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Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: October 5, 2017

Last modified: Aug 13, 2022 @ 1:51 pm

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DEWALT DWS535 Review Summary:

The DeWalt DWS535 is accurate, stable, easy to use and affordable. The DWS535 has a 15-amp motor and delivers 4800 RPM  of speed. It’s light weight thanks to the magnesium components. Overall the DWS535 DeWalt worm drive is a great choice.


  • Weight – 14 pounds
  • Dimensions – 9.5 x 22.3 x 9 inches
  • Power source – Corded
  • Voltage – 120 Volts

DEWALT DWS535 – The Basics

The worm drive models are usually easier to handle than the sidewinder ones. This particular model is easy to use, accurate, stable, and most importantly – affordable. The DWS535 has everything you’ll ever need for a vast variety of applications. Furthermore, you can even cut other materials as long as you use the proper blade. Therefore, the versatility of this unit shouldn’t be questioned – it’s quite versatile.

The powerful 15-amp motor delivers around 4800 RPM on no-load speed. The bevel capacity is 53 degrees which is quite good, especially if you consider the capacity of most Sidewinder models which is around 45 degrees. The magnesium components make this particular unit one of the lightest ones within this category.

The DWS535 Features

The design

Dewalt’s units usually have a pretty conventional design with a neat set of additional features. The DWS535 isn’t any different from the others because it has a good design, build quality, and a good deal of stability. When it comes to durability, the magnesium components are this model’s secret weapon. They are as durable and sturdy as metal parts, but much lighter meaning you don’t have to worry about fatigue-related predicaments.

One thing that we think is great about the design is the cord protection. While it seems pretty irrelevant to most people, protecting the cord during operation is quite important. Dewalt integrated a pretty simple rubber component on the first few inches of the cord. The flexible material allows the cord to wobble and bend in all directions without the danger of damage.

The spindle lock is also a great addition to an already versatile machine. It allows you to change the blade without any downtime. All you have to do is pull the lever, take the blade off, and install a new one. However, make sure everything fits and is in place before turning the machine back on.


As far as the safety features go, they are pretty basic. The one thing we didn’t like is the absence of the electric brake. Even though some people tried to justify the lack of this security feature by highlighting how affordable it is, we still think they should have integrated a brake nonetheless. It’s not an expensive piece of equipment, and yet it comes in handy at all times. Other than that, the machine can be regarded as absolutely safe to use.

Other features

The thing we cannot skip mentioning is the hand grip or rather the whole back part of the unit. It’s well-designed and very comfortable for the user. You can rest assured that the DWS535 model is designed to please the user and alleviate the pressure as much as possible.

DEWALT DWS535 cutting wood





High-quality unit


Easy to handle



No electric brake


Somewhat loud


Things we liked about it

There are plenty of things we liked, but the most notable one is the price-to-quality ratio. Now, one cannot say it’s a cheap power tool because it isn’t. However, the cost-efficiency is great, especially if you’re ready to use the full potential of its features. What makes this saw worth investing in is the fact that it’s great both for enthusiasts who tackle an occasional project and professionals who are working with power tools 24/7.


Things we didn’t like

As we already said, the absence of an electric brake can be a deal-breaker for some people. Truth be told, we don’t consider it crucial, but it’s a helpful feature for absolute beginners and people who don’t already know how to behave around heavy-duty tools.

Some people complained about it being too loud. However, that’s more of a gear problem than it is a design flaw. In order to prevent the gears from wearing quickly, make sure everything is lubricated and oiled up before you start working. Companies usually put the minimal amount of oil into the unit before shipping.

What Users Say About The DeWalt DWS535

A lot of people seem to like the DWS535, and it doesn’t come as a surprise. It’s a well-designed unit with useful features, accurate blade, and quite a bit of stability. As we already said, using it is a piece of cake meaning you don’t have to worry about it being too complex to handle. Some people complained about the lack of dust extraction, but it’s not an expected feature in this price range in the first place.




Well that’s it for the DeWalt DWS535 review, a quality saw that suits professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Compare the DWS535 with other Worm Drive Saws.

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