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Doingart chainsaw

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Doingart Chain Saw

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: December 08, 2017

Last modified: Jan 25, 2023 @ 6:04 am

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Doingart Chain Saw Review Summary:

Getting a pocket chainsaw seems quite easy and straightforward, doesn’t it? However, the thing most people aren’t aware of is that there is more to it than just picking up the first one you see. If you want to find a product that fulfills your expectations and requirements, then you should consider researching deeper and gather as much info as you can so that you increase the chances of making a worthy investment. We are here to help you by offering insights about particular models, evaluating their overall efficiency, and even give an advice or two to our readers.

Instead of having to do research on your own and trust unreliable sources, you can get all the necessary information right here. Also, if you aren’t sure whether or not this is the right thing for you, this article might offer an answer to that issue. When it comes to versatility, flexibility, and usability, the Doingart Chain Saw is one of the best from our list.


  • Length – 39 inches (including handles), 19 inches (chain length)
  • Material – high-strength tensile ferromanganese
  • Weight – 6.69 oz.

Doingart Chain Saw – The Basics

This chainsaw isn’t going to perform miracles; it should be the first thing you think about if you’re considering purchasing. While it’s a great tool for hikers, campers, and homeowners, it isn’t designed to cope with anything larger than a medium-sized branch. Even though the manufacturer said it’s a 39-inch model, while it isn’t false, it should be noted that the chain length is 19 inches, and the overall length of the whole model is actually 39 inches.

As far as the build quality goes, it’s okay. One cannot say it’s the best-made thing on the market, but the overall quality is acceptable as far as you’re planning on using it within its limits. When it comes to the limits, this particular model will cut through bones, wood, plastic, and most things of similar density. However, you shouldn’t expect a professional performance as this is not a tool that is foreseen for demanding tasks.

The Features

The design

While most other models look very similar to each other, this one stands out. It doesn’t consist of a regular pair of nylon handles and a chain. Instead, it features a string between the chain and the handles. This principle allows for more flexibility and thus versatility. The handles are made of plastic and are ergonomically shaped. Now, many people struggled to get used to holding plastic handles instead of nylon ones, but it’s not a significant downside. Furthermore, it takes only a couple of minutes to get used to this unconventional design.

The overall sharpness is okay, but we would have liked to see more chain thickness. The sharpness of its teeth isn’t an issue, but the lack of thickness can be a nuisance, especially when cutting large pieces. Also, the buckles that are connecting the chain and the string can sometimes loosen and cause issues.

The biggest advantage of this peculiar design is the ergonomic comfort involved. Most other models require at least two people to help each other out and increase efficiency, while this one can be used by a single person without any problems.


Most standard safety precautions apply to this model. While it doesn’t have any particular safety features, it still requires careful handling. Don’t forget to wear thick clothes and protective gloves in case something goes wrong. Now, even though it seems pretty simple for use, make sure you read the user manual at some point.

Detail of doingart pocket chainsaw



Simple to use


Ergonomic design





The string tends to snap unexpectedly


Things we liked about it

The comfort level is definitely the selling point of this particular model. As we said, while the others usually consist of nylon handles, this one has two plastic ones which increase the ergonomic levels significantly. The whole design change also makes 1-person use possible and bearable. In other words, you can use it by yourself and not get tired after a few minutes.

The price is also a big upside. While the price difference between this and most of the others isn’t huge, it’s still worth mentioning. Even if you really dislike the product, it still won’t be a lost investment because it doesn’t cost much in the first place. In fact, due to affordability, this model has an excellent price-to-quality ratio.


Things we didn’t like

While this is a great product for most people that don’t care much about brand and reputation, there are still a couple of things we didn’t like about it. The first thing is definitely the lack of chain thickness. Due to this issue, the model is might get stuck inside a piece of wood. As you can imagine, getting it unstuck isn’t a great experience whatsoever.

The other thing we didn’t like is the quality of the connecting string. It will snap as soon as you put more force than it is able to withstand. Although this sounds like a pretty simple concept, you need to pay attention to the intensity you’re investing because the string can snap unexpectedly and even cause some injuries.

What Users Say About The Doingart Chain Saw

Some people like the simplicity of the design, while the others don’t like the mediocre quality of production and control. As far as we are concerned, you are getting what you paid for. Because you are not going to pay much at all for this model, your expectations should be accordingly set.

doingart pocket chainsaw


If you’re a hobbyist or an occasional user of pocket chainsaws, consider checking this particular one out. It isn’t the best on the market, but it does offer more than enough convenience and functionality for its price. In fact, it’s the most affordable one on our list.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that cuts without limits, you might want to skip this model. It’s not foreseen for tough tasks and demanding projects. Therefore, don’t expect it to shine during tough projects.

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