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Shop Fox W1715 Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

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  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Shop Fox W1715 Review Summary:

The market is flooded with all kinds of different bandsaw models, and most of them are either not worth investing in or are simply overpriced. While that’s not necessarily a big deal because most other markets are like that, it can be a burden for people who are looking to invest in a power tool but aren’t sure which one to choose. In order to find a decent bandsaw, you have to pay attention to several factors that may or may not play a major role in the whole process.

If you take a moment and check our reviews, you should get a better insight into the overall capabilities of a particular model and choose the best-suiting one for yourself accordingly. We aim to bring these machines closer to the average consumer so that they don’t have to waste time and invest a lot of effort themselves. If you’re looking for a high-quality metal cutting bandsaw, this one might fulfill your expectations.


  • Power – 3/4HP single phase motor
  • Blade speed – 78, 108, 180 FPM at 40, 60, and 80 RPM respectively
  • Blade size – 64-1/2″ x 1/2″ x 0.025″
  • Weight – approximately 150 pounds
  • Auto shut off
  • Vertical cutting attachment

Shop Fox w1715 – The Basics

When it comes to versatile machines, this particular one is among the ones with the best price-to-quality ratio. In other words, you will definitely get what you paid for, and even more. If you’re looking for an all-around machine that is able to cope with most things you put in front of it, this one might be a good choice. Its 3/4HP motor offers variable speeds at different RPM settings. Therefore, you can fine-tune the blade speed according to your needs and materials you’re cutting.

One of the great and unexpected things about this unit is its portability. Even though it weighs well over 100 pounds, the included stand and wheels make it quite easy to move from one place to another.

The Features

The Design

This machine features a pretty standard design, but with a couple of additions. The first and most notable one is the fact that it can be transformed into a vertical unit in a matter of seconds. Contrary to popular belief, it’s quite easy to use this saw, even though it seems complex and tough to get the hang of. However, if you’re an absolute beginner, we strongly recommend reading the manual and even watching some videos so that you can get a general idea of how this thing performs under different circumstances.

The built-in mobile base is not a rarity nowadays, but it definitely deserves appreciation. As we already mentioned, the included base and wheels are a great addition and they significantly increase the overall portability of this unit. In fact, the wheels are made of sturdy and reliable materials; therefore, you don’t have to worry about them failing or snapping anytime soon. The vise that holds the workpiece during operation can hold stocks and cut them at an angle ranging from 0 to 60 degrees.

As far as curved and pattern cuts go, the W1715 performs quite well, thanks to its ability to be set up vertically.


This model can be used for cutting a variety of different metals thanks to the variable speed feature. The speed can be adjusted by changing the V-belt position which allows the machine to cut through materials of different density. Also, higher speeds come in handy if you’re planning on cutting stocks of material.

sturdy and reliable Shop Fox w1715



High-quality machine


Easy to use





No cooling systems


Somewhat underpowered


Things we liked about it

There are quite a few things we liked about this particular model. The first one is its versatility and ability to adapt to almost any application. In other words, whether you’re looking to cut peculiar and complex shapes or the simplest ones, it doesn’t matter; the W1715 will make it happen with no issues whatsoever.

The second thing we found interesting is the ease of use. As we said, it does look complicated and maybe even intimidating for inexperienced users, but you can rest assured that it’s pretty simple and straightforward as long as you know how to properly utilize its features.

Handles and wheels are a great addition, even though they are not an unusual feature nowadays. Many other models come with a stand included, but the quality of those stands is usually very questionable. This one, on the other hand, is pretty reliable and can cope with demanding projects. The wheels are not the best ones on the market, but they perform as advertised.


Things we didn’t like

The absence of a coolant system can be an issue for people who use these horizontal machines on a daily basis. In other words, blades do snap quite often when in use for several hours. It’s not a big deal for most people who have the time to wait for it to cool off for a bit, but avid professionals and contractors find it quite annoying.

While the motor seems good enough for most enthusiasts, some find it to be underpowered. It’s not a weak point per se, but it can cause some issues in the long run, especially if you’re running a business that requires consistency.

What Users Say About The Shop Fox W1715

Most users are satisfied with the performance of this machine. Some complained about its consistency and overrated power, but most of them are either contractors or business owners who need a heavy-duty tool that performs consistently at all times. While it’s a high-quality unit, the W1715 sometimes struggles to remain consistent.


As far as we are concerned, this model can be a good investment as long as you use most of its features at all times. If you’re an occasional user, you might find a slightly cheaper model with similar features and less complexity. On the other hand, if you have any previous experience, it shouldn’t be hard for you to get the hang of this particular machine in a matter of minutes or hours.

As far as the price goes, it’s more than acceptable. Grade-A models can cost up to a thousand dollars; however, this one costs significantly less and offers similar performance.

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