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DeWalt DCPS620M1

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DeWalt DCPS620M1 Review

Cutting effortlessly through branches of up to 5 inches in diameter, the DeWalt DCPS620M1 delivers lightweight, portable power in a hard-wearing and well-tested format for the busy gardener or landscaper.

Whether your bushes just “need a trim” or you have a larger project in mind, DeWalt’s battery-powered unit can handle a wide variety of tasks, without the restrictions of a mains cord.

Its lightweight build is a real boon when using the saw for any length of time — and so is the battery capacity. DeWalt claims this supplies 96 cuts of 4×4-inch pressure-treated pine per charge.

What’s more, you can extend the standard 80-inch pole to 120 inches. When used by a six-foot adult — at the suggested 60-degree angle — this allows you to cut branches up to 15 feet up. And, its sturdy construction, plus brushless motor, should ensure years of smooth running.

This extendable pole saw arrives with a rechargeable 20-volt lithium cell, charging unit, a saw protective cover and multi-tool — meaning it’s garden-ready straight from the box.

With over a century of experience, DeWalt prides itself on the stringent, real-life testing of its huge range of sturdy-looking black and yellow tools. From drills, staple guns through to saws and sanders — it offers extensive power tool solutions.


Long reach to help you get the hardest to reach branches.
Light to carry, thanks to battery technology.
Self-lubricating for fuss-free maintenance.
Tough construction.


More powerful battery would be an improvement.
Locking safety grip takes getting used to.

Features and Benefits of the DeWalt DCPS620M1

Even though DeWalt doesn’t put their name on just any old thing, spending a little time informing yourself now will pay off in the end. And, like every power tool, the DeWalt DCPS620M1 has its own features. So, let’s take a look at what this pole saw has to offer:

Auto Oiling

DeWalt’s MAX XR pole saw comes with automatic oiling — allowing you to saw uninterrupted as on-the-job lubrication is taken care of.

This is great.

Neglect lubing up your saw, and you’ll soon run into trouble when you try to cut through that branch. Through this automatic lubrication, you can be sure of smooth operation. However, remember to use the right oil for the seasonal conditions — thin in winter and thick in summer.

Furthermore, with its clear indicator on the oil holder, you can swiftly establish whether the reservoir requires a refill.

Three-piece Extension Pole

If your pole saw incorporates a telescopic pole, you have to carry the weight of the entire piece of equipment — whether you’re using it or not. That can quickly become tiring.

What’s pleasing with the DeWalt DCPS620M1, is that its extension shafts arrive in sections. This means you can work on your tree in stages, and benefit from the weight savings of only using the pole length you need.

First, you can use the standard 6.5-foot shaft to trim the lower vegetation. When you’ve then cleared your workspace, you can attach the extra section to increase the length to 10 feet and trim the higher parts.

DeWalt says a six-foot adult using this system can saw branches and trim foliage 15 feet up. To be fair, this is probably the maximum height you can sensibly cut — any longer, and you’re going to struggle to wield the unit around.

Branch Hook

The built-in hook lets you exercise control over the cutting area — ten feet above your head. With it, you can pull foliage to one side, unjam stuck branches and guide their direction when they fall — instead of them landing all over the place.

Standing at the recommended 60-degree angle to the tree gives you a good view of what you’re doing, and keeps you out of harm’s way when greenery starts to fall. Plus, when you have this handy hook to help you, it becomes even easier to not just work tidily, but safer, too.

Brushless Motor

In short, DeWalt’s choice of a brushless motor gives you, the user, a greater efficiency converting battery power to motion and a longer-lasting product.

Hence, with no brushes to fail, the lifespan of the motor increases — meaning it will provide you with more cutting time.

Low Kickback Chain

DeWalt’s design goes far in reducing the risk of dangerous kickback. That is, when the tip of the saw springs back without warning towards the operator. In simple terms, this means when you’re operating the power tool, you’ll have a safer cutting experience. Of course, when chopping, you should always make sure you stand to one side!

DeWalt 20V MAX XR Specifications

DeWalt DCPS620M1
Dimensions9.9 x 6.2 x 45.2 inches (22 x 16 x 115 cm)
Weight9.8 pounds (4.45 kg)
Battery capacity20 volts
Max cutting heightUp to 15 feet (4.57 m) (Based on a 6-foot user height)
Branch hookYes
Auto oilingYes
Kickback bar size8 inches (20.32 cm)
Warranty included3 years

What Do Users to the DeWalt DCPS620M1

In my opinion, this power tool is geared towards the home user — saving the hassle and expense of calling in a professional to do the job, or the landscaper looking for a backup.

