Wagner Home Decor Paint Sprayer Review

Wagner Home Decor

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Wagner Home Decor Paint Sprayer

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Dec 1, 2023 @ 4:52 pm

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Wagner Home Decor Review Summary:

Eliminating brush strokes and offering more control than an aerosol spray can — the Wagner Home Decor Paint Sprayer targets artisans, hobbyists, and crafters looking for a unit to complete medium-sized artwork and upcycling.

The machine is compatible with most decorative paints, including milk, chalk-based, stains, sealers, and lacquers — although some mediums may require thinning. That said, it comes complete with a measurement gauge to ensure the correct dilution.

This sprayer is powered by an external 460-watt motor. Lightweight at just 5.5 pounds, a molded handle in the turbine casing permits effortless portability — while a substantial top-mounted on/off button allows for straightforward operation.

Its six-foot non-kinking hose should enable sufficient freedom for most hobby projects, while a 20-ounce acrylic paint cup offers generous capacity. At the business end of the machine, a crafting nozzle provides a choice of three spray patterns, while a material flow dial permits you to tailor the paint volume delivery to suit your base material.

When not in use, the spray gun slots into a rear-mounted holder — and the compact design of the machine means the whole unit can be stored easily in your kitchen cupboard.

The Wagner Home Decor 0529033 sprayer is the entry-level unit in Wagner’s Studio series — a line of products that move away from the DIY paint models and focuses on the arty hobbyist. That said, many of the products in the Wagner Control range, such as the 250 model, are equally suited to fine finishing work.


Specifically targets the crafting market.
Compact for easy storage.
Choice of three spray patterns.
Carrying handle.
20-ounce container.
Material volume control.
Bold white aesthetic.
Durable construction.
Hails from a respected manufacturer.


Apart from stains, clears, and glass paints — all other mediums will need thinning.
Limited applications.
All plastic construction.
Turbine power cannot be adjusted.

Features and Benefits of the Wagner Home Decor Sprayer

Promising to deliver a rapid, even, and pleasing finish on home-crafting projects, the Wagner Home Sprayer appears to be the must-have machine for the serious artisan.

Let’s dive into the features and discover if it’s as impressive as it sounds.

External Turbine

By incorporating the 460-watt turbine in an external casing instead of the spray gun unit, the weight is literally taken off your hands. Hence, fatigue is reduced, allowing you to work for longer without hand, arm, or wrist pain. Not only does this make this unit useful for larger arty projects — such as staining tables — but also means the machine is ideal for seniors or those who are lacking in the strength department.

However, it’s a shame that this sprayer doesn’t allow you to adjust the turbine power — a feature seen on many of Wagner’s DIY units such as the Control Spray Max. Hence it’s impossible to step-down the pressure — which may be beneficial for smaller and more intricate work, such as wood modeling.

Tailorable Spray Delivery

The Wagner Home Paint Sprayer boasts a choice of three spray patterns — horizontal and vertical for larger areas such as dressers or desktops, and a circular mode for narrower materials, for example, spindles or chair legs. Selection is remarkably straightforward, simply rotate the air-caps’ ears until you achieve the desired setting.

Additionally, you can alter the volume of paint expelled by the unit by an adjustable medium flow dial — or alternatively with a little practice, by squeezing or easing-off the trigger. So, if you’re recoating a dark material base with a lighter hue — you might opt for a denser coating than you would use if you were staining or lacquering.

Easy Storage

While this machine can be used outdoors, at its heart, this unit is a Wagner interior paint sprayer. As such, the chances are you’ll be storing this machine in your home and not the garage.

Therefore, it’s pleasing to see that this unit is compact — measuring just 12 inches by 10 inches by 10 inches — allowing you to store the sprayer easily in cupboards, beneath the stairs, or under your bed. Furthermore, the rear of the turbine casing incorporates a gun holder — meaning that the shooter can be safely located in a virtual ‘holster’ when not in use.

Six-Foot Hose

The six-foot hose of this Wagner indoor paint sprayer should be lengthy enough to allow you to maneuver around your project without having to move the ground-sitting turbine. However, if relocation is necessary, or you need to hold the casing while addressing high-level areas — the unit is pleasingly lightweight and comes with an incorporated handle.

Furthermore, while the manufacturer has made a robust hose — it can be somewhat unwieldy — with its firm construction making smooth movements challenging.

20-Ounce Paint Container

A generous 20-ounce (568 ml) cup should provide sufficient capacity for the majority of upcycling projects without a refill — for example, staining chairs or lacquering a blanket chest. Its wide mouth should make replenishing the container straightforward — reducing the risk of accidental spills and drips.

What Users Say About The Wagner Home Decor Paint Sprayer?

For me, the Wagner Power Painter Home Decor is a perfectly adequate machine for medium-scale crafting use. However, at heart, I’m a rough-and-ready DIYer — not an artisan — so what do I know?

Hence, not to do this machine any injustice, I sought the opinions of hobbyist owners of the unit — to unearth what the guys and girls truly thought about the sprayer.

Generally speaking, these arty types’ feelings mirrored my own. The majority agreed that it functioned well as a furniture upcycler and restorer — lauding its generous cup capacity, variable spray patterns, and lightweight nature.

That said, not everyone was singing its praises.

