NEU MASTER HVLP Home Electric Paint Spray Gun Review


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NEU MASTER HVLP Home Electric Paint Spray Gun

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

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Review Summary:

Although described as a ‘professional’ unit, in truth, the budget-priced NEU MASTER HVLP Home Electric Paint Spray Gun is a DIY-grade machine for home-improvers who occasionally need a sprayer.

According to NEU MASTER paint sprayer reviews, it’s most suited to small-to-medium projects such as staining cabinets, weatherproofing decking, and painting doors. The unit features a floor-standing turbine and has a 0.875 (796 ml) quart container.

A 600-watt powerhouse provides enough grunt to propel a variety of mediums including stains, sealers, enamels, polyurethanes, and acrylics. Just note that the latter may require thinning. Because the unit comes with a viscosity cup, you can check any dilution requirements before filling.

Two nozzles (0.1-inch and 0.12-inch) mean you can best nozzle for the task depending on whether you require a detailed finish or rapid coverage. The three possible spray patterns allow you to address your base material with a delivery method that best suits the task at hand.

A 6-foot hose combined with a 6.6-foot mains cord increases operational freedom. While these elements should mean you don’t have to move the unit often, a practical handle on the top of the casing makes the NEU MASTER easy enough to carry.

The HVLP (high-volume low-pressure) N3140 is NEU-MASTER’s only floor-standing turbine unit. It’s a step above the handheld NSG0070 machine. The NEU MASTER sprayers are rebranded products from the China-based Prulde Company — it’s possible the company wishes to emulate the German-sounding names of the industry leaders, DeWalt and Wagner.


Includes two spray tips.
Variable flow control.
Includes a viscosity cup.
Choice of three spray patterns.
Molded handle.
Suitable for casual DIYers.
Lightweight for a ground-sitting turbine.


Lacks durability for intensive work.
The plastic gun will not appeal to serious spraying enthusiasts.
High-splatter, drip, and overspray.
Struggles with latex paints, these will require thinning.

Features and Benefits of the NEU MASTER N3140 Turbine Sprayer

As I’ve established, while it’s marketed as a pro-unit, the NEU MASTER is far from trade-level. It simply lacks the power output, robust build, and capacity for a contractor-grade machine.

However, does it have the features and ease-of-use the casual home-improver needs?

Time to delve into this machine’s capabilities.

Floor-Standing Turbine

There’s nothing wrong with handheld machines, but they can make larger projects challenging. Wielding these substantial units can place stress on the wrist and hands, which means fatigue in time-extensive jobs, such as a complete room respray.

The N1340 NEU MASTER addresses this issue by incorporating the turbine into a separate ground-sitting case. You don’t need the arms of Schwarzenegger to hold the gun for any length of time. It also reduces the annoyance of hand vibration.

Furthermore, the turbine unit features a handle for easy transportation. This is especially useful if any of your projects involve the use of a ladder or scaffolding.

The downside of this turbine is that it lacks the engine grunt seen in high-end sprayers. With around half the power of serious machines, you might encounter propellant issues with viscous mediums. Adding to the challenge, you can’t adjust the pressure output to suit your paint or stain’s density, which may lead to overspray on thinner liquids.

Spray Patterns and Nozzles

The N3140 from NEU MASTER comes complete with two nozzle sizes: 0.1-inch and 0.12-inch (2.5 mm and 3.0 mm).

For work that requires more precision and finesse, such as moldings or intricate wood detailing, use the smaller cap-end. For larger jobs, including spraying doors or walls, use the larger nozzle.

Additionally, turning the nozzle head allows you to switch between vertical, horizontal, and circular spray patterns. You can deliver your medium in the method best suited to your base material.

My only criticism is that this head gives no option of spray width. This is a desirable feature seen on most Wagner machines, such as the FLEXiO 4000.

Adjustable Flow Control

If, like Mick Jagger, you have a red door and you want to paint it black, you’ll welcome the N3140 turbine machine’s adjustable flow control.

By turning a dial on the gun casing you can either crank up or slow the paint’s delivery volume. So, like the strutting and aging pop star, if you’re changing a lighter base material to a darker tone, you don’t need a coat as you would if you were painting a black door with a less intense hue.

Just bear in mind that one extremely thick coat isn’t a replacement for two thinner coverings. Turning up the delivery rate to eleventy-stupid may lead to dripping and pooling — and ruin the finish.

Viscosity Cup

The viscosity cup is a welcome inclusion and it’s seldom witnessed in budget-grade sprayers.

By checking the amount of time it takes for your painting medium to drain through this tool, you can figure out whether it requires thinning before you fill the cup. Because you won’t try to spray paint or stain that’s too dense (and then break down the machine to rinse out the aforementioned paint) the viscosity cup should also reduce downtime.

Straightforward Cleaning

It’s pleasing to see that disassembling the NEU MASTER N3140 is simple even for the spraying newbie.

Just flick the unlock lever, turn the gun through 90-degrees while holding the cup, and pull.

Rinsing out the cup and gun head is effortless, which saves downtime and gives you more freedom to carry on with your next project or enjoy a well-deserved cold one.

Lengthy Hose and Power Cord

The unit’s 6-foot power cord and 6.6-foot spray hose should provide sufficient operational freedom for most small-to-medium projects. And mean you won’t have to frequently move the machine.