However, to ensure a completely unbiased DeWalt DCPS620M1 review — I researched the views of owners of this machine, to discover what those using this pole saw on a frequent basis thought about it.

Generally, the reviews are positive.

Users of the DeWalt DCPS620M1 praise its well-balanced and relatively lightweight build for easy handling. Plus, the automatic oiling gets a thumbs up. Furthermore, the flexibility of the removable extension is well received, and its sturdy construction impresses many users.

That said, some complained about the staying power of the battery and others found that the whole unit didn’t deliver enough power for their task.

But these individual voices can’t drown out the overall impression — DeWalt has made a solid, well-priced product.

Alternatives to the DeWalt DCPS620M1

If, for some reason, the impressive DeWalt DCPS620M1 pole saw isn’t cutting it for you, don’t worry. Consider these viable alternatives.

Wagner Spray 250

For those who want the performance of the cordless DeWalt, but also want to save a few bucks, the Black+Decker LPP120 could warrant a closer look.

Also powered by a 20-volt lithium cell, the Black+Decker can make up to 100 cuts on a single charge. Extensions are set at 6.5 and 10-foot lengths, giving a total reach of 14 feet — a touch shorter than the DCPS620M1. However, this unit is incredibly lightweight, weighing in at only 6.3 pounds.

  • Kinder on the bank balance compared to the DeWalt.
  • At 6.3 pounds, LPP120 is lighter than the 9.8 pounds of the DCPS620M1.
  • Includes an 8-inch cutting bar — like the DeWalt.
Tacklife SGP15AC
If you’re seeking something with more grunt, the Worx WG309 may be a suitable solution. Moving away from battery power, this mains-driven beast features an 8-amp motor and a larger 10-inch bar.

It also arrives with a self-oiler function and oil level indication, like the DeWalt. However, the WG309 can separate entirely from the pole to give you a handy chainsaw for close-up work.

  • Runs on mains power, not cordless like the DCPS620M1.
  • Detachable head for use as a chainsaw — a feature not included on the DeWalt.
  • The Worx has a lower price point.
Tacklife SGP15AC
Should your tree cutting projects be on a grander scale, the Oregon PS250 could be worthy of a closer look. Driven by a 40-volt — twice the size of the DeWalt — 4.0Ah cell, it’s capable of making 500 cuts with one charge.

This pole saw differs from the DeWalt — by placing its motor in the middle of the pole, changing the center of gravity and making for easier handling and less fatiguing for those time-lengthy tree trimming tasks. And, Oregon thoughtfully provides a strap to make handling easier.

  • Tougher on the finances than the DeWalt.
  • Both pole saws include a maximum reach of 15 feet.
  • Weighing 13.1 pounds, the PS250 is heavier than the DCPS620M1.


The DeWalt DCPS620M1 is a robust machine that’s ideally suited to keen gardeners or landscapers who’re looking to deal with the trimming of trees, large bushes or an after-storm cleanup.

Its battery power makes for flexible working, and the built-in branch hook gives the user control over where the offcuts fall. And, with a removable pole section, you can flexibly work at different heights, first removing the lower growth, and after clearing the view, doing finer work higher up.

Admittedly, it’s not built for lumberjacks planning a day out in the woods. However, for those wanting to keep on top of garden maintenance, the DeWalt DCPS620M1 is a pole saw to reckon with.

DeWalt DCPS620M1 FAQs

Q: What Is the Difference Between DeWalt 20V Max and Max XR?

The Max XR denotes DeWalt’s power tool series arriving with brushless motors, and the Max lineup features brushed models.

Q: Does DeWalt Make a 60V Pole Saw?

DeWalt manufactures reciprocating and circular saws that run on the Flexvolt 60-volt cells. However, its pole saw catalog uses the 20-volt system.

Q: Why Does My DeWalt DCPS620M1 Leak Oil?

This is normal for all power tools that lubricate with a gravity feed. Only put in the recommended amount of oil, remove any excess after use, and store the saw carefully when finished.

Q: How Much Wood Can I Chop With The DeWalt DCPS620M1?

DeWalt claims you can make 96 cuts of four-by-four pressure-treated pine per charge. Clearly, this assumes optimal battery conditions.

Q: How Much Does The DeWalt DCPS620M1 Cost?

DeWalt provides its tools to resellers across the world, to check out its current price, click here.

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