore, its manufacturer-bestowed title of being a ‘professional’ machine is somewhat disingenuous. Well, unless, I suppose, your profession involves only tiny painting duties — which seems a little rubbish as a business plan.

Three Interchangeable Nozzles

The Meterk Paint Sprayer 400W comes with three interchangeable nozzles — 1.3, 1.8, and 2.6 mm — designed for use with coating mediums of different viscosities. However, with a fairly low power output, thinning may still be required on denser paints, as the unit lacks the grunt to propel these mediums through the gun head.

Furthermore, far from being ‘advanced’, the inclusion of variable nozzles is a rather traditional method of coping with a variety of paint thicknesses. Wagner, for example, has developed an iSpray head — featured in such machines as the FLEXiO 3000 — that has the capability to cope with multi-viscous mediums without changing the gun end.

Three Spray Patterns

Rotating the nozzle cap-end enables you to switch between three spray patterns — vertical, horizontal, and circular.

Hence for materials that require an up-and-down ‘stroke’, use the horizontal delivery. For objects that demand a side-to-side motion, select the vertical pattern. And for intricate areas or corners — opt for the circular spray.

Material Flow Control

A small dial on the rear of the gun’s trigger permits you to adjust the volume delivery of your coating medium. Not only does this allow you to address your base material with a thicker coat when required — but also enables you to tone it down a little — useful for thinner paints to prevent wastage and overspray.

One-Touch Dismantling

Depressing the substantial release button on the top of the Meterk’s casing separates the gun barrel and cup from the handheld turbine unit — allowing you easy access to the component parts for stress-free cleaning.

Furthermore, with the gun head only including five parts — you’re unlikely to spend an inordinate amount of time with post-project maintenance. And, coming complete with a mini wire brush — you can address those harder to reach areas of the unit.

Viscosity Cup

A welcome inclusion with the Meterk sprayer is the useful viscosity cup. This tool enables you to check the density of your spraying mediums — meaning you can examine whether the paint is suitable for use with your machine and if it requires thinning.

This can save valuable time — preventing you from filling the 0.85-quart cup with a paint that’s too thick for the sprayer to handle — and then having to clean the machine to remove the dense liquid.

Air Filter

The rear of the Meterk paint sprayer houses a replaceable filter — straightforwardly accessible by removing the backplate of the machine. This crucial inclusion will prevent dirt ingress into the turbine — theoretically extending its lifespan.

Furthermore, this inhibits airborne particles such as dust, pollen, and pet hair from being ‘sucked’ into the gun and then being propelled onto your fresh coat of paint. Thus ensuring a smooth and pleasing finish.

What Users Say About The Meterk E4022?

In my opinion, the Meterk E4022 is a perfectly adequate small-project machine suitable for general household use. In no way is this a ground-breaking machine that’s going to set the paint spraying world alight — but if all you want to do is spray a cupboard door or recoat Little Jimmy’s wooden train set — it’s a useful unit.

However, that’s just my view.

Perhaps, as the manufacturer suggests, this is a professional-grade tool. Possibly there are legions of satisfied painting tradespeople using this sprayer on a daily basis to earn serious dollars.

Hence, to ensure I hadn’t missed anything — I researched genuine Meterk Paint Sprayer Gun reviews to understand what users thought of this machine, and in what circumstances it was being utilized

Broadly speaking — these guy’s views matched my own. In general, their testimonies were positive — appreciating the easy dismantling feature, praising the three spray pattern option, and lauding the inclusion of a viscosity cup.

True, there were a few less satisfied Meterk users. Frequently mentioned was its lack of power and its small paint container — making it less than ideal for larger-scale work. Furthermore, a couple of DIY brothers questioned its durability — believing that it lacked the robustness to stand up to anything more than casual use.

However, on the whole, owners of this unit were satisfied with its straightforward operation and smooth finish. If you want any further clarification, check out the Meterk reviews for yourself.

Alternatives to Meterk Paint Sprayer HVLP Electric Paint Gun

Not turned on by the Meterk paint sprayer? If you’re looking for something a little tastier — and more liable to stimulate your DIY libido — check out these hotter products.