However, this can be restrictive if your home-improvement plans include vast expanses of walling or fencing. For that reason, many competitor units incorporate a hose that’s 15-feet long (or greater) to address substantial jobs.

What do The Users Say?

For me, the HVLP N3140 NEU MASTER is an affordable machine for the casual home user — those that wish to tackle small-to-medium spraying jobs but don’t need a “prosumer” unit.

But perhaps I’m not giving this sprayer the credit it deserves.

For a well-rounded perspective, I researched the views of N3140 owners to see precisely what these guys think about this unit.

Reassuringly, their opinions mirrored my own.

Overall, the feedback was positive. Users of the NEU MASTER welcomed its choice of spray patterns, lauded the inclusion of two nozzle heads, and praised the adjustable flow control.

True, there were some valid criticisms. One NEU MASTER HVLP paint gun review mentioned that without variable turbine control, the unit tended to overspray thinner mediums such as stains. Some owners criticized the somewhat fragile build, which keeps that overall weight down but reduces the unit’s durability.

That said, most of the views paint a picture (forgive the pun) of a capable machine that delivers a finish proportionate to the unit’s cost.

If you want to examine these opinions for yourself and come to your own conclusion, take a peek at the reviews below.

Alternatives to NEU MASTER HVLP Home Electric Paint Spray Gun

Finding the NEU MASTER N3140 HVLP machine a bit, well, meh?

If this machine isn’t stimulating your spraying desires, or simply not meeting your personal requirements then stick with me.

I’ve sourced some alternative units that could address your needs better.

Wagner FLEXiO 5000

Wagner FLEXiO 5000.

If you want a floor-standing turbine sprayer that’s suited to the hardcore DIYer as opposed to the casual home-improver, then check this out.

The FLEXiO 5000 is the flagship turbine machine from the mighty paint-spraying specialist Wagner SprayTech. Incorporating its proprietary iSpray head, it delivers flaw-free painting without the splatter. Furthermore, the turbine powerhouse is housed in a durable case that also doubles-up as storage for the twin nozzles, gun, and hose.

  • Significantly harder on your bank balance than the N3140.
  • An 11.5-foot hose compared to the NEU MASTER’s 6.6-foot hose.
  • X-Boost control adjusts turbine power, not a feature of the N3140.

Wagner FLEXiO 3000


Looking for an HVLP turbine sprayer but need something a little more compact? This could be the answer.

The FLEXiO 3000 is a handheld unit with an internal turbine. Despite its diminutive size, it still permits power adjustments (a feature the N3140 lacks) and comes with an impressive 1.5-quart cup, nearly twice the size of the NEU MASTER’s cup.

  • Tougher on the bank balance than the N3140.
  • Nine power settings as opposed to the NEU MASTER’s one.
  • Spray-width control feature, not included on the N3140.

Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System

Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 - Gravity HVLP Spray System

Not interested in DIY or prosumer-grade floor-standing machines, but instead want to play with the big boys and their contractor-level toys? If so, this could be your ultimate sprayer.

The FUJI 2202 is a seriously heavy-duty machine. It looks like it too. There’s no flashy color designs and plastic molded casings here. Instead, tradesman-like hues and a metal turbine case and gun make for a pro-looking tool. For extensive projects and frequent use, this is one genuinely robust unit.

  • Significantly harder on your pocket than the N3140.
  • Impressive 25-foot hose, longer than the N3140’s 6.6-feet.
  • One-quart cup, as opposed to the 0.875-quarts of the NEU MASTER cup.


As one of the cheapest ground-sitting turbine machines on the market, the N3140 is ideally suited to casual DIYers or those looking for an entry-level machine. In truth, its price point is so reasonable you could purchase this machine for just one project.

Two nozzles permit you to switch between detailed and larger scale work while a choice of three spray patterns offers delivery that best suits your base material.

Its 600-watt output should be sufficient for most small-to-medium jobs. The included viscosity cup allows you to assess thinning needs before you begin the project.

Admittedly, it isn’t suitable for all users. Even fairly inexperienced electric spraying DIYers will find this machine underpowered. Some will complain that it lacks the robustness needed for even moderately frequent work.

However, if you’re a spraying newbie or want a turbine unit for just a couple of tasks per year, it’s worth checking out the NEU MASTER HVLP Home Electric Paint Spray Gun.


Is the N3140 NEU MASTER an Airless Sprayer?
No. While this machine doesn’t utilize a compressor, the N3140 uses a turbine to create air pressure, which in turn atomizes the spraying medium.
Does Spraying Use More Paint Than Brushing or Rolling?
The N3140 NEU MASTER is a budget machine targeting the entry-level user. You can find its current cost here.
What Are the Uses of the NEU MASTER Electric N3140?
With 600-watts of power, a choice of a two nozzles sizes, and the ability to choose between three pattern styles, the N3140 is suitable for small-to-medium painting projects, such as spraying:

  • Cabinets.
  • Window frames.
  • Doors.
  • Tables.
  • Door frames.
  • Children’s toys.
  • Outdoor furniture.
  • Small fences.
  • Garage doors.
Is the NEU MASTER N3140 HVLP Made in the USA?
No. This machine is manufactured in China.
Can I Use the N3140 Spray Gun in the USA?
Yes. This is a 120-volt machine, making the N3140 suitable for US mains power.
How Fast Does the N3140 Neu Master Paint?
The N3140 spraying machine delivers a maximum output of 24 ounces per minute.

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