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Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: October 5, 2017

Last modified: Aug 13, 2022 @ 1:59 pm

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SKILS AW SPT77W-01 Review Summary:

This brand is well-known for manufacturing stable, powerful, and affordable machines. If you’re looking for a reliable worm drive saw with a neat set of features, the SPT77W-01 model might be the one. The Skilsaw SPT77W-01 offers amazing ergonomic design along with accuracy and ease of use. Suited for the professional tool user to beginners. 


  • Weight – 14.2 pounds
  • Dimensions – 19.5 x 6.8 x 7.2 inches
  • Power source – Corded
  • Voltage – 120V
  • Amperage capacity – 15 amps

SKILSAW SPT77W-01 – The Basics

The main thing that makes this particular model worth investing in is its reliability. You can use it both for professional endeavors, and small DIY projects. It is able to cope with dense lumber and cut through anything thanks to high torque. As far as the power goes, it features a 15-amp motor with dual copper windings meaning it stays relatively cool even under full load for extended periods of time. In simpler words, you don’t have to worry about it bogging during operation.

The overall precision of this model is quite good. Thanks to the 0-45 degrees bevel range you can fine-tune it and make angled cuts with ease. It weighs only about 14 pounds meaning it’s not a burden to carry or work with at all. Therefore, you don’t have to think about fatigue and numbness after a couple of hours of work.

The SPT77W-01 Features

The design

The ergonomics of this unit are amazing. While other manufacturers invest more in features, Skilsaw engineers invested in the design. The results are great, especially if you’re an absolute beginner. First of all, the amount of vibrations is at a bare minimum. The reason for that is the rubber buffer on both hand grips. Therefore, even if you don’t use work gloves, you shouldn’t feel any unpleasant vibrations which lead to numbness. In simpler words, there shouldn’t be any downtime with this machine at all.

The footplate is made of steel while the body was made of aluminum. Some people argue that magnesium components are much better, but it’s not the case. Magnesium components usually help when it comes to weight reduction, but they weren’t needed in this case because the unit is already sufficiently lightweight. Making it even lighter may cause stability issues which consequently lead to unpleasant scenarios and mechanical problems.


The safety aspects are pretty standard and basic. The blade guards are okay, but there’s nothing impressive about them. One thing you should remember is to use quality extension cords when needed. People complain about low torque and lack of power, but the reason doesn’t lie in the machine – the problem is in power transfer. Therefore, make sure your extension cords can cope with at least 15 amps of capacity.

SKILSAW SPT77W-01 details
Back of SKILSAW SPT77W-01



Budget-friendly unit




Easy to use



Assembled in China instead of US


Somewhat poor quality control


Things we liked about it

There are a lot of things we liked about this product. The first and most obvious one is the ease of use. The unit might need a bit of fine-tuning, but it’s nothing you couldn’t do yourself. In fact, the instruction manual contains all the needed info and is well-written. If you’re ever in a dilemma, the safest thing to do is to refer to the manual.

The other thing we liked is the sheer stability of this unit. Many people are reluctant when it comes to stability due to the light weight of this model. However, the engineers have made a perfect balance between weight and stability. The dual copper windings on the motor play a crucial role for smooth operation. Also, the working temperature of this saw is much lower than the temperature of single copper motors.


Things we didn’t like

While there aren’t many downsides, consumers always find something to complain about. When it comes to this model, people don’t like the country of origin which is China. Skilsaw units were manufactured in the United States a couple of years ago, but they transferred to the Asian market for obvious financial reasons. As far as we are concerned, they stayed the same. Truth be told, they do have some issues with the quality control department, but that’s usually expected from massive companies that issue thousands of units per day.

What Users Say About The SPT77W-01

The ones that bought this particular model seem quite pleased with its performance. Some people had trouble adjusting to the design, but it’s usually a matter of personal preferences. Even though it’s suitable for professionals, it seems like the DIY-ers like it more, probably because of its affordability. Therefore, even if you’re on a tight budget, take a look and think about investing, it won’t be a mistake. It’s a perfect affordable substitution for your old circular saw.

Working with SKILSAW SPT77W-01


As you can tell, the SPT77W-01 is quite versatile and neat. It will do it’s job well, as long as you maintain it in good condition. You should get years of use out of the SPT77. Skilsaw is well-known for issuing favorable warranty conditions; therefore, even if something goes wrong, you can always count on warranty.

The Cut-Ready system is particularly handy for inexperienced woodworkers because it allows them to make quick adjustments and get accurate measures. After all, it all comes down to sheer power, accuracy, and price. Needless to say, the Skilsaw SPT77w offers all of these three elements for anyone who decided to refresh their tool cupboard.

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