Scuddles Paint Sprayer

If the rather restrictive 0.85-quart capacity of the E4022 is a deal-breaker — this unit may appeal.

The Scuddles sprayer incorporates a 1.06-quart (1000 ml) container — allowing you to cover larger areas of work without refilling. And, at a comparative price to the Meterk, the Scuddles comes complete with five nozzles — two more than the Meterk.

  • Like the Meterk, it includes a viscosity cup.
  • Adjustable turbine control, not a feature of the Meterk.
  • More powerful — 1200 watts in comparison with the 400 watts of the Meterk.

Wagner Control Painter

Wagner Control Painter
Looking for a basic machine but want something with a little more kudos than the relatively unknown Meterk brand? If that sounds like you — this unit from paint spraying specialists Wagner SprayTech may suit.

The Control Painter boasts a massive 1.5-quart (1419 ml) container — making it more suited to sizable projects such as painting walls or fences. And, like the Meterk, it offers a choice of three spray patterns.

  • Considerably harder on the wallet that the budget Meterk.
  • No additional nozzles as included with the Meterk sprayer.
  • Heavier machine — 4.31 pounds as opposed to the 1.05 pounds of the Meterk.

Wagner FLEXiO 3000

Wagner Flexio 3000
Should the Meterk be too basic for your demanding spraying requirements — this machine offers numerous additional features for added flexibility.

The FLEXiO, like the Meterk, is a handheld HVLP unit. However, offering nine-turbine speeds, a proprietary iSpray nozzle that negates the need for replacement cap-ends, and an adjustable spray-width control — the Wagner 3000 is a true prosumer unit.

  • Includes a detail nozzle for precise work — not included with the Meterk.
  • Tougher on the bank account than the Meterk.
  • Larger paint cup — 1.5 quarts as opposed to 0.85.


Although a little uninspiring and unlikely to get your heart racing — the Meterk is a back-to-basics machine that will meet most small spraying requirements in the home.

Its choice of three spray patterns provides welcome painting flexibility — while an adjustable material flow dial enables you to control the volume of medium delivery.

Furthermore, three nozzles allow for a variety of paints and stains to be used with the unit — and an included viscosity cup permits you to check medium suitability before filling the 0.85-quart cup.

Agreed, it lacks the power and capacity to cope with larger jobs such as weatherproofing decking or painting exterior walls. And, it may lack the durability to stand up to extensive use.

But if you’re looking for an affordable sprayer for casual home use — check out the Meterk Paint Sprayer HVLP Electric Paint Gun.

Meterk E4022 FAQs

How Much Does the Meterk Paint Sprayer Cost?

The Meterk E4022 sprayer is a straightforward machine that provides a choice of three spray patterns and incorporates a material flow dial. To check out the current cost of the Meterk E4022.

Does the Meterk Sprayer Come With a Case?
No. There is no case included with the Meterk E4022 — hence you need to take care not to lose the three small nozzles.
Is the Meterk Paint Sprayer Very Loud?
No. The turbine in the Meterk E4022 paint sprayer is no noisier than a standard household blow-dryer.
What Are the Uses of the Meterk E4022 Sprayer?

With a relatively small power output of 400 watts and a 0.85-quart container — the Meterk is suitable for small home painting projects. You can use it to spray:

  • Shelving.
  • Coffee tables.
  • Window sills.
  • Wooden toys.
  • Cabinet doors.
  • Picture frames.

Furthermore, the manufacturer also indicates you can use this machine for watering plants and disinfecting work surfaces.

Can You Use the Meterk Paint Sprayer Indoors?
Yes. With quiet operation and low overspray — this machine is ideally suited to work inside the home.
Will the Meterk Spray My Car?
No. This machine will struggle with the viscous paint required for spraying a car — and lacks the capacity for such a large project.
Is the Meterk Paint Sprayer Airless?
No. The machine uses pressurized air to atomize the paint — hence it isn’t airless.
How Long Is the Power Cord of the Meterk Paint Sprayer?
The mains cable of the Meterk Spray Painter is an industry-standard length of six feet.

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