A few malcontents expressed disappointment that it lacked fine finish and turbine control for smaller work. Furthermore, others raised the point that for a similar price, you can obtain a DIY Wagner machine that provides comparable results — but possesses additional features to improve delivery tailorability.

Overall, however, most owners agreed that the Wagner Power Painter Home Decor provided satisfying results for home and indoor crafting applications.

If you want to pry a little further and discover what users thought about this unit — check out these Wagner Home Decor Paint Sprayer reviews.

Alternatives to Wagner Home Decor Paint Sprayer

If this indoor Wagner house paint sprayer hasn’t started your creative juices running — stick with me.

Here are some alternative products that might stimulate your arty muse.

Wagner Control Spray 250

Wagner Control Spray 250

While the Wagner Home Decor is remarkably small for an external turbine machine — it isn’t the most compact sprayer on the market. Hence, if you’d prefer something even more bijou — this unit may appeal.

The Control 250 is a handheld turbine — housing everything in the spray gun itself. While this makes it more weighty than the Home Decor, it provides greater operational freedom with no base unit to move around. And, fitted with Wagner’s Control Finish nozzle, it’s ideal for small, precise work — such as modeling or card crafting.

  • Comparable price to the Home Decor.
  • 27-ounce cup as opposed to the 20-ounces of the Home Decor.
  • Like the Home Decor, it has three spray settings.

Wagner Control Spray Max

Wagner Spraytech 0518080

If the external turbine of the Home Decor appeals, but you want a unit with more versatility and controllability — then check out this machine.

The Spray Max features a Control Finish nozzle, allowing you to complete accurate crafting projects with the ultimate in precise application. Furthermore, boasting adjustable pressure control — you can tailor the power delivery to suit your medium and base material.

  • Mammoth 20-foot hose in comparison with the Home Decor’s six-foot.
  • One and 1.5-quart cups as opposed to the single 20-ounce of the Home Decor.
  • Slightly tougher on the pocket than the Home Decor.

Astro EVOT14

Astro EVOT14
Should your work require a little more finesse and a finer finish than the Home Decor paint sprayer can provide — you need to go pneumatic.

The EVOT14 with its 1.4 mm nozzle, stainless steel needle, and gravity feeding cup will provide an even and smooth coat with a minimum of overspray — making it ideal for smaller crafting projects such as vehicle modeling. And, while the gun requires a compressor, being an LVLP (low-volume low-pressure) unit — it will be compatible with most home-style small pneumatic machines.

  • Pneumatic-powered as opposed to the turbine of the Home Decor.
  • Metal gun in comparison with the plastic Home Decor shooter.
  • Harder on the pocket than the Home Decor — and you need a compressor.


For medium scale crafting such as upcycling old cabinets or giving a new lease of life to tired chairs and tables — the Wagner House Painter Home Decor is a suitable turbine sprayer.

Its choice of three patterns enables you to address your base material in the most appropriate manner, while its adjustable flow control empowers you to set the ideal volume delivery.

Its 20-ounce cup and six-foot hose offer both sufficient capacity and operational freedom for most home applications, plus, its externally-housed turbine ensures a lightweight and fatigue-busting spray gun.

Admittedly, its uses are limited. Even on the lowest flow setting, it has too much grunt for intricate crafting work. And for just a few dollars more, you can own a more versatile DIY unit with a choice of pressure settings — yet equally suited to medium-scale hobby projects.

But, if you want an affordable indoor unit that takes just minutes to master — check out the Wagner Home Decor Paint Sprayer.

Wagner Home Decor Paint Sprayer FAQs

Q: How Much Does the Wagner Home Decor Sprayer Cost?

The Wagner Decor Home sprayer is an affordable unit that targets the home crafter and furniture restorer. To check out the current cost of the Wagner Home Decor Sprayer.

Q: What Are the Uses for the Home Decor Sprayer From Wagner?

While unsuitable for small and intricate crafting projects, the Wagner Decor Home sprayer is suitable for:

  • Upcycling dressers.
  • Painting spindles.
  • Addressing cabinets.
  • Reinvigorating tired tables.
  • Varnishing chests.
  • Giving a new lease of life to old furniture.
Q: Should Paint Come Out of the Home Decor Sprayer Without Pressing the Trigger?

No. This occurs when the retaining nut on the nozzle has worked itself loose. To address the issue, simply retighten the nut.

Q: Can I Use This on Interior Walls?

You can, although as latex paints will require thinning, it’s not ideal for this purpose. If this is your intended use, I’d suggest instead checking out the FLEXiO series. An external turbine model such as the FLEXiO 5000 is excellent at wall decoration — and permits the use of viscous liquids without thinning.

Q: Can I Get Additional Cups for the Wagner Home Decor?

Yes! You can obtain extra containers from the official Wagner website, it is part number #2305292.

Q: Where Can I Find a Wagner Home Decor Sprayer Manual?

You can find the user guide for this machine on the official Wagner website. For rapid access to the Wagner Home Decor Sprayer manual.

Q: Can I Use Insecticidal Chemicals in the Home Decor Sprayer?

The manufacturer indicates that the Home Decor Paint Sprayer is designed for use with decorative paints — not insect killer. Furthermore, Wagner states that these chemicals may damage your spray gun.